Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cardinal Bergoglio was not Cardinal Meisner's candidate


"I would have presented someone different"
The choice of Bergoglio comes a surprise to many. Even Cardinal Joachim Meisner had another candidate. Does the Cardinal applaud the conclave?

Cardinal Joachim Meisner after the conclave
The decision of Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be the new Pope has been, according to Cardinal Joachim Meisner, a surprising choice. At a press conference after the conclave Meisner expressed his skepticism in different variations: "I have had someone different in mind before hand," said Meisner. "About Cardinal Bergoglio, I did not think." He also put it: "I would have presented someone different."

However, it was a good sign that the new pope is very different from what he thought he would be. Choosing Bergoglio was a day-long process and have emerged gradually in the discussion and voting. "I think most people who have emerged from the Conclave, said that we could not have imagined the choice," said Meisner. The Cardinals were after the end of voting, however happy with the choice. Meisner talking like this after the conclave? Has he violated the code of silence?

"The Director has led to another"

"He's been given to us and he is really welcome," said Meisner. The conclave had shown: "The Director has led us to another, we the Cardinals had no role." Meisner alluded to the fact that the election of a Pope revealed the will of God.

It is expected that the new Pope will lead the church with an iron hand and with a strong expression of social teaching

He is also alleged not to have distanced himself enough from the time of the military dictatorship.

Francis is an educated man who also speaks German, Meisner said. "He will surprise us all." He was curious to see what positive things Francis will contribute to the Catholic Church.

With Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina, for the first time a Latin American has been elected Pope. Never before also was a Jesuit church leader.


Cathcon had some ideas on who Cardinal Meisner's candidate might be.  This may indicate that Pope Benedict may not be too happy about the way things have turned out-  but he did promote then Cardinal Bergoglio.

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