Monday, March 11, 2013

Bishops apologise after new report on systematic abuse of girls in the Dutch Church

The bishops offer their apologies to the girls who have become victims of abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. "Where girls have experienced suffering and have become the victims, the Bishops and major superiors offer sincere apologies."

This was stated by the Conference of Dutch Religious (KNR) and the Dutch Bishops' Conference on Monday. They responded to the follow-up study of sexual, physical and mental abuse of girls within the church. The Deetman Committee presented the report Monday. "Damage to the physical and mental integrity of every human being, especially of children, is in all circumstances objectionable. It certainly cannot occur in the Church ', stated the organizations. The Superiors offer 'every effort to do justice to victims, recognise suffering and to help heal wounds as well they can be. The bishops and major superiors emphasize the importance of good care for children entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church . "It is painful to note that as a result of this report, it can be be seen to have failed to ensure this in specific cases, now very specifically for girls. "said the major superiors and bishops.


Deetman Commission press release

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