Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Government-backed smear campaign against Pope- Argentinian Parliamentarians demand information

National MPs Patricia Bullrich and Alfredo Atanasof today demanded the urgent summoning to Parliament of SIDE director Hector Icazuriaga, to explain the possible role of the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) in the smear campaign against Jorge Bergoglio." In this context, they added that the Pope was "falsely accused of being complicit in the commission of crimes against humanity, as well as the collaboration with the military dictatorship in the kidnapping and torture of two Jesuit priests in his Diocese." This is the reason they have asked for an urgent investigation "of how, when and who put together the case against the newly elected Pope" and added that "the construction of falsity is a crime, as is the shameful use any policy which co-opt human Rights". Via a Parliamentary resolution, the two lawmakers noted that they wish " to demand explanations who was responsible for assembling the smear case, and that the Intelligence Secretariat should provide all the information they have about the matter and the involvement of agency officials involved in such dealings." They also stated that "Argentina Justice not only demonstrated the falsity of the accusation, but said that while the priest gave testimony as a witness in the ESMA case, he was never even accused or suspected of the commission and / or collaboration in crimes against humanity "


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