Friday, March 08, 2013

Archbishop- Curia needs to be cleaned from the ground up


U.S. Archbishop Charles Chaput: The future pope has "to clean" the Vatican bureaucracy "from the ground up ", this pressing task would require "an energy that Benedict XVI. could no longer provide" said the 66-year-old Archbishop of Philadelphia to the Italian newspaper" Il Messaggero "(Thursday).   Besides this, the battle against a noisy atheism counted among the greatest challenges of the new church chief. Atheism acts "as an anesthetic against hunger after God." Man remains a mortal being with questions about the meaning of life and the afterlife. "We need to regain a sense of eternity," says Chaput.

Chaput questioned demands for priestly ordination of women and the full ecclesiastical equality for homosexuals. "The Church does not have the power to change the word of God," said the archbishop. Even a future pope lacks the authority. "We respect each person as a child of God," he emphasized, about homosexuals. The church could not declare my personal inclinations and desires to be lawful, contrary to their centuries-long moral and sexual teachings. Archbishop said he was confident that the next pope will further fight against sexual abuse within the church . Here there is a new culture that is completely dedicated to the safety and protection of young people. Chaput criticized claims that , as former Archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony was responsible for cover ups of abuse cases, he should not participate in the Conclave.  They came for an "insignificant minority" within the Church.


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