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Anticlerical struggle of Radical Left continues against Pope Francis

The different groups, camps, communities, countries and religious orders observe with the greatest attention the first steps, gestures and statements of the new Pope. A viewpoint which is divided between joy and sorrow. Joy of discovering signals that correspond to their own ideas, concerns when the opposite is the case. You meet Jesuits who look back with satisfaction at the first brother to the See of Peter and yet others who become grumpy when you want to congratulate them. The Papacy has but begun. It is too early to draw any real conclusions. The Petrine ministry has its own dynamics, the occupier himself only slowly concscious of the burden and infinite grace .

Radical Left: anticlerical struggle continues against Pope Francis
The radical left on the other hand, rushed to immediate judgment immediately and certainly did not hesitate to continue their anti-clerical struggle against Pope Francis. Always with the same slogans, always using the same methods. They swung the heavy club of Nazi sympathies againt Pius XII and involvement with Eastern Bloc intelligence agencies and the Soviet propaganda machine was alleged to discredit John Paul II. Benedict XVI was again beaten by accusations of Nazi sympathies by manipulatively presented photos circulated to suggest an affinity with National Socialism. A closeness that the Catholic family Ratzinger never had.

Gay activists tamper with Wikipedia entry on Pope Francis
Hysterical gay extremists were immediately active against the new Pope, tampering with his entry in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. In large letters, the blasphemous slogan could be read : "God is gay, God is Gay" (God is gay, God is gay).

Meanwhile, photomontages against Pope Francis were put into circulation, intended to link him to collaboration with the military dictatorship. These were frantic actions of a nervous left-wing activism, which were immediately exposed as a forgery. The enemies of the Church were not, however, detered, redistributing them assiduously and falsely, on Facebook and other sites.

Forgery 1: Jorge Mario Bergoglio gives Communion to the military dictator, Videla.
The first picture was circulated by the U.S. director Michael Moore (who has now apologized for it). It shows an elderly priest giving Holy Communion to the first president of the Argentine dictatorship, General Jorge Rafael Videla. Moore initially claimed indignantly, that the priest in the picture was Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now the Pope. The picture was taken during the military dictatorship (Videla ruled from 1976-1981). In fact, it is the priest Carlos Beron de Astrada, which an existing video of those events confirmed. The events did not take place during the Videla government, but on 30 December 1990 in Pequeña in the Chapel of the Works of Divine Providence of Don Orione and so years after the end of the military dictatorship. After the return to democracy in 1983, Videla was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1990 but pardoned by the Democratic president Carlos Menem. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was then 54 years old and so much younger than the image to be seen who was Don Beron de Astrada, the rector of the Chapel of La Pequeña .

Forgery 2: Jorge Mario Bergoglio walks cheerfully with military dictator Videla
The second photo against Pope Francis put into circulation shows a smiling bishop who goes side by side with an equally smiling Jorge Videla. Also in this case it is alleged that this had been Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the image suggests that the present Pope had maintained excellent contacts with the military junta. This photo actually comes from the period of military dictatorship of Videla, when this general was in fact was President of Argentina. From 1976 to 1981, however, the current Pope Francis was only 39 to 44 years old. The image to be seen is of the prelate a few years older and bald, which Pope Francis is not even now with his now 76 years. Apart from that, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was during the entire time of the various military dictatorships only a simple priest in the Jesuit order. In the picture you can see clearly a bishop (perhaps the then nuncio in the diplomatic service). Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not consecrated bishop until 27 June 1992.

Forgery 3: Marxist terrorist alleges Pope's involvement with the military junta
In addition to the false allegations about the photos with the dictator Videla, immediately after the identity of the new Pope was announced, his involvement in the military dictatorship was claimed. The accusation comes from the former Marxist terrorist Horacio Verbitsky, who has been s accused of killing innocent civilians from ideological hatred. Verbitsky, now a journalist and friend of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who for ideological reasons had a troubled relationship with the previous Archbishop of Buenos Aires, made ​​his claim in this matter without producing any evidence. His allegations he published in 2005 in the book El silencio: de Paulo VI a Bergoglio: las relaciones de la Iglesia secretas con la ESMA . Conversely, however, there are numerous accounts from that time from those persecuted or their relatives, attesting to the activities of Mario Jorge Bergoglios to rescue the "desaparecidos" ( the "missing ones" during the military dictatorship) and achieve their release.

Persecuted testify that Bergoglio saved their lifes
As a key witness, Argentinean Nobel Peace prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel Nobel Peace can surely be cited, as he has made statements to the BBC among others. Pérez Esquivel was even arrested during the military dictatorship for 14 months and tortured. The same applies to Graciela Fernández Meijide . The atheist and advocate of the right to kill unborn children is a member of the Association of Desaparecidos (CONADEP). Although ideologically they are in no way associated with the Church, they also confirmed the activities of Bergoglio on behalf of the then persecuted, including themselves.

Not least two representatives of Marxist liberation theology, Josè Luis Caravais and Alfredo Somoza defend the new Pope against the charge of being involved in the military dictatorship. Both were tracked by the military dictatorship and arrested. Caravais reaffirmed only in these recent days: "Father Bergoglio saved my life." And Somoza: "Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Jesuits have succeeded, during the dark years of the military junta, to save many people. I am an eye-witness to this. "Source

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