Wednesday, March 06, 2013

American cardinals cancel their regular press conference

he American cardinals have suspended their news conferences in Rome before the conclave which were started a few days ago. The meeting scheduled for Wednesday meeting with media representatives was canceled. According to the U.S. Conference of Bishops, the Cardinals were responding to a request of the College of Cardinals, meeting today in Rome to discuss the situation of the Catholic Church and to prepare the election of a pope. The College of Cardinals have therefore highlighted the confidentiality of the discussions.

The Vatican declined to comment on the decision. His spokesman Federico Lombardi noted, however, that no such cardinals from other countries were holding press conferences. He also stressed that the confidentiality of the general congregations was guarantor of the freedom of the voters for the Papal office.

Two American cardinals each time on Monday and Tuesday in the North American College priest held under huge media attention a press conference. They stated here that they were opposed to an early date of the conclave. They would have only then a more thorough picture of the state of the Church and the Roman Curia and have got to know the other cardinals better, was the reasoning. In total there are 19 American cardinals, eleven of them are eligible to vote.


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