Monday, March 04, 2013

10 Reasons Cardinal Burke Will Be the Next Pope

I'm making a very bold and controversial claim: His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke will be the next Pope. I'm going to provide you with 10 solid reasons why the cardinals will rally to him in the conclave for the required 2/3 vote majority.

Let's be honest. Most people are claiming (or grumbling) that Cardinal Burke will never be elected as Pope. They say he's too heavy-handed, too ceremonial, too traditional, too political, and too serious to be papabile. If you're one of those people who think Burke is the best cardinal for the job, but look at your toes and sigh: "It'll never happen," then keep reading.

The problem is that the Burke naysayers are thinking like journalists and voters. (By the way, one of my favorite daily blogs: Rorate Coeli explains why the journalists get it wrong.)

When the doors of the conclave close, men who would usually vote one way, vote another. Under the staring eyes painted onto the ceiling of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, these cardinals know that history is being made. The Pope they elect will have a difficult vocation. The Pope they elect will change the lives of billions of people both now...and in the future.

I want to challenge you to think like a cardinal in 2013. The cardinals are worried. Most cardinals knew that Pope Benedict had considered abdication, but most of them never thought it could actually happen. Here we are 50 years after the Council, right in the middle of the Year of Faith, and then suddenly the Pope resigns.

Globally, the Catholic Church faces accusations. Here and there in local dioceses, there are spots of financial and sexual scandal (for example, in Los Angeles). The rumors in Rome surrounding Vatileaks, the Butler, and the Bank are still circulating. Cardinal O'Brien of Scotland just stepped down. The question of secular politicians and the Church is a concern. There is growing debate about liturgy and the Extraordinary Form. The SSPX dialogue fell flat. So in the middle of this storm, Pope Benedict abdicates. I think this is all part of the divine plan (Here's my post explain why I think the Blessed Virgin Mary asked Pope Benedict stepped down), but let's be honest. It's a traumatic time. Yet, whenever there is trauma, conservatism reigns.

The Cardinals will rally to a holy man who will prayerfully clean house and face down the evils, scandals, and rumors. There is only one cardinal who has vocalized a plan of attack for the political, liturgical, and canonical problems in the Church: his name is Raymond Cardinal Burke.

Cardinal Burke is the only one who has explicitly proclaimed a way forward in these times of trouble. As in the last papal conclave, the cardinals will turn to a man who operates on sound principles. A man whose virtue is known by all. A man of the Gospel.

With that being said, here are the 10 reasons why Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be elected Pope.

The 10 Reasons


Alan Aversa said...

But Card. Burke's not Italian…

Thus, I'd argue for Card. Caffarra.

Alan Aversa said...

I'm a big fan of Cdl. Carlo Caffarra of the Archdiocese of Bologna, even more so than Card. Burke, because, being Italian, he has a good chance of being elected pope. He specializes in matrimony and is the only Italian cardinal-elector to have said (not merely participated in) a Traditional Latin Mass after Vatican II.

The New York Times interviewed him in 1988, and he gave a very solid response regarding AIDS and contraception:

Even the smallest moral wrong is so much greater than any physical wrong," he said. "I know this is hard for some to accept when the dangers are great, but the church is here to combat moral wrongs.

Tracey Rowland writes of him:

Caffarra was so strongly attacked in the press for defending Humanae Vitae he received a letter of support and encouragement from Sr. Lucia of Fatima. (When you start receiving support letters from someone who has private audiences with the Mother of God you know that you must be very high on the devil's hate list.)