Monday, February 25, 2013

Vatileaks dossier kept from Cardinals by Pope as they decide on his successor

The investigation report of the Cardinal Commissioners into the "Vatileaks affair" remains under lock and key and will only be made ​​available to the new Pope. This is from a Vatican communique issued on Monday in connection with an audience for the three cardinals Julian Herranz, Jozef Tomko and Salvatore Di Giorgi. Initially it was thought that the Pope could make the text available to the Cardinals at the start of the General Congregation.

At the audience with the three cardinals, the Pope thanked the Commission for the completion of its, said the statement. Your report did - "beside the limits and imperfections given the human component of all institutions - made clear the generosity, honesty and dedication of the employees for the Holy See in the service of the pope".

"The Pope has decided that the records of the investigation about whose contents only the Pope is aware, will only be made available to the new Pope," according to the communique.


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Geremia said...

Vatileaks… what a joke the mass media drummed up. Does it really affect or pertain to the Faith?