Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two cardinals who should not be allowed to vote in the Conclave

Cardinal Mahony, who besides having no liturgical sense,
mishandled the abuse crisis.
Not just incompetence.....


Cardinal Danneels with the former abuser Bishop of Bruges, 
see Cathcon passim

Both arch- liberals

No wonder there are no liberal candidates at the Conclave 
to succeed to the mantle of the late Cardinal Martini


Aged parent said...

There are a lot more than these two who should not show their faces at the Conclave: Re, Wuerl, Lehmann, Schonborn, Dolan, Levada...every one of them more than a little tolerant of homosexuality. Dolan is still allowing, right now as we "speak", a homosexual "Mass" in his New York diocese.

The Lavender Mafia will, shockingly, be well represented at the Conclave. We can now pray harder than we've ever prayed before, and devote our Lenten penances too, for these disordered people to be utterly defeated at the Conclave.

I cannot even begin to imagine what horrors awaits the Church if these creeps get another non-decisive Pope in Peter's Chair.

Sixupman said...

There are steps in Los Angeles to rehabilitate +++Mahony and blame the CDF.