Friday, February 22, 2013

Homosexual network in Vatican organised sex parties and blackmailed senior members of the Curia

Gay network organised sex parties
The Cardinals with their information had given the Pontiff "a clear picture of the damage and the rotten fish" in the Vatican, said the newspaper report. Is it about "improper influence" on members of the Curia, and an overarching network, linked together by "sexual orientation", of lobbyists with financial interests. The report explicitly spoke of violations of several Christian commandments. With these papers on his desk Benedict had decided a week before Christmas on his resignation.

Some high prelates were influenced from outside by laymen, to whom they were associated by relations of "secular nature", the newspaper said. The word homosexuality was used in the context. However merely cited is a source briefed on the report that claims everything had turned to the non-observance of the commandments, which say one should not steal or engage in "impure acts". The Cardinals have identified a hidden gay network that organised sex parties in Rome and the Vatican. Curia members in the network had been blackmailed because of their sexual orientation.

In the "Vatileaks" affair over stolen and passed-on documents of Pope Benedict, the valet Paolo Gabriele  was convicted and later pardoned by the head of the church.

Benedict expires on 28 February from his post. The report says that he wants to pass the "Vatileaks" personal information to his successor, hoping that he is "strong, young and holy" enough, to then take the necessary steps.

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