Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cardinal Danneels leaves for Rome, calls for Papal privy council and Curia reform

The new pope must bring unity in diversity, Cardinal Danneels said on Wednesday at a press conference before his departure for Rome, where he will be present on Thursday for the farewell ceremony of Benedict XVI. For the latter the cardinal had nothing but praise.

It was the first time since the announcement of the resignation of Benedict XVI Cardinal Danneels had spoken to the press.

Danneels is thus going to the conclave, despite various calls not to do. They came there because he would not have moral authority to decide on the successor to the Pope because a judicial inquiry against him because he would have been aware of abuse in the church, but not surgery. A pope is not a matter of moral authority, but it is the duty of every Cardinal Danneels said about that.

The cardinal began his speech with praise for the current pope. He praised him as one who serves his talents fully stated as leader of the church. The three books he wrote about the life of Jesus are written in the style of the Fathers, and that is saying something, "says Danneels.

But wait many challenges still wait the new Pope, he says. His main task is 'unity in diversity'. "We live in a complex world, with rapidly evolving communications and different realities and sensitivities in different continents. The new Pope should try to bring more unity. According to Danneels, the next Pope should be someone with 'great empathy' for sensitivities and differences.

Cardinal Danneels on Wednesday also called for changes in the Curia and supports a privy counsel to assist the Pope.

Cardinal Danneels departs on Wednesday for Rome to attend on Thursday morning the farewell ceremony for Benedict XVI. He remains there until a new Pope is elected.

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