Saturday, February 16, 2013

Archdiocese sells Catholic church on ebay

The Church of St Bernard is offered for sale on ebay on other similar online portals.

The years of plenty are over. Lack of "sheep" oblige the Catholic Church to make a savings drive. This is curiously illustrated by a real estate listing on eBay : praise The Archdiocese and the Church of the Holy Trinity give a price for the Church of St. Bernard in Brandenburg / Havel. It can be bought for 120,000 euros.

The nearly 80-year-old church has been placed on the colourful pages of the web portal. A place of silence seeks a new owner under the slogan "Church in popular housing area". In estate agent German is written: "Whether meeting rooms, clinic, office or meeting place, everything is feasible with the agreement of the local planning authority."

The true vendors, the Berlin archdiocese and the church remains unclear. A company acts as an intermediary. The Kurier finally found St. Bernard, however, on the diocese's website - under "real estate". There is also currently offered for sale the Chapel of Maria Goretti in Loitz .

Not for the first time a church in the Archdiocese changes owner. Thus St. Agnes in Kreuzberg went last year to the gallery owner, Johann König. He wants to restructure the church for three million euros and make it into a "Temple of the Muses" .
New Temple of Muses was Old Temple of Modernism 

 Back in 2005, St. Raphael in Gatow was sold to a supermarket chain and the village church of Milow turned into a bank. A free church even provides premises to Islamic associations.

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