Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Diocese of Linz sinks further into modernist swamp

This is the chapel of the pastoral centre for the steel works opened in 2011 by the Bishop of Linz. God-forsaken and cold. The tyranny of the modern.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Archbishop Lefebvre might not have split, says Cardinal.

"According to a senior Vatican official, the superior general of the Society of St. Pius X once said that, if the traditionalist group's leader had seen the Mass celebrated properly, he might not have broken off from the Church.

Cardinal Antonio Canizares, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, made this statement on Jan. 15 in response to questions from reporters after he delivered an address on the Second Vatican Council at the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See.

“On one occasion,” the Spanish cardinal recalled, “Bishop [Bernard] Fellay, who is the leader of the Society of St. Pius X, came to see me and said, ‘We just came from an abbey that is near Florence. If Archbishop [Marcel] Lefebvre had seen how they celebrated there, he would not have taken the step that he did.’”

“The missal used at that celebration was the Paul VI Missal in its strictest form,” the cardinal added."

Full story

Cathcon- begs the whole question of how the Mass of Paul VI is normally celebrated and why.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vatileaks butler gets new job in the Vatican

Pope pardoned valet gets new job at the Vatican
Gabriele is apparently working at the Hospital of the Bambino Gesù

Barely a month after his pardon of former papal chamberlain after the so-called Vatileaks affair , Paolo Gabriele reportedly has a new job. The 46-year-old has been offered a position in the Vatican's Hospital, the Bambino Gesù in Rome, the news agency reported Thursday . The activities that the former valet of Pope Benedict XVI will undertake there was initially unclear.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who will Williamson consecrate as bishops?

"Resistance group" against Rome and SSPX

(London / New York) The evidence is mounting that Bishop Richard Williamson will soon undertake illegitimate episcopal ordinations. In October 2012, the England-based Briton Williamson was expelled from the SSPX because of "repeated disobedience". Williamson was one of four priests who were consecrated auxiliary bishops in 1988 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the traditionalist Society of Saint Pius The ordinations are valid but took place against the wishes of Pope John Paul II. They led to the break with Rome, while Archbishop Lefebvre and the four bishops consecrated were excommunicated. That the excommunication no longer applies, was decided early in 2010 by the Holy See. They paved the way for settlement discussions and a canonical recognition of the SSPX within the Catholic Church. Such a recognition had already been withdrawn from the SSPX from the mid-70s.

Shortly after expulsion by the SSPX, Williamson made known his intention to consecrate bishops

After his expulsion from the SSPX, Williamson was preparing himself to conduct illicit ordinations. There was speculation it immediately after being dismissed in the Lefebvrists.  In his weekly newsletter Eleison Comments Williamson announced at an episcopal ordinations.  On the 10th November 2012 , he wrote that as far as he was concerned it's a matter of following His providence through the ordination of priests or the consecration of bishops. God's will "be done, according to Williamson.

As a likely candidate for consecration by Williamson is the former priest of the SSPX Joseph Pfeiffer. Another candidate could be the "independent" priest Ronald Ringrose. Both are Americans.

Joseph Pfeiffer expelled from the SSPX

Joseph Pfeiffer was a priest of the SSPX, but was expelled in September 2012 because of "disobedience." Pfeiffer had accused the Superior General and the General House of the SSPX, of "submitting to Rome", and announced, however, along with another priest of the SSPX, Father François Chazal the establishment of a "resistance group". After both priests had refused to return to their pastoral charges, Father Pfeiffer worked in the Philippines, breaking of all contact with their superiors and “going underground” in the U.S. "submerged", they were expelled from the SSPX.

Ronald Ringrose: "independent" priest and meeting place for the "resistance group" against union with Rome

Ronald Ringrose never belonged to the SSPX but was close to the Society. Ringrose is an "independent" priest, who for 30 years has been leading the traditionalist community of St. Athanasius in Washington DC.

Williamson published in his latest Eleison Comments on 5 January a letter from Ringrose to the American District Superior of the SSPX.

In June last year, Father Ringrose hosted in his church the first meeting of the core team of the SSPX priests who in America want to "resist the change of course of the SSPX Williamson said in his circular letter.

The expelled bishop maintains his thesis that in the SSPX "in secret" a "change of course" took place for which the Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, is blamed. The "change of course" means the "subjugation" of the SSPX to the "Super-heresy", as Williamson calls the entire Second Vatican Council. By contrast, the "true SSPX" should be rebuilt.

In the Eleison comments, Ringrose and Williamson assure each other with mutual sympathy and praise.

Ringrose, who himself had never belonged to the Society, wrote in the letter printed by Williamson to the SSPX, that Williamson actually was the one who "modeled himself after Archbishop Lefebvre."

"And finally, I am appalled by the treatment of Bishop Williamson by the SSPX - outraged not only by his recent expulsion from the Society, but also about his shabby treatment in recent years," said Ringrose. Williamson praises for his part Ringrose, whose letter he describes as "admirable" and "truly a model for astute thinking." Ringrose was a "true friend" and a "unique bastion of Catholicism."

"Long live Father Ringrose, "said Williamson, then in his Eleison comments. Ringrose's St. Athanasius community could also be the place where the consecrations take place.

Bishop Williamson refuses to accept new court judgement

The Regensburg court has sentenced the bishop and Holocaust denier Richard Williamson for a second time to a fine. The court imposed on Wednesday on charges of inciting racial hatred a fine of 1800 euros, a court spokesman said. The Briton, who was not present in person wants appeal again against the decision.

Williamson denied the Holocaust

Williamson had denied the Holocaust in an interview with Swedish television . The controversial remarks of the 72-year-olds had brought Pope Benedict XVI worldwide criticism because he had virtually at the same time as the holocaust denial became known lifted the excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops of the traditionalist SSPX. Williamson has now left the SSPX.

Currently, no income

The court maintained the judgment at the request of the prosecution, which had requested a fine of 6500 euros. It justified the relatively small fine with the fact that Williamson according to the Court currently has no verifiable income.

The defense had argued for an acquittal. Williamson's Holocaust denial was going unchallenged - within the proceedings the question was raised of whether the bishop could assume that the interview would be circulated only in Sweden. If so the holocaust denial would be unpunished. Via satellite and the Internet, the interview could also be seen in Germany.

A new court hearing took place because Williamson did not want to accept a fine of 6500 euros. In a first trial, he was convicted in absentia in 2010 to a € 10,000 fine in 2011, the penalty reduced on appeal to 6500 euros. Both judgments, the Upper Regional Court in Nürnberg had overturned because of procedural errors.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mass of St Marcellus, on this his Feastday


Should there be one date for Easter?

A petition has been started for those in favour, which so far has 25,000 signatures.

Cathcon comment- the only ecumenism that really matters is between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jesuits invite leading dissenter from Catholic truth

The weekly newsletter for Sunday 13 January of the Parish of the Sacred Heart in Wimbledon, South West London, announces the following (under ‘Parish Organisations’): 

“NEWMAN CIRCLE WEDNESDAY 23 JANUARY at 7.30 pm in the Lounge. Dr Tina Beattie will be speaking on ‘As Mary goes, so goes the Church’. All are welcome.” 

Sacred Heart Church is a large landmark church in the area and is currently run by the Jesuits – although they announced shortly before Christmas that after many decades they will hand it over to the Archdiocese of Southwark later this year due to rapidly falling Jesuit numbers. 

 And yes, it’s the same Dr Tina Beattie, Professor in Catholic Studies at Roehampton University only a few miles away, who together with others scandalously wrote to The Times (of London) on 13 August to state that “it is perfectly proper for Catholics, using fully informed consciences, to support the legal extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples”, and who equally scandalously quoted Cardinal Basil Hume, the late Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, in a way which suggested he might have supported their case. They used words from his 1997 document, ‘A Note on the Teaching of the Catholic Church Concerning Homosexuality’: “love between two persons, whether of the same sex, or of a different sex, is to be treasured and respected” whilst omitting to mention that he went on to say that “the Church does not approve of homosexual genital acts” and “homosexual genital acts ... are morally wrong”.

 It should also be pointed out that the church is not so far from the residence of the Papal Nuncio where Pope Benedict XVI spent a night during his memorable visit to England in September 2010! 

As a result of that dreadful letter a lecture due to be given by Dr Beattie at Clifton Cathedral, Bristol was cancelled by the Bishop of Clifton, Rt Rev. Declan Lang, after the intervention of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Subsequently, an invitation to lecture on Mary at the University of San Diego, California was also withdrawn. 

Dr  Beattie is a Trustee of and regular contributor to The Tablet – a weekly journal dedicated to liberal Catholicism. In its issue for Saturday 12 January it published a version of Dr Beattie’s lecture on Mary. 

We should recall the words of Pope Benedict XVI to the English and Welsh bishops during their ad limina visit to Rome in February 2010: “it is important to recognise dissent for what it is, and not to mistake it for a mature contribution to a balanced and wide-ranging debate. It is the truth revealed through Scripture and Tradition and articulated by the Church’s Magisterium that sets us free.” 

Very few doubt that Pope Benedict had The Tablet and many of its contributors in mind when he uttered those words. The Church in England and Wales is now entering a period of intense public conflict with David Cameron’s coalition government over its obsessive intention to legislate for “gay marriage”. And yet, a renowned parish run by the Jesuits (whose special charism is a vow of obedience to the Holy Father) is unfortunately hosting a public lecture by a serial dissenter to Church teaching on a wide range of issues, women’s ordination among them. 

Anyone, especially who is a parishioner of Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon or who lives within the Archdiocese of Southwark is asked to write and/or e mail urgently with a respectful request that the lecture be cancelled to : 

Dr Bill Russell, Secretary, Wimbledon Newman Circle. E mail:

Mr Anthony Baker, President, The Newman Association. E mail: 

Mr Christopher Quirke, Secretary, The Newman Association. E mail: 

Fr Keith McMillan SJ, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, The Presbytery, Edge Hill, Wimbledon, London SW19 4LU. E mail: 

Fr Dermot Preston SJ, Regional Provincial of the Society of Jesus, Provincial Office, The Jesuit Centre, 114 Mount Street, London W1K 3AH. E mail: 

Most Rev. Peter Smith, Archbishop of Southwark, Archbishop’s house, St George’s Road, Southwark, London SE1 6HX. E mail:

HE Archbishop Antonio Mennini, Apostolic Nuncio, 54 Parkside, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NE. (E mail not available) 

Archbishop Gerhard Müller, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Piazza del S. Uffizio 11, 00193, Rome, Italy. E mail: 

The Church in England and Wales is fighting a profound battle against the forces of secular reaction (though they call it “progress”) and cannot afford to be wrong-footed by parishes who perhaps are not aware of the consequences of what they do and dissenters who most certainly are. Please act and please pray to Blessed John Henry Newman so that this lecture may be cancelled and no further invitations extended to this serial dissenter.

She is also speaking in Westminster in February

Half-naked Jesuit does Hindu dance around altar


Friday, January 11, 2013

Catholic website again taken off-line.

Successor site of now down

Not only has disappeared from the network, now the successor site is offline. An Austrian owner had inherited the legacy of the fundamentalist Catholic hate-filled portal.

Vienna - The page was not only similar in appearance to the hate-filled portal, but the contents were as homophobic and the language as vulgar as well. Now has disappeared from the net.

The initiative Stop assumed that the site was shut down by their operators. Even the e-mail address that was specified as the contact on the site has for two days been no longer accessible. went online about a month after the shutdown of the hate-filled portal online. The latter under the rubric "Catholic News" presented homophobic, racist, right-wing and anti-Semitic texts. The page disappeared after prosecutors started investigations in Berlin and Vienna. Above all, however, public pressure has grown massively since the initiative Stop had declared war on the men behind the portal.

"The sensitivity is now very high" was operated according to the masthead by a person from Vienna: Günther Schneeweiß-Arnoldstein being indicated as "Owner, editor, editorial".

David Berger, coordinator of the initiative Stop said he had expected a copycat. Now, he says the case shows "that with the public awareness campaign against the sensitivity with respect to such sites is now very high."

Overall, the field of web pages from the fundamentalist Catholic camp falter. As an example, he cited the right Catholic VideoPortal key staff and supporters have now distanced themselves from the transmitter. had praised Günther Schneeweiß-Arnoldstein as a "courageous Catholics".


Hanoi Carmelite monastery under government bulldozers


 "The city administration had long threatened threatened the demolition of the historic building, to seize the land and "build a hospital." Church leaders claim legitimate ownership of the area and are appealing to the Prime Minister. Catholic sources accuse "secret projects", "very different" from the official statements.

Hanoi (AsiaNews) - Authorities in the Vietnamese capital have begun demolition work on the church and centuries old Carmelite monastery in Hanoi, a historic building in the centre of a long battle between the government and Church leaders over land ownership. The local authority intends to erase all traces of the buildings - demolition work began on the 3rd of January - and build in their place a five-story hospital (see AsiaNews 26/05/2011 Archbishop of Hanoi against the demolition of Sisters of Saint Paul convent). However, Catholic sources in the Archdiocese speak of "secret projects" that would affect the area, "very different" from the construction of a hospital to serve the city"

Full story here

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Father Breitenbach's Biker and Carnival Masses


And the previous year

For those that understand German, Father Breitenbach not only dresses like a modernist, he talks like one as well.

Father Breitenbach also does carnival
What he does not realise is that modernism is a long running ecclesiastical joke

Monday, January 07, 2013

Muslim militants target Russian Christmas services


"Russian security forces killed three militants suspected of planning attacks on church services during the Russian Orthodox Christmas holiday, authorities said.

Security forces tried to stop a van in the restive North Caucasus province of Kabardino-Balkaria on Sunday but its occupants opened fire and were killed in the ensuing battle, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said in a statement.

It said that explosives, guns and ammunition were found in the van and that the men who were killed had been planning attacks on churches during services marking Russian Orthodox Christmas, which is on Monday."

Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Catholic site they tried to ban is back!


New website will succeed ""
New page will have their servers in Germany and an editorial imprint from a real person in Austria

The controversial Internet portal "" may have a successor. This was announced by the coordinator of the initiative, "Stop", David Berger on Saturday in Berlin (Cathcon- Herr Berger is a former traditionalist who came out as a homosexual and has conducted a campaign against who have responded in kind.). The new page "" was published according to initial media reports on Saturday, however, can not be achieved in part. According to Berger, they promote similar content as the previous portal "" which disappeared from the internet early December after strong criticism.

The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had classified this site as unconstitutional. The page published repeatedly sharp polemic against homosexuals, Protestants, the parties represented in parliament, German media and Catholic theologians and bishops as well as making many anti-Semitic statements. The German Bishops' Conference had repeatedly distanced himself from the sharp trading as' Catholic 'portal.

The new site has information on its server Berger in Germany and an imprint with a real person from Austria. As owner, editor and editor, a "Mag G. Schneeweiss-Arnoldstein" (Cathcon-an old aristocratic family) in Vienna is specified.

According to Berger, he is a member of a student fraternity, who in the past, has been responsible for among others the radical site, and which became known for "homophobic and anti-Semitic utterances" was. The theologian Berger is the campaign coordinator of, who also established the Bruno Gmunder Verlag and the magazine "Männer" (Berlin).

Cathcon comment- Berger has published numerous excellent books on Thomism- quite a long way from his present ventures in gay publishing. What a waste of time and talent!


Calls for asylum seekers occupying church to be prosecuted

"Asylum seekers currently occupying the Votivkirche in Vienna, Austria, have now criticized the humanitarian organisation Caritas that has been supporting them.

Caritas has been trying to persuade the asylum seekers to move into better quality accommodation and out of the church.

The Interior Ministry has ended the talks with the asylum seekers. Meanwhile the FPÖ wants to press charges against the asylum seekers."

Full article

Bishop Williamson back in court middle of January

Bishop Williamson back in court
Bishop Richard Williamson of the ultra-conservative SSPX must on 16 January again stand trial for race hatred before the Regensburg Regional Court, a spokesman for the Justice Ministry has announced.

The process is initially scheduled to last two days. A second trial date and expected date of the judgment is 22 January. The prosecutor alleges that the 72-year-old Williamson denied the Holocaust in an interview with a Swedish television. The SSPX has now expelled Williamson.

The interview was held on 1 November 2008 recorded in the seminary of the SSPX at Zaitzkofen near Regensburg and was aired on 21 January 2009. On the same day, the Vatican lifted the excommunication of the four bishops of the SSPX.

After broadcasting the interview Williamson was initially convicted of racial hatred and fined several thousand euros. This court decision, which was confirmed by two appeal courts, was lifted by the the Upper Regional Court in Nürnberg on a technicality. Then the prosecutor sought a new arrest warrant with a fine of 100 euros per day. Williamson's lawyer objected to this penalty, so now the court case will be on 16 January.

At the main trial, the investigating police officers and the Swedish journalists will be heard as witnesses. The personal appearance of Williamson is not necessary, according to the court. Also in the prior proceedings, the bishop has never participated personally.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Please support the Hike for the Holy Land

Hike for the Holy Land:

"Geoffrey Gilbert, born in Baltimore and raised in Dundalk, Maryland, is a VMI graduate, retired U.S. Marine, and Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. In July of 2013, he and his dog, Odin, will hike the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail, from Empire on Lake Michigan to Oscoda on Lake Huron, in order to promote awareness of and support for the Christian presence in the Holy Land by raising funds for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

If you would like to support the Hike by passing the word, please “like” this page and “share” it. If you would like to support the Hike by making a donation, please stand by for further instructions. :) In the meantime, please know that 100% of all donations will be submitted by me to the Patriarch through the Equestrian Order for the charitable works of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land."

Cathcon- if we should forget you, O Jerusalem, let our tongues cleave to the roofs of our mouths.

The Ordain a Lady Song!


 They even tell us to ignore St Paul, without whom Christianity would not have spread throughout the world.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Austrian professor calls for Pope to be executed

Richard Parncutt, professor at the University of Graz, a few days ago on the official university website called for the death penalty for Pope Benedict XVI. The University has now distanced itself from Parncutt and his statements.

Richard Parncutt, Professor of Systematic Musicology at the University of Graz, called a few days ago on the official university website for the death penalty for Pope Benedict. He claimed ​​the Pope will be responsible for millions of AIDS deaths in the future. Following complaints, the text has been removed. According to the "Kurier", the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Helmut Konrad, meanwhile reacted and dissociated himself from the text. "Inhuman statements are rejected with the utmost determination. Personal views that are not related to scientific work will not be tolerated on university websites."

When contacted, Parncutt would not comment currently directly about his inhuman demands and sent a pre-apology to all who feel offended by the text. His comparisons were completely inappropriate. After the Christmas holidays Parncutt is invited to a meeting with the university management. Disciplinary steps will be considered. Previously the professor has called for the death penalty even for those who deny global warming.

Cathcon comment- his website now says that he has been a member of Amnesty International for 18 years- and is opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances.

He is a considerable scholar on the acquisition of music - only goes to show that scholarship is not incompatible with being less than clever and further being inhumane. He follows a path taken by many scholars under totalitarianism.

He is also an expert on the melodies of baby talk...