Friday, October 05, 2012

No more negotiations with SSPX, CDF head announces on radio


He only negotiates with Protestants 

Benedict's stubborn supporter of the faith has no desire to talk with Catholics. He has ended the Vatican's negotiations with the SSPX on a radio interview. 

 The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X is according to Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller - the stubborn supporter of the faith of Pope Benedict XVI. - "No negotiating partner."  He has said this, according to a preliminary report, to the radio station 'NDR Kultur'.  The contribution will be broadcast on Saturday on Concerning the "faith" there are no negotiations - said the heretic archbishop, who denies basic matters of faith. With his usual ambiguity, the Archbishop once again relativises himself: "In a pastoral sense, the door is always open". 

Against Catholics, he is hard and brutal 
There is "no minimisation in the terms of the Catholic faith" - the stubborn defender of the faith explained boldy. Immediately, he explained what he meant by "faith" - the non-obligatory blather of Vatican II, which understands itself as a Pastoral Council with no new dogmatic definitions. This leads Mons. Müller into error when he speaks of a "belief" that "was validly formulated at the Second Vatican Council " .  

Why he does not correct his own heresies?  
The heretic Archbishop insists that the Deconstructive Council allegedly does not stand "in contrast to the whole tradition of the church, rather to some misinterpretation of the Catholic faith ". He will not "discount the Catholic faith in negotiations". There is "no compromise". He is still not willing to correct the heresies in their own publications.  

No more further talks   
 The heretic Archbishop wants in the CDF supposedly to "decide" in union with the pope how to proceed. The SSPX had to accept the dogmatic preamble which is unacceptable to them: "I believe there are now no more further talks."  

He is reconciled with unfortunate Protestants 
In the same interview, the heretic Archbishop speaks with cheering words about Protestants. To mark the 500th Anniversary of the schism of the alcoholic and womanizer Martin Luther in 2017 he wants to "affirm the ecumenical process". It should be an impulse for "the road to greater unity of the Church being sought consciously" . The goal of the visible unity of all Christians is the one church. Mons. Muller went so far to say that the Church has for "a long time" achieved a "complete atonement" with the Protestants.  This has happened "through the whole ecumenical process". Protestants and the conciliar Church had much in common - the stubborn supporter of the faith said knowingly.


Cathcon- German stubbornness on this matter is doing the Church no good. Italian flexibility is needed.  

It is a thing unheard of that one Council should be used a test of doctrinal authority, over all previous Councils and over all other authorities.    If they carry on like this the authority of Vatican II will be completely shattered, as it is being made to bear all the burden of the Catholic Faith.

Have we to wait for the next generation, who were not present at the Council and for whom it was not the greatest event of their lives whose memory needs preserving at all costs.

It really is the final parody when the head of the CDF deals more sweetly with Protestants than those that have preserved the Catholic faith.