Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another attack from Rome on the SSPX

Not the Protestants, but the SSPX are for him "so to speak in schism" 

With the appointment of the Regensburg heretic Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Benedict XVI gave a clear signal: The much heralded reform of the reform was a ruse to suck the Catholics in. The Pope places the most important posts in paleo-liberal hands. 

The prop for the Faith of the Pope, heretic-Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, has again taken pot shots at the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X. He spoke to Ingo Brüggenjürgen, the chief editor of the paleo-liberal chief journalist of the Cologne Cathedral radio.

Schmidbauer or Schmidburger  

 Brüggenjürgen posed a question about the SSPX, which made clear his total ignorance . There had been "from Schmidbauer" "harsh words " in an interview - he embarrassed himself: "Do you want to comment on something like that?"  There is no Schmidbauer in the SSPX. It is also mysterious which "harsh words" Brüggenjürgen was referring to. Maybe he was talking about a recent interview with Father Franz Schmidberger -. mathematician and German District Superior of the SSPX  In this the cleric referred to and with great respect the evil heresies of Mons. Müller in an interview 

 What is "that"?  

 Mons. Mueller evidently does not understand video. After a short pause he still rattles on. Everybody who reads "that" could imagine how far "that" is from reality, he said at random.  He wanted to comment on "that" "with the same words:" "I believe it not worth the effort. "  Father Schmidberger or other of his ilk were not the judge in matters of faith - he defended his heresies.  

Heretic about heretic  

The Archbishop assumed that the SSPX allegedly "had" distanced themselves from the church. They sit even "so to speak, in the glass house of schism." On 11 October 2011, Mons. Müller had called Protestants a part of the Church even though they reject Papal and episcopal office as well as the Seven Sacraments and support the abortion of childen and the marriage of homosexuals.  He defends his own career  Finally the Careerist criticised the criticism of the SSPX of his promotion: "If the Holy Father chooses his immediate staff for the Dicasteries, then I believe that it does not befit such people to criticize the Pope's decision."

Cathcon- I cannot understand what the Archbishop thinks he is trying to achieve.

Many a true word at the Council spoken in jest

New book of Vatican Council humour published.

Like all humour, it has its dark side.