Monday, August 13, 2012

Vatileaks- two charged

The Vatican judiciary has indicted the butler of the Pope who is guilty of aggravated theft of confidential papers of the Pope in the judgment of the trial magistrate Piero Antonio Bonnet.  He is indicted for complicity in aggravated theft, and abetting breach of confidentiality.

A second person, Claudio Sciarpelletti, employee of the Secretariat of State, who works as an information processor was arrested briefly on May 25. His role, the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, noted is "marginal." The hearing will take place after September 20. It remains to be confirmed that Gabriel is a source of Maria Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of His Holiness , and that he is the hooded man interviewed by Door to Door (a tv programme), as anticipated by the Corriere della Sera on August 5 last year.

In the house of the butler, Vatican documents have been found along with a check for 100 thousand euros for the Pope, a nugget of gold and a precious copy of the Aeneid, which dates from the sixteenth century. In addition, a dossier of 37 other documents were found in his lodging at Castel Gandolfo. The check is made ​​payable to "Santidad Pope Benedicto XVI," and is dated March 26, 2012, from dall'Universitad Catolica San Antonio de Guadalupe. the supposed golden nugget, was given to His Holiness by Mr. Guido del Castillo, Director dell'Aru of Lima (Peru); the 16th century copy of the Aeneid is a translation of Annibal Caro printed in Venice in 1581, a gift to His Holiness from the "Families of Pomezia.

The arrest of the programmer Sciarpelletti dates back to May 25. The man remained in custody for one night only. He was released the next morning. But he is not thought to be an accomplice to the butler: The butler had more inside information claimed the spokesman Federico Lombardi Santa Sitting. "He likely risks one to six years because of the accusation," Father Lombardi said.