Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shocking exhibition in Bamburg Cathedral


Last Sunday we were in Bamberg Cathedral, to show our son the house of God, which he is currently considering in religious education. Unfortunately we have received less impression of God's presence than of things that I've never seen before in a Cathedral.

Apparently,it is very important for those responsible in Bamburg on the occasion of the local horticultural, to desecrate this cathedral.

The trip to Bamberg and our cathedral visit, we had actually imagined differently. I send also some pictures which I took.

Certainly Pope Clement II and the Holy Emperor Henry II and Empress Kunegunde will not have seen such an exhibition through all the centuries.

The theme of this exhibition is according to the website of the Bamberg Cathedral "straightforwardly and simply opposite." Yes, what more can one say? According to the website, 35 works of 13 contemporary artists can be “gazed at in amazement” until 4 November. The cathedral was full last Sunday with tourists from different countries.

In addition to "art lovers" who believe themselves to be deepened in these works, which somehow recalled Hape Kerkeling singing "Huuurz", there were even people who retained their common sense and expressed themselves very critically. A family man literally said: "If I see something like this in a church ', then I'm happy again, to be paying no more church tax".

The Half Angel
Parody of Stations of the Cross
Head on fire
Several more images on link to original article.

Archbishop Müller, guardian of the Faith denies the miraculous

Reactions – Neue Ketzereien: An Wunder glaubt er auch nicht:

New heresies: he does not believe in miracles either 

If it would agree with what the Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller maintains, Christianity would be mocking the audience. Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller - the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith recently appointed by Pope Benedict XVI - not only has problems with the virginity of Mary, the Eucharist and the doctrine of the Church. In his rambling book "Catholic dogma: to study and practice theology" (4th edition 1995) there are at least three more points that involve serious heresies.  

Denial of miracles  

On the topic "miracle" Mgr. Müller writes on page 284: " The miracles of Jesus are not to be understood in the context of a definition, which is concerns a 'breaking of the laws of nature'." Such an understanding of miracles according to Msgr. Müller belongs "to the context of a deistic understanding of God and a mechanistic world view."  

What constitutes a miracle? 

A breaking of the laws of nature is of the essence of miracle. This was already maintained by the preeminent theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas († 1274). In a miracle, God acts directly on the world as first cause . He bypasses thus the secondary causes - that is, the laws of nature.  

Msgr. Müller is a mechanical deist 

Mons.  Müller insulted the Catholic understanding of miracles indiscriminately as "deistic" and "mechanistic". The opposite is true. This is because deism is the doctrine that God created the universe at the beginning and set it going like clockwork, not interfering in its further mechanistic working - neither by miracle nor by revelation. The qualification "deistic" and "mechanistic" hypothesis thus precisely correspond to Mons.Müller's denial of the miracle.  

One heresy cries out after another 

Archbishop Müller's inability to understand miracles, influences his dubious statements about the Virginal conception of Jesus and the Resurrection of the dead. In both events, the Bible as well as the tradition of Church sees a classical breaking of the known laws of nature.  

The guardian of Faith denies the conception by the Holy Spirit

On page 495 of his Dogmatik, Mons. Müller discusses the virginity of Mary. This, he writes. "This does not mean a departure from the biological norm" . This assertion is related explicitly to the "conception" of Jesus and the virginity of the Virgin Mary before the birth.  Mary's virginity during labour Mons. Müller disputes on page 498 of his Dogmatics. There he claims that in the case of Mary's virginity during the birth, is "not" about deviating physiological features in the "natural process of birth."  "Not in the context of a biologically exceptional case"  On page 497, Mons.  Müller closes his remarks on the virginity before birth.  He again emphasized: "The meaning of faith in the virginal conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit does not reveal itself in the context of a biologically exceptional case."  

Invisible body?  

Msgr. Müller in his Dogmatik on page 300 comments on the Resurrection of Jesus with this questionable assertion: "The contemporary film camera would have neither recorded the resurrection event [...] nor the Easter appearances of Jesus to his disciples in image and sound ."  And on page 303: "Whether the response of women at the grave in the early hours of Easter morning and the discovery that the body of Jesus was no longer there, a historical process in the sense described must not be decided here. It could also reflect a devotion to the grave by the Jerusalem assembly."

 He does not believe in the bodily resurrection 

On the other hand, writes Msgr. Müller: "In any case, the mighty deed of God must have been implied in Jesus and on the dead body." Because. "A finding of the body of Jesus would have been for the enemies of Jesus, stringent counter-evidence against the identification of God with the eschatological means of salvation" One wonders here: What now? Did Jesus rise bodily or not? Mons. Müller's statements contradict each other. But, given his thesis that Jesus' miracles do not break the laws of nature, he must answer in the negative.

Cathcon- they said that someone in the Vatican should have googled Bishop Williamson- someone should also have read this book beforeMsgr Müller was appointed to his new role.

Three new suspects in Vatileaks scandal


Vatileaks: Verrat im innersten Zirkel - Politik - Tagesspiegel:

The Vatican affair is so illustrious that the media have baptised it "Vatileaks". It may already have a name - but who are the culprits: the housekeeper who has lived for 14 years at the side of the Pope? Or a bishop who could not keep his jealousy in check? After sixty days of detention Paolo Gabriele is back home with his wife and three children. The fired butler of the Pope remains in prison (under house arrest) anyway: He, who used to be so talkative may not talk to anyone. The walls of the Vatican, which were a privilege for him to live behind, Gabrielle is not allowed to leave. And in the next few weeks, a papal investigator will decide whether to open criminal proceedings against the 46-year-old Italian. From the desk of Benedict XVI.Gabriele stole an enormous amount of confidential documentation and leaked it to journalists.

 Maximum penalty on conviction: six years in prison. 

 The case excited Italian media from the beginning. The secret documents were regarded as evidence of a palace coup -mostly directed against Benedict's confidant, the controversial Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and against Benedict's private secretary Georg Gänswein. All observers maintain that it is unlikely that the apparently innocent little ex-butler Gabriel could have organized the document leak on his own. Concurrently with the legal investigation, the three-member commission of cardinals established by the Pope has completed its investigation. During interrogation of dozens of high and the very highest dignitaries of the Curia, it has probably discovered Gabrielle's backers. "Surprises" were announced - but the report of the Cardinals will be known only to the Pope. 

 Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi rejected on Monday "decidedly and to the fullest extent" a German press report that just two of the most intimate confidants Benedict were stamped with treachery. An "abyss of envy and personal jealousy," as it says in the newspaper "Die Welt", had brought Joseph Ratzinger's former housekeeper Ingrid Stampa and his former longtime private secretary Josef Clemens to stand "in front of or behind Gabriele". The housekeeper had lived for 14 years with Cardinal Ratzinger in his household.You can not cope any, that the present Pope, "another familiar perhaps more than you," says the report. The other - today's Curial Bishop Clemens, who was Ratzinger's private secretary for 19 years - holds his successor George Gänswein for incompetent and was no longer able to keep his own "almost irrational jealousy in check" . The third person in the conspiracy - in addition to the two Germans- is alleged to be an Italian cardinal who formerly wrote speeches for John Paul II . When he resigned for reasons of age in 2011, Benedict is said to have "without further ado accepted" the application. 

 So writes the Rome correspondent of the "Welt", Paul Badde, who is well placed in the Vatican intrigue: Privately, he publishes the "Vatican magazine", an anti-left, theologically conservative illustrated magazine which supports the Papal office, with which he has made friends in the Vatican State and opened doors. Badde would probably never denigrate particular people from Benedict's closest friends and acquaintances, if not he did not have something substantial in his hand. Curiously, the motivation for Badde is the same as his three main suspects and Paolo Gabriele. All, they say, want to help the Pope .

Bishop Williamson plots downfall of Bishop Fellay on video


Modernists gather to set agenda for Vatican III

Petition Papal Nuncio to decline invitation to "Vatican II for the Next Generation" Conference at St. Paul's University in Ottawa, scheduled for September 27-29, 2012.

The Speaker list!

Gregory Baum- ex-priest who married a former nun then proceeded to "divorce" her; dissenter from Humanae Vitae and supporter of the infamous Winnipeg Statement; supporter of same-sex "marriage".

Bishop Remi De Roo - certified Enneagram teacher; associated with dissident groups International Federation of Married Catholic Priests and Call to Action.

Both Baum and +De Roo are advocates of the hermeneutics of rupture:
“…the continued implementation of the Council is being undermined by Conservative Catholics, aided by the Vatican, [Baum] said. “A conservative movement, sponsored by the Vatican itself, remains attached to the old paradigm, overlooks the bold texts of the conciliar documents and tries to restore the Catholicism of yesterday,” he claimed. “Vatican II may suffer neglect for a certain time, but as an ecumenical council it cannot be invalidated.” He says that as pope, Benedict XVI has been “inconsistent,” emphasizing ‘proclamation’ at certain points and ‘dialogue’ at others. While the late Pope John Paul II focused on dialogue in dealing with other religions, said Baum, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger emphasized “proclamation” against relativism. “Will the Pope change his mind again?” he asked. “On this issue the magisterium is presently inconsistent.” (Source)

Dick Gaillardetz - dissenter on the infallible nature Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, dissenter on the Church's absolute prohibition of contraceptive acts; holds many other problematic doctrinal positions; criticized by his own bishop for his position on legalized abortion; member of Obama's "Catholic" Advisory Council.

According to the National Post, Gaillardetz called the Pope's action to lift the excommunication of the SSPX bishops "an abysmal decision". Indicating that Pope Benedict does not have an appreciation for "the symbolic gesture" as John Paul II did, he stated, "[Benedict] doesn't think about or consider ... the larger consequences of his actions." He said, further, "many of us in the Catholic Church have become accustomed to putting the best face on some politically ill-considered moves by the Vatican."

Catherine Clifford - Clifford has complained that theologians labor under “episcopal suspicion” and asserted that theologians “exhibit loyalty to the magisterium only insofar as the magisterium exhibits its own proper service to God’s word,” a formula that allows theologians the final judgment as to what constitutes God’s word....Clifford and Gaillardetz defined the role of the theologian as that of preserving “the priority of the lived faith of the Church over its doctrinal formulations,” implying that the two are incompatible. But, having excluded both hierarchical authority and “popular opinion,” the two theologians seemed by default to leave the professionals as the people uniquely qualified to determine what is or is not “lived faith.” (Source)

Sister Joan Cronin, Executive Director of Institute of Catholic Education - deficient position on homosexual orientation and its relation to Catholic education.

Gilles Routhier, priest-professor, theologian - problematic role in the remarkable betrayal of the fundamental right of Catholic parents to determine their children’s religious formation.

Dr. Margaret Lavin, Assistant Professor, Contextual Theology, Regis College (UofT) - advocates demotion of Catholic hierarchical understanding of the Church; clear advocate of the hermeneutic of rupture; one of Lavin's books calls for a new way of "being church" and "sets an agenda for Vatican III".