Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Move of Bishop Müller tohead CDF in Rome «catastrophic»

Theologe Küng: Beförderung von Bischof Müller «katastrophal» - Stuttgart -

The appointment of Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller to Rome from the perspective of the Catholic theologian Hans Küng is a "disastrous miscasting." "As prefect of the CDF, this narrow-minded agitator is out of place," Kung said on Monday in Tübingen to the news agency dpa. Those who believe a contemporary proclamation of the Christian message to be opportune, could despair of such a decision, he said further.

Cathcon- I can sense that I may be able to find common ground with alte Hans although for widely divergent reasons. Although the accusation of being an agitator coming from his lips has a certain irony.

Pope's butler to be released soon

KATH.NET - Catholic News Service

The papal butler, Paolo Gabriele, arrested in May in the course of the Vatileaks affairs, will probably soon be released from custody.

Next week, the investigating magistrate will finish interogating Gabrielle, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told reporters on Tuesday in the Vatican. He expects that the bulter would then leave his holding cell and be placed for now under a kind of house arrest. The lawyers have filed an application for Gabriele's release from prison.

Gabriele was arrested in late May, after the Vatican police seized in his apartment confidential documents belonging to the Pope. He is accused of "aggravated theft". If convicted he faces up to eight years in prison, a process which is, however, only opened if the investigating magistrate agrees that it is sufficiently justified. This decision is expected to be made, according to Lombardi, not before August.