Friday, June 22, 2012

Key part of doctrinal preamble leaked

ECCE HOMO: SSPX: Doctrinal Preamble Leaked:

"The criteria and guide for the understanding of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council are to be the whole Tradition of the Catholic Faith, which on its part makes clear certain aspects of the life and doctrine of the Church, which are not yet formulated, but implicitly present in it. The affirmations of the Second Vatican Council and of the Pontifical Magisterium of the past relative to the relationship between the Catholic Church and the non-Catholic christian confessions are to be understood in light of all of Tradition.""
The source is Father Pflüger, First Assistant Superior General of SSPX at a conference on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, at the school of Saint-Joseph-des-Carmes. It is a return to the 1988 formula of accession.

So as Ecce Homo cleverly comments-no more " altar girls, Mass facing the people, Communion in the hand, and all the other innovations that Vatican II never permitted-not to mention no more compromise with other religions when it comes to ecumenical dialogue."

And definitely no more stealth priestesses and the liturgical abuses which have recorded over many years on this blog!  

If this is passed, liberal Catholicism is over, at least formally (one cannot but remember that repeated declarations would studiously ignored in the early part of the last century) and one can ask what was the point of the Council?

Guatemalan Revolution against Bishop Fellay

Issued by the Priory there by Father Ernesto Cardozo Dismissal of Bishop Fellay Guatemala - 20-6-2012 Open letter to parents and faithful of the SSPX of South America. Much is spoken of the very serious crisis through which the congregation that was founded by Msgr Lefebvre passes, but little and nothing is done in a concrete manner to attack the origin of the current turmoil which is none other than Bishop Fellay and his assistants. For which is proposed a petition on this and other continents, asking for them to be removed from their posts because of their disobedience to the founder, their immorality and abuse of authority. And that the next chapter should be used for the selection of a competent authority, who has given clear evidence of fidelity to combat for tradition. (Portuguese original)

Cardinal doubts the green economy

Brasilien/EU: Marx sieht Grüne Wirtschaft skeptisch:

"Munich's Cardinal Reinhard Marx is skeptical about the possible outcomes of the UN Earth Summit skeptical. The "green economy" discussed at the meeting Rio +20 must be defined more clearly, the President of the Catholic Bishops' Commission to the EU, COMECE said on Wednesday in Brussels. Sustainable development requires not only a shift in production towards more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving practices. Particularly urgent is also a change in consumer behaviour. The idea of "green economy" succeeds or fails according to Marx according to how much the poor people benefit from it. This includes promoting renewable energy without compromising food production. Furthermore, the President of the European Bishops' Commission, supported making the UN Environment Programme UNEP into a more effective international environmental organization. In addition, churches, businesses and especially local stakeholders should make concrete plans for environmental protection.

Cathcon- the Church in Europe is reaching a point where its numbers are unsustainable- and many have moved to the green movement as an ersatz religion.