Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peaceful demonstration by Christians against Vienna Gay Pride attacked- video

Source- English edited slightly by Cathcon

June 2012: About 70 Christians (a small group according to one of the main newspapers) demonstrated in a prayerful and peaceful walk against the Vienna "Gay Pride Parade" in Vienna on June 16th. They were attacked by a counterdemonstration of activists for the homosexual agenda.

A poster of the Christians was destroyed in attack by a member of the homosexual parade. Several chants using a variety of anti-Christian slogans were shouted or sung, including: „Jesus Christ was a homosexual who had 12 sex partners“. They also shouted: „The Pope is a pig.“ A poster of the homosexual activists read: „Catholicism is cureable.“ The registered route of the Christian manifestation was blocked by a group of homosexual activists who had not received police permission to demonstrate. Only an extraordinary amount of police, including special units, was able to protect the Christian group from physical violence."

Cathcon- they ask not just for tolerance but for liberty, but show no signs of tolerance themselves.

I will provide a summary of the commentary tomorrow.