Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feast of St Paul of the Cross


Would not be my choice for presenter.

My second favorite order after the Benedictines.  May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts.

Bishop speaks about critical situation in Kuwait.

CNS NEWS BRIEFS Apr-27-2012:

The bishop overseeing the church in southern Arabia predicted Catholic life will remain safe in most Gulf states despite threatened new restrictions in Kuwait. Bishop Paul Hinder, who heads the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, said that although the church lacks resources, its most important priority is to "keep what it has. Things are far from ideal in some countries, but we can live and avoid major problems if we don't put at risk the relatively good understandings we enjoy," Bishop Hinder said. The apostolic vicariate was established by the Vatican in 2011. The Swiss-born Capuchin Franciscan prelate spoke after legislators in Kuwait acted to curb Christian religious rights by voting to make blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed a capital offense. Bishop Hinder told Catholic News Service April 26 that religious rights long had been ambiguous in Kuwait, which was liberated from Iraqi occupation by the United States and its allies in the 1991 Gulf War. However, he added, the position of Christians was unlikely to "change essentially" in neighboring United Arab Emirates and Oman despite disruptions in church life in Yemen because of recent political turmoil. "We're in touch with government advisers, so there's no communication problem," the 70-year-old bishop said.

See the account of my experiences of being a Catholic in Kuwait in a guest blog for The Times' Articles of Faith (paywall)

Documentary on Islamic extremist who would conquer Rome


Will try and provide English commentary in the next few days. At three minutes, he completely looses it in a Vienna court and has to be restrained. He was one of the people behind the distribution of Korans in Germany, reported earlier on Cathcon. Incredibly, YouTube allows him a platform to promote his extremist views at great length.

Church criticises Cardinal's analogy for homosexuality

Iglesia critica ejemplo de cardenal sobre homosexuales | País | La Tercera Edición Impresa:

Bishops' Conference spokesman cites the statements of Cardinal Medina in Faces,  in which he referred to the Zamudio case.

Cardinal Jorge Medina, prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship who in 2005 was assigned to announce that Joseph Ratzinger was the new Pope Benedict XVI yesterday caused a stir following an interview given to magazine Caras . In this paper, he compares homosexuality to living with an amputated arm.

"You have to help a person to cope with that burden, which I would compare, for example, to a child born without an arm. It is an embarrassment and one must attend to that child so that his limitation does not prevent him from leading a life as normal as possible, "he said.

Medina's statements are produced in an interview with that magazine, which referred to the murder of Daniel Zamudio, who was attacked on March 3 by a gang who, according to the investigation of the prosecutors, attacked because the victim was gay.

Gay groups were outraged by the statements of Medina and they generated a response from the Spanish Episcopal Conference.

Conference spokesman, Jaime Coiro said that "unfortunately, sometimes, by the desire to make clear the mind of the Church on certain matters, the examples used ultimately end up damaging what in reality you want to protect: respect and dignity. "

He added that following the discussion on non-discrimination, the Church has promoted in their parish communities awareness of an approach based on the Gospel.

The statements of Medina were also answered by the spokesman of Homosexual Liberation Movement (MOVILH), Rolando Jiménez: "Medina's hate speech, protected by the Catholic hierarchy, is the breeding ground for violent actions such as those which affected Daniel Zamudio ".

Journalist Juan Carlos Cruz, one of the complainants about former priest Fernando Karadima, condemned by the Vatican for sexual abuse of minors, also addressed the issue.  He argued that the statements  "only demonstrate a reactionary and offensive mentality, which does not contribute to what we expect of our Catholic Church."

Medina had already caused controversy in April 2011, on the subject of the sentence for abuse given to Karadima when he said "the case of an eight or nine year old is very different to one involving  a 17 year old (...). I hardly think that it is an abuse of the same category. "

Cathcon- the last comments has echoes of the Bishop of Bruges who last year said that it was only a bit of fun, as it involved older boys.

The comments on homosexuality echo those of my friend, the late, great Cardinal Joos, who said
he wanted it written down – “in blood” – that the majority of gays and lesbians were “sexual perverts” and gave this advice: “Don’t become gay, you will end up sad.” In all cases, it would have been more constructive to refer to the official teaching documents.