Thursday, April 12, 2012

Radical Muslims threaten journalists over mass distribution of Korans

Koran-Verteilung: Radikale Muslime bedrohen Journalisten - B.Z. Berlin - Koran, Verteilung, Islam, Salafisten

Now German journalists critical of Islamicists are in the cross hairs: In a video on YouTube radical Mulsims showed private photos of an employee of the "Frankfurter Rundschau" - accompanied by threats against the "apes and pigs" who published "mendacious" reports.

Research by the newspaper "Die Welt" revealed that the film was created by a group associated with the Salafists, who presently are distributing 25 million Korans in German. The initiative began on Saturday in several towns. The day before the video was posted online. In Berlin, as far as we are aware, no Korans have yet been distributed.

The Frankfurt public prosecutor is investigating for libel, threatening behaviour, and possibly also for coercion, a spokeswoman told our newspaper. A second journalist was also threatened in the video, she also said. .In this case, a photograph of a man with the same name was used from Facebook. The distribution has also wakened the interest of politicians. Christian Democract faction leader Volker Kauder says that the Koran has been abused "for extremist machinations " SPD interior expert Michael Hartmann urged Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) to consider a ban on the Salafis.

The movement, according to the Constitutional Protection Authority, has in Germany around 2500 followers. They support, among other ideas, the full veiling of women and believe non-Salafist Muslims to be infidels. The Ulm printer, Ebner & Spiegel, which has shipped so far more than 300,000 Korans wants now to check the contract before proceeding.

Cathcon- Gideon Bibles is supporting the distribution of the Koran, as they fear that they will be banned by the secular state from their own distribution of Bibles. The Constitutional Protection Authority, who were involved in the Williamson case, are concerned about the Salafists.

Vatican sent no diktat on “rebel” parish priests says Schönborn ‘s spokesman

Vatican sent no diktat on “rebel” parish priests, Schönborn ‘s spokesman says - Vatican Insider:

Austrian bishops received no diktat from the Vatican ordering them to intervene against priests who form part of the Pfarrer Initiative. Confirmation of this was given to Vatican Insider by Michael Prüller, spokesman to the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

Reports about the “explosive” letter which asked for “something to be done” against Austrian parish priests who launched an “Appeal to Disobedience” which Pope Benedict XVI openly discussed in his Holy Thursday homily, appeared on Austrian Catholic website on Holy Saturday.

Cathcon- so what are you going to do, Herr Cardinal?  It is clearly a situation that cannot be allowed to continue.

Hindus and Christians celebrate Easter together as Christians persecuted

Cafouillage au Vatican: le professeur Ratzinger recale le Chemin Néocatéchuménal - Les matinales chrétiennes - La Vie

It is highly symbolic that in the State of Orissa, in the grounds of the Catholic school Vijaya di Raika, where the unprecedented wave of anti-Christian violence began in 2008, 10,000 Hindus and Christians gathered to pray on the occasion of Easter. Children, old men, servants, religious, all attended a prayer at noon to show that peaceful coexistence is possible. The anti-Christian violence in this Indian state had killed hundreds of Christians and forced thousands more to flee their homes, and even today it is estimated that 3,000 Christians have not been able to return home, and the authors of the massacre continue to enjoy widespread impunity.

'Cardinal Rambo' defends passion for guns

AFP: 'Cardinal Rambo' defends passion for guns:

A top Vatican cardinal with a passion for shooting defended his rich collection of rifles and handguns in comments on Thursday to Italian newspapers that have already dubbed him "Cardinal Rambo".

"This passion for weapons is long-standing. I used to go to shooting ranges. Unfortunately since I've been at the Vatican I had to stop," Domenico Calcagno, head of the Administration of Vatican Patrimony, told Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Alleged ex-mistress of priest at centre of Austrian storm goes public

Angebliche Ex-Geliebte des Pfarrers meldet sich - Religion & Politik - › Inland:

Archdiocese will neither confirm nor deny

Mistelbach - The debate over the Parish of Stützenhofen in the Weinviertel and its pastor leads to more and more to the mudslinging. At the parish council elections in mid-March, the 26-year-old homosexual Florian Stangl was elected with 80 percent of the vote but he was rejected by Rev. Gerhard Swierzek because of his lifestyle. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn gave the candidate before Easter his blessing, and confirmed the election, but the parish does not settle down and always fresh allegations become loud. In the daily newspaper "Kurier" (Thursday edition), a woman came forward to speak, who claims to be an ex-lover of the clergy.

Swierzek was from 2003 until 2005 parish priest of Pressbaum (Diocese of St. Pölten ). During this period, he had for three months a relationship with the now 55-year-old woman. A friend told her at that time out of the blue the news that the parish priest was resigning and he could not after that be reached. He had told Schönborn on the same night that he had "emotionally hurt" a woman and then had been given two weeks sick leave, according to the woman in the "Kurier".

The Archdiocese of Vienna reacted cautiously to the allegations. “He left the Parish of Pressbaum at his own request for personal reasons. Whether that was because of a relationship that had come to an end, I cannot confirm, but will not not deny," said Michael Prüller, spokesman for the Cardinal, in the report. On Wednesday, Father Swierzek was not available for comment to the APA.

Press reports that Cardinal Danneels to be questioned again

Federaal parket geeft geen commentaar over verloop onderzoek Operatie Kelk - Belga Algemeen - -

The federal prosecutor makes no comment nor reaction to the news in recent days in the press about Operation Chalice about the results of the judicial investigation or impending investigation activities. According to the spokeswoman, Lieve Pellens, the timing of the closure of the investigation suggested in the media is at least premature.

Belgian prosecutor's office does not comment on the progress of the Operation Chalice investigation
Het Laatste Nieuws reported that Cardinal Danneels had been informed of sexual abuse by clergy at least forty times in recent years, while De Morgen on Thursday announced that the Cardinal would again be questioned in the coming days. "We do not comment on the contents of the judicial inquiry, neither the results nor other acts of investigation or whether or not questioning is imminent." Different media also report that Operation Chalice, the judicial inquiry into the facts of negligence of sexual abuse of minors within the Catholic Church is in its final stages and that the trial judge would shortly charge some people. "The timing is at least premature," said Pellens. "Mrs. Calewaert took over the investigation in  early April from Mr. Troy. She needs time to work. Moreover, the Court of Indictment once again has to make a ruling on the documents seized in Cardinal Danneels and the archdiocese."

God so loved the world