Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Water Liturgy in Swiss Catholic Church

Which was fortunately not Eucharistic, but if anyone can provide a narrative for this liturgy, they are a better modern liturgist than I am.

Veneration of the Cross of Spoons

Another lesson from Austria in how not to celebrate during the Paschal Season.

Tambourine Stealth Priestess celebrates Easter

The twig is their Cross.
Captions welcome.
Also answers to the question
What liturgical role to the Woman in Blue play?
Further clues below

The priest was so moved by this 
display of liturgical excellence that he started dancing

How to celebrate Easter properly.

Laughter Mass in Vienna

Would move most Catholics to tears

Famous Bavarians write about the Pope

New book edited by his secretary, Fr Georg Gaenswein.  

This the launch press conference.  Herr Stoiber, the former Prime Minister delivered a book in person to the Pope.   At least the Pope is honoured in his homeland of Bavaria- if only the same could be said of the rest of the German speaking world.