Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Punk band desecrates Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Russian Church Should be Open to Debate - Patriarch Kirill | Religion | RIA Novosti:

The Russian Orthodox Church should be ready for public debates with its opponents but not reply in kind to a smear campaign against it, the church’s leader, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, said on Tuesday.

“Today, we are all witnesses to a powerful antichurch rhetoric that unfortunately coincided in time with the Great Lent,” the patriarch said while speaking at a meeting of the Church’s Supreme Church Council he led.

“We hear many attacks on the Church, to begin with the infamous case in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, followed by three appalling desecrations of churches,” Patriarch Kirill said.

Sex education- Jesuit style- with added feminism


In the Lassale House in Switzerland, which is run by the Jesuits, courses will now be also offered from May onwards giving "time and space for sensuality." Swiss media speak in this context of "sex courses", a term rejected by Christian Rutishauser, the Jesuit in charge.  In the Luzerner-Zeitung, Rutishauser can promote his courses, claiming that the Church has so far actually specified "particular obligations" and set "framework conditions for sex" (within marriage). "In the past, sex was a taboo and there was talk about faith. Today religious belief is often a taboo and we talk a lot about sex", said the Jesuit, and then claims that a "religious morality lacking freedom," burdens sexuality to this day, Evidence for this claim he does not, however provide. Rutishauser then uses stereotypes about the Catholic Church, which have little to do with reality, given the ever increasing uptake of natural birth control . "Mostly sex is only understood as a means of begetting children. We want to spell out in our new course, in addition to keynote talks, meditations, group and couple discussions and exercises which includes" time for love, "just the specific value of sexuality in the lives of couples ", said the Jesuit, who then finally throws in feminist theories and seriously argues that penetration represents an "enforcement of patriarchal possession ". In an emancipated society, this no longer applies according to Rutishauser.

The course offered under the heading of "gender" contains conditions giving no indication whether the pair of participants (Christian) must be married, or have at least made a binding decision to one another in some way, or whether they must be heterosexual. The target audience is only given as: "Couples who want to put into practice the new ideas of physical interaction and loving."

The Jesuit's view of the world-art- commerce- politics- science-Islam- (Christian)-Religion-Buddhism- and back again to art.  He recently addressed a conference on geothermal energy which he would well be advised to stick to, given his competences in other subjects.

See also Erotic church service- they could also add some ecumenism if they got together.

Castration of abuse victim in 1950s- Dutch Parliamentary hearing tomorrow.

Opstelten: castratie in jaren '60 soms aanvaardbaar -

Until the 60s of last century, castration was in some situations seen as an acceptable medical procedure, not only with sex offenders, but also in mainstream psychiatry. Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, Ivo Opstelten states this in a letter to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. Castration took place outside any judicial context, the minister said.

The letter comes on the eve of a new hearing in Parliament on Wednesday about abuse in the Roman Catholic Church, which itself has been associated with the practice of castration. Last month the NRC revealed the castration half a century ago of a young man, who previously had been the victim of sexual abuse in the St. Vincent Home in Harreveld. Opstelten has done research in various archives on this issue, but has found very little. The young man was castrated at the time of reporting abuse. Then the cases of 17 people were considered, but there was ultimately no case due to insufficient evidence.

Cardinal see only problems with the SSPX


Cardinal Karl Josef Becker sees big problems for an agreement between the Vatican and the traditionalist SSPX "to combine both positions, that's difficult," the Jesuit said in an interview with the Cologne diocesan church newspaper on Sunday. He has worked as a consultant to the CDF during the negotiations between the SSPX. Pope Benedict XVI in mid-March asked the SSPX to clarify by April 15 their position and to avoid a breach with Rome.

"We do not remove anything from Catholicism - but the others I must also try to understand, "said Becker He referred to a statement of the founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre that Pius XII (1939-1958).." all the teaching and discipline in the Catholic Church laid down "and" there is nothing more to change or renew". If a Lefebvrist believes this, then the conversation between the Vatican and SSPX does not make sense. Someone behaving differently was faced with the dilemma: "How do I relate to the founder of my Fraternity? " In this, he can see the big problem for the Society, said Becker. The Jesuit came from Cologne and was for many years professor at the Gregorian University in Rome, being made Cardinal in February.

Becker continued that the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965 ) was even after 50 years still not properly understood. "For it is a council of such a novelty that in the end, even the bishops were not quite clear," said the Cardinal. The previous councils had spoken to Catholics, the Second Vatican to Christians and all people, regardless of whether they believe or not believe, or to what religion they belong. "What this means in the assessment of conciliar statements means seems so far to have not been carefully considered," said Becker. To discover the core of the council, these texts must be read taking account of opinions of theologians. Today, however, few people access the documents in their original Latin.""I can only warn others not to judge the texts from the perspective of certain wishes, "said Becker. As far as the interpretation is concerned, the era in which the documents were written and the intentions of the Council Fathers should be taken into account.

Cathcon- incredible then that Vatican II is being used as a doctrinal touchstone, as Cardinal Becker admits the Council Fathers did not know who they were addressing.  And if they did not know who they were addressing, it renders the messages of the Council at least a little suspect.

The Thin Red Line

Or the even thinner purple line- the Austrian and Hungarian bishops meet at the Great Mother of Austria, the national shrine of Austria.   Just like the good old days of the Double Monarchy and Empire but too much else has changed.

Not least in liturgical matters.

Disgrace and shame of the priesthood

Trial: Priest Joked About Abusing 3 Boys in Week - ABC News:

Jurors in a landmark priest-abuse trial heard Monday about a priest-turned-camp prowler and another who allegedly bragged about having sex with three boys in one week.

Also Monday, two jurors were replaced by alternates, but a gag order prevents lawyer from discussing the reasons for the move.

Monsignor William Lynn is on trial for child endangerment and conspiracy. Lynn, 61, is the first Roman Catholic church official in the U.S. charged for his handling of priest-abuse complaints. Prosecutors say he helped the church bury them in secret files, far from the prying eyes of investigators, civil attorneys and concerned Catholics.


Fierce conservative criticism of Cardinal Schönborn

Konservative Kritik an Schönborn |

Cardinal Schönborn's decision to allow an openly homosexual man to be a parish councillor enjoys support from reformist church circles.

On the other hand, fiercely conservative internet platforms are firmly against the decision of the Vienna archbishop.

"I believe this young man has arrived at the right place. And so I took my own personal decision. Although it is controversial, of course." With these words Schönborn summed up on the ORF Press Round why he has agreed that the successful candidate should take up his mandate. Because "it is still comes from Jesus to see first people, not the law." The young man had impressed him, said Schoenborn. He also pointed out that the church rejects homosexuality as biblically justified.

The Archbishop of Vienna received thanks in a concert from various bodies on the side of the church reformers: "This decision shows humanity, loyalty to the Bible and is supported by reason," said the platform, "We Are Church". The decision gives hope also in other matters.

Schönborn has attracted criticism from specific conservatives loyal to the Pope on Internet forums. Christian Sieberer, pastor of the Archdiocese of Vienna calls via for the homosexual parish councillor to give a clear commitment, to " the teaching of the Faith and discipline of the Church" . Accordingly, the man who lives in a registered partnership, must stress the "immoral character" of his own life, among other things. "If this is not possible, a challenge to the election in Rome is inevitable," writes Sieberer.

Cathcon- What is the Cardinal afraid of?  Is it the equal rights legislation in Austria or something else?   This decision ill fits the Thomism of the Dominican Order of which the Cardinal is a member- but there again I have an article by him where he criticises Thomists of the Strict Observance.  But this is lax observance of church law and doctrine.  

Magistrate investigating child abuse in Belgian Church leaves post

Colette Callewaert volgt Wim De Troy op - De Standaard

The investigating magistrate in Brussels Colette Callewaert takes over the investigation into abuse within the Church from Wim De Troy. The President of the Court in Brussels has decided this. de Troy stood down last month. Reported by VRT (the TV channel).

Two weeks ago, de Troy knew Justice Minister Annemie Turtelboom refused to renew his mandate, which ended March 31.

de Troy raided in the summer of 2010 the Archbishop's palace in Mechelen, took the computer from Cardinal Danneels and took into custody from the Adriaenssens Commission the dossiers on hundreds of pedophile priests.

The investigation was hindered and turned into a battle about the procedure or non-validity of a number of searches and investigation activities. When De Troy was told that his faithful clerk Peggy Coppens would not be allowed to return after her maternity leave, this was too much for the investigating judge.

Investigating Judge Callewaert at end of 2010 had been for a few months in charge of the judicial inquiry after two legal complaints were made against de Troy. They claimed during the judicial inquiry that there had been breach of professional secrecy after various elements of Operation Chalice surfaced in the press.

Cathcon: only time will tell if these are deliberate manoeuvres to close down the investigation- the Justice Minister is a Flemish liberal, who will therefore stand in a long anti-clerical tradition. Five years ago, Justice Callewaert was responsible for investigating one of the leading figures of the VLD for corruption.