Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays- dedicated to the Holy Angels


Prayer When Unable to Assist at Daily Mass:

Go, my Angel Guardian dear,
To church for me, -----the Mass to hear.
Go, kneel devoutly at my place
And treasure for me every grace.
At the Offertory time
Please offer me to God Divine.
All I have and all I am,
Present it with the Precious Lamb.
Adore for me the great Oblation.
Pray for all I hold most dear
Be they far or be they near.
Rmember too, my own dear dead
For whom Christ's Precious Blood was shed.
And at Communion bring to me
Christ's Flesh and Blood, my food to be.
To give me strength and holy grace
A pledge to see Him face to face
And when the Holy Mass is done
Then with His blessing, come back home."
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The Vatican has no business giving a platform to her enemies.

Controversial Vatican stem cell conference canceled :: Catholic News Agency (CNA):

A controversial scientific conference which featured pro-embryonic stem cell researchers and was sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life has been canceled, just one month before it was set to take place.

Cathcon- it is the logical consequence of openness to the world if what was proclaimed at the Council is pushed to extremes.

Feast of Saint Alfwold


Bishop of Sherborne, in Dorsetshire; d. 1058. Alfwold, or Ælfwold, is a rather obscure English saint of whom we know little beside the few details preserved by William of Malmesbury (Gest. Pont., Bk. II, § 83). Alfwold had been a monk of Winchester, and was consecrated Bishop of Sherborne in 1045, succeeding his own brother Brightwy. He gave great edification by the frugality of his way of life, which was in marked contrast to the riotous banquetings which the example of the Danish monarchs had rendered popular at that epoch. He was very devout to St. Swithun, his old patron of Winchester, and also to St. Cuthbert, to whose shrine at Durham he made a pilgrimage. He died while singing the antiphon of St. Cuthbert. He was, strictly speaking, the last Bishop of Sherborne, for after his death the see of Sherborne was united to that of Ramsbury.

Cathcon-  so not the first see to be the victim of ecclesiastical rationalisation.
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More liturgical comedy from Austria

                                           Vessels unworthy of the Mass
                                          Today, pots and pans, tomorrow the world.
                                          Computorised sermoniser during Laptop Mass
                                          Outlining the strategy for world domination at a Mass in Linz.

Liturgical abuse, the latest addition to the list of things that the Austrians feel that they have to push to greater extreme than the neighbouring Germans.

Church in Kuwait healthier than the European Church

Although their liturgical practice is just as excruciating. Congregants tend to be from India or the Philippines.  Most are treated with utter contempt by many of the nationals.

The Site of the Tyburn Tree

Have resumed work on my other blog, which can be accessed here English - Scottish - Welsh - Irish Martyrs. There will be one post for each day of the year, so it will act as a devotional as well as an informative blog.

The site where so many met their fate and their glory.