Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Church moves to distance itself from former Bishop of Bruges

The Church "expressly distances" herself from the behavior of the former Bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe and other perpetrators of sexual abuse, said Paul Quirynen, lawyer of the Belgian bishops, Tuesday morning on Radio 1 (TRV) after a new complaint was filed against Roger Vangheluwe by a former resident of a foster home.

The new complaint is "shocking information", according to Paul Quirynen. The Church  according to him distances herself from the behavior of abusers and choses "the side of the weak and the victims." It also demonstrated its willingness to heal the wounds of victims, both emotionally and financially. Renaat Landuyt, a socialist MP who sits on the Commission to monitor sexual abuse in the Belgian Parliament, acknowledged that "what is happening today revives pain in many lives ". "As far as I am concerned, the statute of limitations should be eliminated completely because of the nature of the facts," he said. He did not rule out that more recent events would be revealed.

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