Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shocking exhibition in Bamburg Cathedral


Last Sunday we were in Bamberg Cathedral, to show our son the house of God, which he is currently considering in religious education. Unfortunately we have received less impression of God's presence than of things that I've never seen before in a Cathedral.

Apparently,it is very important for those responsible in Bamburg on the occasion of the local horticultural, to desecrate this cathedral.

The trip to Bamberg and our cathedral visit, we had actually imagined differently. I send also some pictures which I took.

Certainly Pope Clement II and the Holy Emperor Henry II and Empress Kunegunde will not have seen such an exhibition through all the centuries.

The theme of this exhibition is according to the website of the Bamberg Cathedral "straightforwardly and simply opposite." Yes, what more can one say? According to the website, 35 works of 13 contemporary artists can be “gazed at in amazement” until 4 November. The cathedral was full last Sunday with tourists from different countries.

In addition to "art lovers" who believe themselves to be deepened in these works, which somehow recalled Hape Kerkeling singing "Huuurz", there were even people who retained their common sense and expressed themselves very critically. A family man literally said: "If I see something like this in a church ', then I'm happy again, to be paying no more church tax".

The Half Angel
Parody of Stations of the Cross
Head on fire
Several more images on link to original article.

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