Thursday, July 19, 2012

Right wing political party denies responsibility for blasphemous poster

Voorstelling Lam Gods misbruikt op valse poster Vlaams Belang - Kerknieuws - Kerk & Religie

Since Wednesday posters from the political party Vlaams Belang (Flemish movement) in Belgium have emerged bearing the image of "the Lamb of God." The scene, painted by the brothers Van Eyck in the fifteenth century, hangs in the St. Bavo Cathedral in Ghent. According to the church, copyright has been infringed.

The poster is a paste and cut made ​​from the large polyptych by Jan and Hubert van Eyck. The white lamb has been made black. At the top and bottom of poster, an old Vlaams Belang slogan can be read, "Keep away from our country! Asylum Swindlers, criminal aliens, illegal immigrants, radical Islam, immigration profiteers ".

The posters were discovered Wednesday morning in places like Antwerp, Ghent and Ekeren according to ​​the local media Der Staandard and Knack.

The poster does not come from the Vlaams Belang. It is not yet known who the publisher of the false PR material. Leader Filip Dewinter of the Flemish party claims to have no idea who the creator of the posters can be. He assumes that the initiator wants to take lead the party on. According to him, people like "asylum cheats" illustrated by the poster as black sheep are unfairly maligned. Vlaams Belang is making a legal complaint because the party is otherwise likely to be fined for nuisance.

The Saint Bavo Cathedral has indignantly responded to the abuse of the picture by Van Eyck. A spokesman speaks of an insult to the Catholic community. To display the image, the user must also have asked for consent from the digital image bank for Flemish heritage, Luke.   That has not happened.

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