Thursday, July 26, 2012

PUCP insists that it will still call itself Catholic and Pontifical

Peru University Insists It Will Call Itself “Catholic” and “Pontifical” Despite Vatican Decree « Campus Notes

The university in Peru that’s been the cause of so much scandal in the Catholic Church is once again poking the Vatican in the eye by announcing it will continue to call itself “Catholic” and “Pontifical” despite a Vatican decree aiming to strip them of those titles, according to news reports.

The Cardinal Newman Society reported earlier this week that the Holy See stripped the university of its status as a “Pontifical” and “Catholic” university following years of refusing to bring its statutes in line with the Apostolic Constitution Ex corde Ecclesiae.

But the university, flouting the statement from the Vatican, has announced its intention to preserve its full title of the “Pontifical Catholic University of Peru” as long as the institution “considers it relevant,” university director Marcial Rubio was quoted as saying. “Any decision on the matter is under the authority of the university’s governing bodies.”
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