Thursday, July 26, 2012

Post-Conciliar Catachetical Disaster

Balloons That Launched 1000 Newsletters:

"When you read Church history, or any history for that matter, it’s easy to forget that real people lived through those amazing events and probably had no idea they would someday have their exploits recorded for posterity.

At the same time, most of history has not been recorded and won’t be – those simple events of the unknown millions, which contributed to the formation of culture and civilization in ways whose significance will only be judged by God Himself.

Call it Church history writ small. I have a tale to tell of one such example.

In 1968 I was abused. No, not that kind of abuse; I suffered doctrinal abuse at the hands of the nuns who ran the prestigious girl’s high school to which I had received a scholarship. I was not alone. Everyone in my class suffered the same abuse, in fact, the whole school did, but it seems I was the only one lucky enough to have parents like mine."
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