Monday, July 09, 2012

Italian bishop cannot recognise “smoke of Satan”

Vatican: It’s not the “smoke of Satan” that’s the problem - Vatican Insider:

"“Paul VI spoke of “the smoke of Satan” when he entered the Vatican. Taking a look at recent news, what we area dealing with is not Satan’s smoke but the need for structural reform,” says Mogavero, who for many years was right hand man of the Secretary of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), Camillo Ruini.

Is there a mud-slinging machine currently at work in the Vatican?

“Slander and informing are two fatal weapons that are used in a cold and calculating way when there are no valid reasons for attacking one’s adversaries. And the Church is no exception to this unwritten law. Nothing new under the sun. For example, the accusation of “modernism” is periodically launched against members of the Bishops’ Conference who are open and welcome dialogue and is particularly nasty because the accused have no real way of defending themselves. It’s their word against that of their accusers. This makes for a very weak defence.”"

Cathcon comments
And those that doubt modernism is a problem should read this.

The current Italian faction fights within the Curia  are making the election of an Italian Pope less likely the longer they continue.
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