Monday, July 16, 2012

Bishop Fellay gives his first interview after the SSPX General Chapter

Doctrinal mutism is not answer to “silent apostasy”

Bishop Fellay: All ambiguity has now been resolved among us. Very soon we will convey to Rome the position of the Chapter, which has been the occasion to specify our road map insisting upon the conservation of our identity, the only efficacious means to help the Church to restore Christendom. As I told you recently, “if we want to make fruitful the treasure of Tradition for the benefit of souls, we must both speak and act” (cf. interview of 8 June 2012, DICI #256). We cannot keep silent when facing the rampant loss of faith, the staggering fall of the number of vocations, and the decrease of religious practice. We cannot refrain from speaking when confronted with the “silent apostasy” and its causes. Doctrinal mutism is not the answer to this “silent apostasy” which even John Paul II denounced already in 2003.

Cathcon- it look as if after this response is delivered, the personal intervention of the Pope will be required to resolve the reconciliation once and for all.  If he is unwilling or unable to do so, it will indeed be a bleak day for the Church and the Faith.
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