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Cardinal compares SSPX to Lutherans


Swiss Curial Cardinal with responsibility for ecumenism tells "Kathpress" in an interview about the importance of the Council, ecumenism and Lefebvrist

The Swiss Cardinal Kurt Koch has directed himself against the arguments especially of the Lefebvrist SPPX that the statements of Vatican II would have a different level of obligation. Although one could raise formal differences between the different types of texts - from constitutions, decrees and declarations. But there was little difference in the binding nature in terms of content, the President of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity said clearly on Tuesday in an interview with "Kathpress" in Rome. The Decree on Ecumenism had its doctrinal basis in the Constitution on the Church.

The ecumenical movement, one of the points of criticism of the Lefebvrists, must be and remain a central theme of the church stressed Koch. The Council had declared from the beginning two main goals, to renew the church and restore the unity of Christians (Cathcon- miserable failure on both points!) This was the "focus of the whole council," said the cardinal. In this respect, ecumenism was no side issue, or any appendage, "but a central theme of the Council. Therefore, it must be a central theme of the Church today," said the Swiss Cardinal.

With their criticism of the Council, the "SSPX" (Cathcon- why in inverted commas?) represents similar positions to those of Martin Luther. They were obviously assuming that the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) has committed error, Koch said. "The fact that councils may err also, however, is a claim that goes back to Martin Luther," the cardinal thought. "Hence, the traditionalists already must ask themselves where do they actually stand." (Cathcon- I am sure the German Lutherans will be over the moon to be compared to the SSPX!)

Reorientation towards goal of the Council

The Second Vatican Council which opened 50 years ago wanted and brought to fruition a renewal of the Church but not a new church. Towards this goal, the Church needs today a reorientation, said Koch. He recalled Pope Benedict XVI who said soon after taking office, in a keynote speech on the importance of the council for a "hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture" and of a "hermeneutic of reform." The Pope does not mean a pure continuity, as has occasionally been imputed to him said Cardinal Koch. "The traditionalists represent such an idea." Rather the Pope sees a "combination of renewal and continuity in the sense that the Council had wanted and implemented but not a new church."

Monday, July 30, 2012

There will not be one Jesuit left in America by 2040


So carry on as before is not the answer here nor for the Jesuits worldwide, nor in Germany. But thats what the Germans and the Jesuits have chosen to do with the elections of their new Chairman and General respectively. I thought Vatican II meant that the Church was able to discern the signs of the times.

Tomorrow is the Feast of St Ignatius- click on the Jesuit tab below for more evidence that the modern Jesuits would shame their founder, rather than be his glory.

Vatican II said that orders should rediscover the spirit of their Founder and live less by their respective rules- as if there could be a distinction. Strange then that the Jesuits since the Council have certainly lived well away from St Ignatius.

Looks as if the Vatican is burning

because of a blaze on Monte Ciocci.

The Great Vienna Cathedral Robbery

Reactions – War die Restauratorin eine Diebin?

The scandal is not that treasures disappeared, but that nobody noticed it in the bulldozer Counciliar church.

The very elderly Helga C who died three years ago, worked for St. Stephen's Cathedral as a restorer for decades. Staff of the cathedral are now convinced that she was a thief. This has been reported by the online edition of the Vienna tabloid 'Krone'.

Discovered by chance
Mrs. C. had unhindered access to all areas. The heir to the restorer was Andreas Schekulin (30). He has worked as a sales manager of a large furniture chain. He offered to the Vienna auction house Dorotheum and an interior design business as well as on the Internet, the apparently stolen items for sale. An employee of the cathedral discovered this by chance and raised the alarm. The police scoured Schekulins house and took to safety the art treasures.

A court will decide
Among the items is a shining chalice from the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, a ring set with precious stones, a bishop's mitre from the year 1643, a gold clasp, and a baroque stole. Schekulin told the police that Mrs. C received damaged pieces from the cathedral in return for some of her work. The cathedral's lawyer denied this: "Not true. Such things, no one would give away. "Mrs. C. was always paid. In the autumn, a court will decide the case.

Cathcon- I came across one case of a monk in Belgium who received church treasures in return for his work as a liturgical adviser, which consisted in any case of saying that such ancient art should be stripped from the church and be replaced by the modern. He sold them to antique dealers and built up a private fund.

Wisdom from Cardinal Newman on scandals in the Church

Newman Reader - Sermons Preached on Various Occasions - Sermon 9.2

And if Satan can so well avail himself even of the gifts and glories of the Church, it is not wonderful that he can be skilful also in his exhibition and use of those offences and scandals which are his own work in her now or in former times. My Brethren, she has scandals, she has a reproach, she has a shame: no Catholic will deny it. She has ever had the reproach and shame of being the mother of children unworthy of her. She has good children;—she has many more bad. Such is the will of God, as declared from the beginning. He might have formed a pure Church; but He has expressly predicted that the cockle, sown by the enemy, shall remain with the wheat, even to the harvest at the end of the world. He pronounced that His Church should be like a fisher's net, gathering of every kind, and not examined till the evening. Nay, more than this, He declared that the bad and imperfect should far surpass the good. "Many are called," He said, "but few are chosen"; and His Apostle speaks of "a remnant saved according to the election of grace." There is ever, then, an abundance of materials in the lives and the histories of Catholics;  ready to the use of those opponents who, starting with the notion that the Holy Church is the work of the devil, wish to have some corroboration of their leading idea. Her very prerogative gives special opportunity for it; I mean, that she is the Church of all lands and of all times. If there was a Judas among the Apostles, and a Nicholas among the deacons, why should we be surprised that in the course of eighteen hundred years, there should be flagrant instances of cruelty, of unfaithfulness, of hypocrisy, or of profligacy, and that not only in the Catholic people, but in high places, in royal palaces, in bishops' households, nay, in the seat of St. Peter itself? Why need it surprise, if in barbarous ages, or in ages of luxury, there have been bishops, or abbots, or priests who have forgotten themselves and their God, and served the world or the flesh, and have perished in that evil service? What triumph is it, though in a long line of between two and three hundred popes, amid martyrs, confessors, doctors, sage rulers, and loving fathers of their people, one, or two, or three are found who fulfil the Lord's description of the wicked servant, who began "to strike the manservants and maidservants, and to eat and drink and be drunk"? What will come of it, though we grant that at this time or that, here or there, mistakes in policy, or ill-advised measures, or timidity, or vacillation in action, or secular maxims, or inhumanity, or narrowness of mind have seemed to influence the Church's action, or her bearing towards her children? I can only say that, taking man as he is, it would be a miracle were such offences altogether absent from her history. Consider what it is to be left to oneself and one's conscience, without others' judgment on what we do, which at times is the case with all men; consider what it is to have easy opportunities of sinning; and then cast the first stone at churchmen who have abused their freedom from control, or independence of criticism. My Brethren, with such considerations before me, I do not wonder that these scandals take place; which, of course, are the greater in proportion as the field on which they are found is larger and wider, and the more shocking in proportion as the profession of sanctity, under which they exhibit themselves, is more prominent. What religious body can compare with us in duration or in extent? There are crimes enough to be found in the members of all denominations: if there are passages in our history, the like of which do not occur in the annals of Wesleyanism or of Independency, or the other religions of the day, recollect there have been no Anabaptist pontiffs, no Methodist kings, no Congregational monasteries, no Quaker populations. Let the tenets of Irving or Swedenborg spread, as they never can, through the world, and we should see if, amid the wealth, and power, and station which would accrue to their holders, they would bear their faculties more meekly than Catholics have done.

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Cologne Carnival Mess Up Mass

Mass in Cologne dialect-Messe up kölsch- in the second part applause!

Vicar of Dr Martin Luther on Earth speaks out about ecumenism

Kirchen: Reformationsjubiläum: Käßmann hofft auf "Geste der Versöhnung" - Nachrichten Newsticker - News3 (DAPD) - WELT ONLINE

The former chairman of the German Protestant Church, Margot Käßmann has called in the context of the Reformation Jubilee in 2017 for a coming together between the two great churches. She hopes that there will be between the Protestant and the Catholic Church a "gesture of reconciliation," said Kaessmann to the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung," according to a preliminary report. The anniversary year should not remain "an internal ecclesiastical and solely German matter."

Käßmann was appointed in the spring as the representative of the Protestant Church for the Reformation jubilee. The theologian Martin Luther (1483-1546) nailed his theses against indulgences to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg in 1517. This is considered the beginning of the Reformation.

Sunni rebels occupying churches, homes of Syrian Christians

Reports: Sunni rebels occupying churches, homes of Syrian Christians | World Tribune

The Vatican has received reports deemed credible that Sunni rebels financed by Qatar were attacking churches and ordering Christians to leave their homes.

The reports, which stemmed from leading Catholic clerics, said the most threatened were Christians in rebel-held areas of Syria.

“The picture for us is utter desolation,” Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos, a Greek Catholic cleric, said.

The bishop, who holds the title of archimandrite, said a leading church in Syria, Mar Elian, has been destroyed.  He said another church, Our Lady of Peace, was occupied by the rebels.

“Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything,” the bishop said.

The Vatican determined that some of the Sunni attackers were aligned with the Free Syrian Army, based in Turkey. An FSA commander, identified as Abdul Salam Harba, was said to have ordered Christians out of central Syria.

Another witness, Mother Agnes Miriam, mother superior of the Monastery of St. James, said the Christians in the Homs province have been pressured to join the revolt against President Bashar Assad. She said Christians who refused were used as human shields in attacks on Syrian Army and security forces.

See Cathcon's Truth is the First Victim in Syrian civil war.

Cathcon- the West, which let down the Christians of Lebanon, now appears to be doing the same in Syria.   They should be making it clear that all will be held to account for their crimes against the churches.

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Vatican accused of Vatileaks cover-up

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

"Tagespost", the German Catholic newspaper has criticized recent media policy of the Vatican towards "Vatileaks": "If the Vatican lets with the approval of its spokesman such nonsense be placed into the world, it provokes the media itself to investigate"

The "Tagespost" (DT)criticises in a recent critique in the context of recent developments of "Vatileaks" the media policy of the Vatican and asks that the actual results of the investigations of the Vatican should be published. According to Guido Horst, the Rome correspondent of the newspaper, the Secretariat of State and the press office of the Pope are currently pursuing the strategy, "of closing the bag tightly." It should come as no surprise that "voices in and around the Vatican" fire topsy-turvey at the media. The popular theory of the Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi is that the butler had acted out of an "act of love" and was a single perpetrator and this was sharply criticized by Horst. If the Vatican lets with the approval of its spokesman such nonsense be placed into the world, it provokes the media itself to investigate. The Bild newspaper now reports that the Pope of Germans who had been betrayed by close associates." The KNA has published in this context the "relevant characteristics" of the suspects. One of the suspects is beyond doubt for Guido Horst Bishop Josef Clemens, the longtime private secretary of Cardinal Ratzinger. In the case of Clemens, this is a reasonable assumption, because he previously took every opportunity in discussions to criticise his "successor" at the side of Pope Benedict XVI- "if you wanted to hear this at the time or not." The Vatican correspondent then says in conclusion that it is not possible to dry up the rumour mill. "The solution is not a double denial" They now must make the promised "surprises" available to the public.

Topless Ukrainian feminist demonstrator throws herself at Russian Patriarch


An activist of the Ukrainian movement FEMEN threw herself topless on the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill on his descent of aircraft at the airport in Kiev, Ukraine. Wearing only jeans and with the words "Kill Kirill "written in black letters on her bare back, the militant ran forward shouting "Out!" to the patriarch who was advancing on the tarmac.

Raising her fist, she was detained by a priest in a cassock and a bodyguard. The young woman was placed in custody and will be judged in an immediate appearance charged with "hooliganism," said the Ukrainian police, quoted by the Interfax news agency.

The tough activism of FEMEN

The collective FEMEN, who struggle for democracy and women's rights, was made ​​ amous by its topless demonstrations. On their blog, the Association accused the Patriarch of wanting to strengthen Russian influence in this former Soviet republic. It also makes an issue of the case of "the illegal arrest of the anti-Putin militants," the Pussy Riots. This feminist punk band had performed a " anti-Putin prayer" in the main Russian cathedral.

Dozens of militant nationalists have also protested against the visit of Patriarch to the presidency in Kiev They carried placards on which was written especially "Out with the occupants of Moscow" and "Get out Pope-colonizer". "It is very unfortunate that people are trying to tarnish the visit of Patriarch Kirill in Ukraine by such behavior," commented a spokesman of the Russian Church, Deacon Alexander Volkov who was at the Patriarch's side.

Maids outside the home of DSK

Last October, FEMEN attracted media attention in France. They were disguised as maids outside the home of DSK in the Place des Vosges in Paris, following the incident in the Sofitel. "Come down if you are a man" they were shouting to the former IMF chief. Five months later, the same pretty girls had demonstrated in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, showing slogans like "Fundamentalism get lost” and “no Sharia”.

With naked breasts in Putin's polling station

They had also raided the same month a polling station in Moscow, where Putin and his wife had been twenty minutes previously. The three activists were denuded, showing off their breasts tattooed with "Putin thief! "And" I fly for Putin. " They were arrested and sentenced the same evening to a term of 5 to 12 days in jail.

Topless at Euro2012
On the eve of Euro 2012 which took place in Ukraine, FEMEN had shown topless in front of the Embassy of the country to demand a competition "without prostitution." The operation had been widely publicized. On May 24, Yana Zhdanova, FEMEN member, attempted to seize the Euro 2012 trophy. Stopped, she was sentenced to five days in jail. But despite the risk of imprisonment, nothing seems to affect the willingness of these women, who are desperate to fight. In an interview with the free daily20 minutes, a feminist collective explains that the movement began, when she demonstrated dressed. Seeing that no one was listening, she decided to d strip. But of the 3,000 members of the group, only about twenty demonstrated naked, including Safia Lebdi, co-founder of the movement Neither Whores nor Submissive.

German satirical magazine continues campaign against Pope, despite court order


The satirical magazine "Titanic" has rekindled an argument about the provocative title picture with Pope Benedict XVI: In the August issue of the magazine, published on Friday, a daring photo montage of the head of the Catholic Church can be seen on the cover - with color finger prints as well as with kiss marks on the cassock and red lips on his cheek. In his hands a red liquid is visible.

After the controversial photo of July, the Pope had obtained an injunction against the newspaper- the headlines now: "No reason to complain: The Pope stays clean"

The cover of the July issue showed the Pope in a similar posture, but with a large yellow stain on the cassock. On the front it said, referring to the scandal involving the betrayal of internal documents, "Hallelujah in the Vatican - The leak is found". On the back he was shown from behind with a brown stain and the comment "another leak found!".

The pope felt that the July cover violated his personal rights and has obtained a preliminary injunction. The German Bishops' Conference criticized the "Titanic" as overstepping "any degree of what is reasonable". The Hamburg Regional Court banned the further spread of the cover photo and threatened a fine for the offense. The "Titanic" has sought a counter-injunction which has yet to be decided. The German Bishops' Conference declined to comment on the new title. "No comment," spokesman Matthias Kopp told the DAPD on request.

"Titanic" does not preclude new litigation

"Titanic"-editor Leo Fischer told the news agency DAPD in view of the new edition, he does not rule out further action. "I think everything possible," he added.

"We thank the Holy Father for his interest in our magazine and ask again for the papal blessing," Fischer said in a statement given in an ironic manner. The ban had the effect of the previous edition a circulation increase of more than 70 percent in the bookshops is the issue have been sold out. "Now we hope that the Holy See interprets this new title also similar outlandish and libelous," said the "Titanic" editor in chief. It is the first time that a Pope has taken out civil proceedings against the “Titanic”.

Cathcon- the magazine should remember the history of Nazis denigrating the Church and the Pope.

This is a Nazi cartoon satirising the aim of the then Cardinal Pacelli's visit to France, where he is shown embracing a Jewish woman.
The French trip of the Cardinals.
Poisoned Cooking of the People's Front
Anathema lies
Humanite - the Communist newspaper- Christian persecution in Germany
She is really not beautiful- but she can cook.   

Pope meets Vatileaks Commission

Vatican: Pope meets Commission of Cardinals

On Thursday, July 26, Pope Benedict XVI received in audience the Commission of Cardinals appointed to conduct the administrative inquiry into the leaking of confidential information : Cardinal Julian Herranz, Cardinal Joseph Tomko, Cardinal Salvatore de Giorgi, accompanied by the Rev. P. Louis Martignani OFM Cap., Secretary of that Commission, and also the Examining Magistrate, Prof. Piero Antonio Bonnet, along with the Promoter of Justice, Prof. Nicola Picardi, the Tribunal of Vatican City State.

The Holy Father was informed of the conclusions reached by the Commission of Cardinals and the progress of the pending criminal proceedings. He thanked them for the information and asked the Vatican Judiciary to continue its work with diligence.

Also present at the meeting; Archbishop Angelo Becciu, Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State, the Rev. Monsignor Georg Gänswein, Secretary to the Holy Father, Dr. Domenico Giani, Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, and Dr. Greg Burke, Communications Advisor to the Secretariat of State.

Another leading supporter of reform of the reform leaves the Curia


He is personally known to Benedict XVI. As Cardinal, the Pope even wrote a preface to his famous book "Conversi ad Dominum".

The famous Father Uwe Michael Lang left all his positions in the Vatican and has returned to London. This is reported by ''.

His final post at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
Father Lang is a German convert and member of the Brompton Oratory 'in London. In recent years, he worked in the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. It is unclear why the cleric has resigned his offices.

Steep ascent
Father Lang was born in October 1972 in Nuremberg. He studied in Munich, Oxford and Vienna. In 1997, he converted to the church. Two years later he received his doctorate at Oxford. He then joined the Vienna Oratory of St. Philip Neri. Since 2002, he has been a member of the Oratory in London. In 2004, he was ordained a priest.

He was a fig leaf for the never realized reform of the reform
Initially, he worked for three years in the parish and school ministry. In August 2007 - after the publication of the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' - the Pope brought him to the Vatican as a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church. Since April 2008, he has worked in the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Since 2007, he has lectured at the university founded by the Legionaries of Christ 'Regina Apostolorum'.

Prayer towards the east
Father Lang is known for his work on the Roman liturgy, liturgical history and patristics. In German it was through his work "Conversi ad Dominum" known from the year 2003. It deals with the Christian prayer toward the east. The then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote the foreword

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PUCP insists that it will still call itself Catholic and Pontifical

Peru University Insists It Will Call Itself “Catholic” and “Pontifical” Despite Vatican Decree « Campus Notes

The university in Peru that’s been the cause of so much scandal in the Catholic Church is once again poking the Vatican in the eye by announcing it will continue to call itself “Catholic” and “Pontifical” despite a Vatican decree aiming to strip them of those titles, according to news reports.

The Cardinal Newman Society reported earlier this week that the Holy See stripped the university of its status as a “Pontifical” and “Catholic” university following years of refusing to bring its statutes in line with the Apostolic Constitution Ex corde Ecclesiae.

But the university, flouting the statement from the Vatican, has announced its intention to preserve its full title of the “Pontifical Catholic University of Peru” as long as the institution “considers it relevant,” university director Marcial Rubio was quoted as saying. “Any decision on the matter is under the authority of the university’s governing bodies.”

Post-Conciliar Catachetical Disaster

Balloons That Launched 1000 Newsletters:

"When you read Church history, or any history for that matter, it’s easy to forget that real people lived through those amazing events and probably had no idea they would someday have their exploits recorded for posterity.

At the same time, most of history has not been recorded and won’t be – those simple events of the unknown millions, which contributed to the formation of culture and civilization in ways whose significance will only be judged by God Himself.

Call it Church history writ small. I have a tale to tell of one such example.

In 1968 I was abused. No, not that kind of abuse; I suffered doctrinal abuse at the hands of the nuns who ran the prestigious girl’s high school to which I had received a scholarship. I was not alone. Everyone in my class suffered the same abuse, in fact, the whole school did, but it seems I was the only one lucky enough to have parents like mine."

The Polish priests in Dachau concentration camp


Archbishop Kazimierz Majdanski, himself a prisoner and who was experimented upon, relates their story.

The Bishop Williamson videotapes- complete set

Rome is crammed with freemasons

Yes, I am a conspiracy nut- 7/7 was an inside job- nuclear attack on Olympics

Bishop Fellay and his gang

Bishop Fellay is starting to weasel around

The SSPX is coming off the rails- get rid of Bishop Fellay

New allegation against a prominent Legionary of Christ

Suspenden en Chile a legionario de Cristo

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Chile, July 25, 2012. - A Legionary priest of Irish descent was suspended today for his work in a Chilean school where he is the chaplain , after a student's family denounced him for alleged sexual abuse .

In this case, the Archbishop of Santiago and president of the Episcopal Conference in Chile, Ricardo Ezzati, confirmed today to reporters that a canonical investigation has been opened about allegations against John O'Reilly, spiritual adviser to several Santiago colleges.

"I have asked the provincial superior of the Legionaries of Christ to open a canonical investigation, according to the rules specified in the documents of the church, which he did today," said Ezzati.

The Colegio Cumbres, in the affluent area of ​​Las Condes Santiago, requested the Prosecutor to investigate the allegation made by the mother of a minor student has made acccusations of sexual abuse of John O'Reilly, the institution said today in a statement.

The educational center suspended the priest of all activities to clarify the facts, which according to the complaint took place between 2010 and 2012.

The priest has pleaded his innocence and said the allegations against him are "an unfortunate mistake." However, he expressed his willingness to collaborate in the investigations to be undertaken by Ignacio Pinto, attorney specializing in sexual offenses.

The Archbishop of Santiago acknowledged that many complaints involving religious. "There are so many and even one would be very serious. However, the Church is much more than that," he said.

In 2008, the Chilean Parliament approved grant of Chilean nationality "by grace" to O'Reilly, a resident in the country since 1985, "for his apostolic work and education directed to the world of youth."

The distinction is reserved for foreigners who have rendered prominent service to Chile.

O'Reilly has launched several schools in Santiago located primarily in high-income areas and has participated in the Entrepreneurial Generation Foundation, to which serves as the spiritual adviser.

O'Reilly's case comes just days after the National Prosecuting Authority of Chile announced the initiation of investigations into alleged sexual abuse in about 60 schools in the capital, 49 of them in the western area, which includes high-powered neighborhoods such as Las Condes.

According to the latest bulletin of the National Prosecuting Authority in the first half of 2012 there was a 22% increase in the number of complaints of sexual abuse against children under 14 years compared to the same period in 2011.

In this situation, the Government of Sebastian Pinera approved the application of ten measures to strengthen the prevention and combating sexual abuse of minors.

One case of alleged sexual abuse that caused more commotion recently was the case of the priest Cristián Precht, a symbol of human rights during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

On June 28 the Chilean Catholic Church considered "credible" allegations about sexual abuse allegedly committed by Precht in the early eighties and sent the record to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Bishop Williamson suggests there might well be an atomic explosion at the Olympics


And for good measure that the tragedy of 7/7 was an inside job and admits that he is a conspiracy nut. See also Bishop Williamson plots the downfall of Bishop Fellay and Bishop Fellay and his gang

Archbishop Müller gives new interview- SSPX, American nuns and liberation theology


Bishop Müller: "You cannot pronounce the three religious vows and then not take them seriously"
Bishop Müller, recently appointed by Benedict XVI as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, gave an interview to L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper. The prelate explained that his dicasterial function is "to proclaim the Gospel and to present in a concrete way the doctrine of the Church." The new Prefect of the CDF also addresses the issue of discussions with the Lefebvrists and the American nuns.

Bishop Muller said the Vatican newspaper that "we have the problem of groups of right or left, as they say-that occupy much of our time and attention. Here the danger comes easily of losing some sight of our main task, which is to proclaim the Gospel and to present in a concrete way the doctrine of the Church. We are convinced that there is no alternative to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ . Revelation answers the big questions of mankind through all ages ... ".

Responding to a question about the transformation of the Inquisition into the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, by the decision of Paul VI, the new Prefect noted that: "The Church is above all a community of faith, then faith is the most important which we must transmit, proclaim and guard. Jesus entrusted to Peter and his successors the universal magisterium, and it is this that the Pontifical Council should serve ... I think the most important aspect of the transformation of the Pontifical Council "has been" the main thrust of their work. Pope Paul VI wanted the positive aspect to be at the forefront : the Congregation must, above all, promote and understand the faith, and this is the decisive factor. He further added that faith must be defended from errors and debasement . Just at the present time, we need hope and signals to start over again. If we look at the world, especially our European countries, which naturally are the ones who know best, we see many politicians and economists who do extraordinary things, but they are the first people to be contacted when it comes to providing hope and confidence. "

Liberation Theology
Bishop Müller also talked about his experience in Latin America, where he knows well the lives of many poor people and the experience of the Church committed on their behalf: "I have often gone to Latin America to Peru, but also other countries. In 1988 I was sent to participate in a seminar with Gustavo Gutierrez. I went with some reservations, as a German theologian , as I knew the two statements of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the theology of liberation in 1984 and published in 1986. However, I noticed there is a difference between a misguided liberation theology and another which is correct . I think any good theology has to do with freedom and glory of the sons of God. Although, clearly, a mix of the doctrine of self-redemptive Marxism with the salvation of God must be rejected. "

"On the other hand, says Bishop Müller-we must ask ourselves honestly: how can we speak of love and mercy of God to the suffering of many people who have no food, water, health care, who do not know how to provide a future their children, which lack true human dignity, where human rights are ignored by the powerful? "

U.S. nuns and SSPX
Finally, the new Prefect of the CDF responded to a question about the discussions with the Lefebvrists and American nuns. "For the future of the Church said it is important to overcome the ideological clashes from where they come. There is a unique Revelation of God in Jesus Christ, entrusted to the whole Church. Therefore, there can be no negotiations regarding the Word of God and one cannot believe and yet not believe . You can not pronounce the three religious vows and then not take them seriously. I cannot cite the tradition of the Church and then accept only some of its parts. The path of the Church urges and everyone is invited not to retreat into a self-referential thinking but to accept the full life and full faith of the Church. "

"For the Catholic Church said the Prefect, is quite evident that men and women have the same value as is told in the story of Creation and confirmed in the order of salvation . The human being needs to be emancipated, or created or invented himself and is liberated and emancipated by the Grace of God. Many statements on the admission of women to the sacrament of Order ignore an important aspect of priestly ministry. Being a priest does not mean to create a role .You cannot consider the priesthood as a kind of earthly position of power and believe that after emancipation takes place everyone can occupy.The Catholic faith knows that it is not we do not make the conditions for admission to the priestly ministry and that behind being a priest are always the will and the call of Christ. Invite him to renounce the polemics and the ideology and to immerse themselves in the doctrine of the Church. In the United States, the religious and the religious have done extraordinary things for the Church, for the education and training of young people. Christ needs young people who pursue this path and identify with their own fundamental choice. The Second Vatican Council says wonderful things for the renewal of religious life, as well as on the common vocation to holiness. It is important to strengthen mutual trust, rather than to work against each other . 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where once monks prayed, orchids bloom

Orchids bloom beneath the Cistercian vaults of Vaucelles - Holidays and Weekends in Nord-Pas de Calais:

"For more than 20 years, orchid growers from across the world have been meeting every March at the international festival that takes place in the atmospheric surroundings of Vaucelles Abbey near Cambrai.  Fans of this iconic flower come from as far away as Peru, Taiwan and Malaysia, as well as from all corners of Europe.  But a trip to this extraordinary garden isn’t just a chance to share their passion – it also helps to safeguard this historic abbey, founded in 1145 by Saint Bernard."

Spanish bishop taken to court for criticising homosexuality- case dismissed

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

A Spanish court has dismissed the complaint of left-wing politicians and gay organizations against a bishop who had criticized homosexuality. The testimony of the bishop was protected by freedom of religion.

A judge in Alcala de Henares has dismissed the complaint against Juan Antonio Reig Plá, the bishop of the same diocese. After the bishop's statements critical of homosexuality in his sermon on Good Friday this year, he was attacked massively. Homosexual organizations and leftist politicians accused the bishop.

"While the words of the Bishop show a critical view of homosexuality, properly understood, they cause homosexuals no damage and are also not a call for discrimination based on sexual orientation," the judge explained in his decision. As Bishop Reig Plá based his comments on the teaching of the Church, his statements were protected by the principle of religious freedom, he added.

"Bishop Fellay and his gang"- Bishop Williamson speaks out


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shocking exhibition in Bamburg Cathedral


Last Sunday we were in Bamberg Cathedral, to show our son the house of God, which he is currently considering in religious education. Unfortunately we have received less impression of God's presence than of things that I've never seen before in a Cathedral.

Apparently,it is very important for those responsible in Bamburg on the occasion of the local horticultural, to desecrate this cathedral.

The trip to Bamberg and our cathedral visit, we had actually imagined differently. I send also some pictures which I took.

Certainly Pope Clement II and the Holy Emperor Henry II and Empress Kunegunde will not have seen such an exhibition through all the centuries.

The theme of this exhibition is according to the website of the Bamberg Cathedral "straightforwardly and simply opposite." Yes, what more can one say? According to the website, 35 works of 13 contemporary artists can be “gazed at in amazement” until 4 November. The cathedral was full last Sunday with tourists from different countries.

In addition to "art lovers" who believe themselves to be deepened in these works, which somehow recalled Hape Kerkeling singing "Huuurz", there were even people who retained their common sense and expressed themselves very critically. A family man literally said: "If I see something like this in a church ', then I'm happy again, to be paying no more church tax".

The Half Angel
Parody of Stations of the Cross
Head on fire
Several more images on link to original article.

Archbishop Müller, guardian of the Faith denies the miraculous

Reactions – Neue Ketzereien: An Wunder glaubt er auch nicht:

New heresies: he does not believe in miracles either 

If it would agree with what the Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller maintains, Christianity would be mocking the audience. Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller - the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith recently appointed by Pope Benedict XVI - not only has problems with the virginity of Mary, the Eucharist and the doctrine of the Church. In his rambling book "Catholic dogma: to study and practice theology" (4th edition 1995) there are at least three more points that involve serious heresies.  

Denial of miracles  

On the topic "miracle" Mgr. Müller writes on page 284: " The miracles of Jesus are not to be understood in the context of a definition, which is concerns a 'breaking of the laws of nature'." Such an understanding of miracles according to Msgr. Müller belongs "to the context of a deistic understanding of God and a mechanistic world view."  

What constitutes a miracle? 

A breaking of the laws of nature is of the essence of miracle. This was already maintained by the preeminent theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas († 1274). In a miracle, God acts directly on the world as first cause . He bypasses thus the secondary causes - that is, the laws of nature.  

Msgr. Müller is a mechanical deist 

Mons.  Müller insulted the Catholic understanding of miracles indiscriminately as "deistic" and "mechanistic". The opposite is true. This is because deism is the doctrine that God created the universe at the beginning and set it going like clockwork, not interfering in its further mechanistic working - neither by miracle nor by revelation. The qualification "deistic" and "mechanistic" hypothesis thus precisely correspond to Mons.Müller's denial of the miracle.  

One heresy cries out after another 

Archbishop Müller's inability to understand miracles, influences his dubious statements about the Virginal conception of Jesus and the Resurrection of the dead. In both events, the Bible as well as the tradition of Church sees a classical breaking of the known laws of nature.  

The guardian of Faith denies the conception by the Holy Spirit

On page 495 of his Dogmatik, Mons. Müller discusses the virginity of Mary. This, he writes. "This does not mean a departure from the biological norm" . This assertion is related explicitly to the "conception" of Jesus and the virginity of the Virgin Mary before the birth.  Mary's virginity during labour Mons. Müller disputes on page 498 of his Dogmatics. There he claims that in the case of Mary's virginity during the birth, is "not" about deviating physiological features in the "natural process of birth."  "Not in the context of a biologically exceptional case"  On page 497, Mons.  Müller closes his remarks on the virginity before birth.  He again emphasized: "The meaning of faith in the virginal conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit does not reveal itself in the context of a biologically exceptional case."  

Invisible body?  

Msgr. Müller in his Dogmatik on page 300 comments on the Resurrection of Jesus with this questionable assertion: "The contemporary film camera would have neither recorded the resurrection event [...] nor the Easter appearances of Jesus to his disciples in image and sound ."  And on page 303: "Whether the response of women at the grave in the early hours of Easter morning and the discovery that the body of Jesus was no longer there, a historical process in the sense described must not be decided here. It could also reflect a devotion to the grave by the Jerusalem assembly."

 He does not believe in the bodily resurrection 

On the other hand, writes Msgr. Müller: "In any case, the mighty deed of God must have been implied in Jesus and on the dead body." Because. "A finding of the body of Jesus would have been for the enemies of Jesus, stringent counter-evidence against the identification of God with the eschatological means of salvation" One wonders here: What now? Did Jesus rise bodily or not? Mons. Müller's statements contradict each other. But, given his thesis that Jesus' miracles do not break the laws of nature, he must answer in the negative.

Cathcon- they said that someone in the Vatican should have googled Bishop Williamson- someone should also have read this book beforeMsgr Müller was appointed to his new role.

Three new suspects in Vatileaks scandal


Vatileaks: Verrat im innersten Zirkel - Politik - Tagesspiegel:

The Vatican affair is so illustrious that the media have baptised it "Vatileaks". It may already have a name - but who are the culprits: the housekeeper who has lived for 14 years at the side of the Pope? Or a bishop who could not keep his jealousy in check? After sixty days of detention Paolo Gabriele is back home with his wife and three children. The fired butler of the Pope remains in prison (under house arrest) anyway: He, who used to be so talkative may not talk to anyone. The walls of the Vatican, which were a privilege for him to live behind, Gabrielle is not allowed to leave. And in the next few weeks, a papal investigator will decide whether to open criminal proceedings against the 46-year-old Italian. From the desk of Benedict XVI.Gabriele stole an enormous amount of confidential documentation and leaked it to journalists.

 Maximum penalty on conviction: six years in prison. 

 The case excited Italian media from the beginning. The secret documents were regarded as evidence of a palace coup -mostly directed against Benedict's confidant, the controversial Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and against Benedict's private secretary Georg Gänswein. All observers maintain that it is unlikely that the apparently innocent little ex-butler Gabriel could have organized the document leak on his own. Concurrently with the legal investigation, the three-member commission of cardinals established by the Pope has completed its investigation. During interrogation of dozens of high and the very highest dignitaries of the Curia, it has probably discovered Gabrielle's backers. "Surprises" were announced - but the report of the Cardinals will be known only to the Pope. 

 Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi rejected on Monday "decidedly and to the fullest extent" a German press report that just two of the most intimate confidants Benedict were stamped with treachery. An "abyss of envy and personal jealousy," as it says in the newspaper "Die Welt", had brought Joseph Ratzinger's former housekeeper Ingrid Stampa and his former longtime private secretary Josef Clemens to stand "in front of or behind Gabriele". The housekeeper had lived for 14 years with Cardinal Ratzinger in his household.You can not cope any, that the present Pope, "another familiar perhaps more than you," says the report. The other - today's Curial Bishop Clemens, who was Ratzinger's private secretary for 19 years - holds his successor George Gänswein for incompetent and was no longer able to keep his own "almost irrational jealousy in check" . The third person in the conspiracy - in addition to the two Germans- is alleged to be an Italian cardinal who formerly wrote speeches for John Paul II . When he resigned for reasons of age in 2011, Benedict is said to have "without further ado accepted" the application. 

 So writes the Rome correspondent of the "Welt", Paul Badde, who is well placed in the Vatican intrigue: Privately, he publishes the "Vatican magazine", an anti-left, theologically conservative illustrated magazine which supports the Papal office, with which he has made friends in the Vatican State and opened doors. Badde would probably never denigrate particular people from Benedict's closest friends and acquaintances, if not he did not have something substantial in his hand. Curiously, the motivation for Badde is the same as his three main suspects and Paolo Gabriele. All, they say, want to help the Pope .

Bishop Williamson plots downfall of Bishop Fellay on video


Modernists gather to set agenda for Vatican III

Petition Papal Nuncio to decline invitation to "Vatican II for the Next Generation" Conference at St. Paul's University in Ottawa, scheduled for September 27-29, 2012.

The Speaker list!

Gregory Baum- ex-priest who married a former nun then proceeded to "divorce" her; dissenter from Humanae Vitae and supporter of the infamous Winnipeg Statement; supporter of same-sex "marriage".

Bishop Remi De Roo - certified Enneagram teacher; associated with dissident groups International Federation of Married Catholic Priests and Call to Action.

Both Baum and +De Roo are advocates of the hermeneutics of rupture:
“…the continued implementation of the Council is being undermined by Conservative Catholics, aided by the Vatican, [Baum] said. “A conservative movement, sponsored by the Vatican itself, remains attached to the old paradigm, overlooks the bold texts of the conciliar documents and tries to restore the Catholicism of yesterday,” he claimed. “Vatican II may suffer neglect for a certain time, but as an ecumenical council it cannot be invalidated.” He says that as pope, Benedict XVI has been “inconsistent,” emphasizing ‘proclamation’ at certain points and ‘dialogue’ at others. While the late Pope John Paul II focused on dialogue in dealing with other religions, said Baum, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger emphasized “proclamation” against relativism. “Will the Pope change his mind again?” he asked. “On this issue the magisterium is presently inconsistent.” (Source)

Dick Gaillardetz - dissenter on the infallible nature Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, dissenter on the Church's absolute prohibition of contraceptive acts; holds many other problematic doctrinal positions; criticized by his own bishop for his position on legalized abortion; member of Obama's "Catholic" Advisory Council.

According to the National Post, Gaillardetz called the Pope's action to lift the excommunication of the SSPX bishops "an abysmal decision". Indicating that Pope Benedict does not have an appreciation for "the symbolic gesture" as John Paul II did, he stated, "[Benedict] doesn't think about or consider ... the larger consequences of his actions." He said, further, "many of us in the Catholic Church have become accustomed to putting the best face on some politically ill-considered moves by the Vatican."

Catherine Clifford - Clifford has complained that theologians labor under “episcopal suspicion” and asserted that theologians “exhibit loyalty to the magisterium only insofar as the magisterium exhibits its own proper service to God’s word,” a formula that allows theologians the final judgment as to what constitutes God’s word....Clifford and Gaillardetz defined the role of the theologian as that of preserving “the priority of the lived faith of the Church over its doctrinal formulations,” implying that the two are incompatible. But, having excluded both hierarchical authority and “popular opinion,” the two theologians seemed by default to leave the professionals as the people uniquely qualified to determine what is or is not “lived faith.” (Source)

Sister Joan Cronin, Executive Director of Institute of Catholic Education - deficient position on homosexual orientation and its relation to Catholic education.

Gilles Routhier, priest-professor, theologian - problematic role in the remarkable betrayal of the fundamental right of Catholic parents to determine their children’s religious formation.

Dr. Margaret Lavin, Assistant Professor, Contextual Theology, Regis College (UofT) - advocates demotion of Catholic hierarchical understanding of the Church; clear advocate of the hermeneutic of rupture; one of Lavin's books calls for a new way of "being church" and "sets an agenda for Vatican III".

Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazing developments at formerly Catholic, formerly Pontifical University of Peru

The historic action of the Vatican to bring some order to the ex-Pontifical ex-Catholic University of Peru (the former PUCP - see first post) is a gift that keeps on giving. La Stampa's Andrés Beltramo Álvarez reports that, when the Vatican decree removing the titles from the name of the University was handed by the local Nuncio (Pennsylvanian Archbishop James Green) to several authorities on Friday, the document was accompanied by a specific letter to the University rector and, which is more impressive, by a specific letter to the President of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, to be forwarded to each bishop in the country.

Because in fact the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, had spent the last few years almost isolated by his own peers and undermined by most members of the Episcopal Conference in his efforts to rein in and put under control the rebellious university.

Whole story here

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pope's butler finally released but still under house arrest

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The papal chamberlain arrested for stealing Papal secret documents, Paolo Gabriele has been released on Saturday evening from his detention cell at the Vatican, and placed under house arrest in his Vatican apartment. After a final questioninh, the Vatican judge Piero Antonio Bonnet released the accused into a "provisional" Freedom, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said on Saturday, to journalists in Rome. In the next few days, the Vatican court is to decide whether to officially initiate proceedings or to strike the case down.

Paolo Gabriele had acted out of personal, inner motives, to help the Pope, his defence council. Carlo Fusco told reporters. He never received any money or other benefits, and acted alone. Fusco dismissed speculation about a conspiracy or a network within the Vatican,to which Gabrielle belonged.

After Vatileaks, Tradileaks- the state of play of SSPX-Rome negotiations


Internal Letter from the Secretary-General of the SSPX, Father Christian Thouvenot to the superiors of the SSPX dated 17 July. The text.

During the month of May, Mons.Fellay went to Corsica, to confirm some believers in an at most unexpected atmosphere after the local bishop had thought it well to take the task to himself.

He then visited the Superior General of the Priory of Marseille and the School of Brignoles, where he once again dispensed the Sacrament of Confirmation and gave two lectures by our current relations with Rome.
On 9 May, he was with the First Assistant in Rome, earnestly ask from Monsignor Pozzo for the guarantee in the event that the SSPX was canonically erected as a prelature by the Holy See, to be allowed to continue to highlight mistakes and scandals. The discussion stumbled particular on the recognition of the legitimacy of the new rite, that is, about the validity of this liturgical law and thus the legitimacy of celebrating according to the rite of Paul VI.

Finally, the examination of the text presented by Mons. Fellay by an assembly of cardinals had led to substantial demands for modifications (apart from the liturgical question, the recognition "of the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent Magisterium, to be understand in continuity with the previous teaching office," the opposition to our reference to the anti-modernist oath, and the introduction of evidence from the new catechism, etc.). 

These demands were submitted to our Superior General on Wedneday 13 June.

Msgr. Fellay has immediately responded that he could not sign such a declaration. We have thus arrived at the starting point, that is, at the dead end, which is how Msgr. Fellay expressed the matter on 29 June in Ecône. 

In the meantime, the Superior General went to Theresa High School in Schoenberg for confirmations (May 13) to Austria (Salzburg and Vienna) and to the Czech Republic (journey from 16 to 21 May) and at Pentecost on the pilgrimage of Chartres, then at the end of May, to Stuttgart. 

The activities of the First Assistant, Father Niklaus Pfluger The first assistant was at the beginning of the month in the Romagna region of Italy to preach to a youth retreat. After a trip to Rome on 9 May he was in Wang's (Switzerland) for the school party of 13 May.

On 20 May, he celebrated in the presence of the Swiss District Superior a Mass of thanksgiving for the 25 years of our chapel in Goldau in the canton of Schwyz. In late May, he went to Germany, first to Berlin and then to Stuttgart, to travel to southern France - the school of Saint-Joseph Carmes of Montreal de l'Aude, the Priory in Montpellier and Toulouse. He visited the house of Notre-Dame, which is being set up to create within the SSPX a real contemplative life. 

The activities of the Second Assistant, Father Alain-Marc Nely The second assistant was on 6 May in Marseilles and then flew to Kenya, where he inaugurated the new building, especially the Novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary. He also preached a retreat to a good group of believers in Kampala, Uganda. After his return on 13th, Father Nely on 17 June visited the new priory in Nancy. He then went to Suresnes to the district headquarters, where he informed the friends and benefactors of the SSPX of the latest developments of our contacts with Rome. 

The activities of the General Economist, Father Emeric Baudot , the General Treasurer, for his part traveled to Canada in May. He made ​​a trip to Winona and then went to Dillwyn, Virginia, the construction site of the future seminary in the United States where the foundations are begun after site work. 

The General Chapter , the General Chapter was held from 9-14 July in Ecône. He was preceded retreat for priests, which were preached by Father Alain Lorans, the former director of the seminary.  This chapter began with an reference to the reading of the rules of this chapter, the review of the drafts and the case of Mons. Williamson, who was due to canon 2331 § § 1 and 2 (nc. 1373) suspended from his duties as a chapter member. 

Here are the final declarations , which the chapter has adopted before its ending and the visit to the grave of our beloved founder. This declaration will also be published on 'DICI', the official communication organ of the General House . Also, the initial conditions were defined better for a possible normalization of our relations with the official church

Conditions sine qua non- those which the SSPX enjoins and those which are sought from the Roman authorities, before seeking for a canonical recognition: 

1. The freedom, the sound doctrine of the constant Magisterium of the Church and the unchanging truth of the divine tradition to preserve, share and teach and the freedom to accuse and even to correct the promoters of the errors or the innovations of modernism, liberalism, and Vatican II and its aftermath. 

2.The exclusive use of the Liturgy of 1962. The retention of the sacramental practice that we currently maintain (including: orders, confirmation, marriage).

3. The commitment of at least one bishop. 

Desirable conditions 

1. A separate ecclesiastical court of the first instance; 

2. Exemption of the houses of the SSPX from  the diocesan bishops

3.The Pontifical Commission for the tradition of Rome, which depends directly from the Pope, with the majority of the members and the president in favour of tradition. 

The proceedings of the Chapter will be published in 'Cor Unum' which comes out at the end of this month of July. They say serious a duty is the preservation of natural, professional, and entrusted secrecy which is to be observed in righteousness. May this Circular, which is reserved for the superiors and to inform the members of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, be preserved in our society internally and not to be disseminated on the Internet in particular, in forums and other blogs. 


Msgr. Fellay asked me to add the following considerations: The General House is aware of the difficulties and aware of the- often exaggerated unhappiness- that may have been caused by some ambiguities that Rome has been clarified only recently, especially by the response of the CDF of 13 June. Msgr. Fellay Rome is however obliged to thank Rome that it has finally explained their position clearly. This allows henceforth the problems to be addressed more easily. Desiring to unite our forces from now on, one wishes to stop the rash judging of others, as if one can mock each other with impunity.

Embarrassment for new head of CDF

As university with which he is closely associated through his interest in liberation theology, the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, ordered to remove "Catholic" and "Pontifical" from title.

The Holy See, by a decree of the Secretary of State, has decided to remove the right of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru to use the words “Pontifical” and “Catholic” in its title. The University, founded in 1917 and canonically erected by a decree of the Holy See in 1942, has amended its statutes several times since 1967 in a way which has severely injured the interests of the Church. Since 1990, the University has repeatedly been urged by the Holy See to conform its statutes to the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae. It has not lived up to that legal duty. Following a canonical visitation in December 2011, and a meeting by the Secretary of State with the Rector in February 2012, another attempt was begun at dialogue in adapting the Statutes in accordance with Church law. Recently, the Rector sent two letters to the Secretary of State, in which he expressed his inability to implement the requirements, conditioning the change of the statutes to the renunciation of the right of the archdiocese to participate in the administration of the University. The participation of the Archdiocese of Lima in the administration of the University has been repeatedly confirmed by the judgments of civil courts in Peru. Given the attitude of the University, together with other facts, the Holy See was obliged to adopt this measure, while reaffirming the duty of the University to submit to canonical legislation. The Holy See will continue to monitor the situation of the University, hoping that in the near future, the competent academic authorities will reconsider their position, in order to reverse this measure. The renewal requested by the Holy See will make the University more capable of responding to the task of bringing the message of Christ to man, society and culture, according to the mission of the Church in the world.

See Cathcon's Vatican and Liberation theologians do battle for the soul of Catholic university

Here the PUCP honours Archbishop Mueller's friend, Gustavo Gutiérrez.  Secretum Mihi points out that the head of the CDF has an honorary doctorate from PUCP.  "Pope Benedict XVI congratulated me when he knew I would be named Doctor Honoris Causa of the Catholic University" is the title of an article that he wrote for the PUCP Magazine in 2008.

"It's a joy to celebrate with the Revd Father Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino, OP, Professor Emeritus, Department of Theology PUCP, the recognition of our university in the award of the Medal of Honor named after Father Jorge Dintilhac, SS.CC. The Dintilhac Medal is a distinction for people who are noted for their Christian values, civic or human, as well as for those who have made ​​a significant contribution to the country. Father Gutierrez is the most recognized Peruvian theologian. His work calls for an interdisciplinary analysis of social reality in Latin America as well as poverty and social injustice in the world. It is a key reference in the debate on the relationship between theology and the humanities and contemporary society in Peru. "

Father Gutiérrez wants to dialogue with communists- ironic indeed that his error should be called liberation theology as he shares their contempt of liberty and private property.

This is where it all ends- not receiving medals among refined academics.

Protestantism dying even faster than Catholicism in Luther's homeland

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

In Germany, the Protestant church is shrinking faster than the Catholic. Overall, only about 60 percent of Germans are church members.

In Germany, the Protestant church is shrinking faster than the Catholic. This is apparent from a comparison of the numbers in the statistical booklet produced on 20 July by the EKD Church Office in Hanover and those in the previous edition. The new figures are based on a survey of 2010. Of the almost 81.8 million inhabitants, 61.4 percent are members of churches and free churches. The rest belong belong to other religions or no religion. The Christian population has declined by 0.6 percent within a year. The largest denomination is Roman Catholic with nearly 24.7 million members - a drop of 0.6 percent.

30 percent of the population is Catholic. The number of members of the Protestant churches has declined by 1.2 percent to 23.9 million, which represent 29.2 percent of all residents. Unchanged are the almost 1.3 million people (1.6 percent of the population) in Orthodox churches. Membership in the Evangelical Free Churches dropped by 0.6 percent to just over 330,000. They represent 0.4 percent of the population. About 33,000 residents belong to the other churches, which represent 0.04 percent of the population. The church affiliation is very different in East and West. In the old Federal Republic, 70 percent of the people belong to churches, on the territory of the former East Germany it is only 25 percent.

Cathcon- first 20 years of Nazism and then forty five years of Communism has decimated religion in the East. This is what happens when error is given rights. Atheistic parents do not pass religion to their children- occasionally the children revolt and go and find it for themselves. It is all the more depressing that now there is a head of the CDF who sympathises with liberation theology. Any German knows where Communism leads. He has no excuse for being a fellow-traveler.

The Catholic figures in Germany have been in linear decline since 1944- in contrast to other countries where Catholicism was in linear ascent before the Council followed by a symetrical linear descent after the Council. At the present rate, the Catholic Church in Germany will not exist in about twenty-five years time.

Archbishop Müller of the CDF responds to SSPX

Archbishop Müller tells SSPX that the Second Vatican Council is binding

 Statements of the Council on freedom of religion, Judaism and human rights were "dogmatic implications". Theologians often deal with secondary issues. For Küng: "As Hans Küng is infallible, must agree well"

The head of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has said that the Second Vatican Council is mandatory for a possible agreement with the ultra-conservative SSPX. The statements of the Council on freedom of religion, Judaism and human rights had "dogmatic implications," he said to the"Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (Saturday). "They cannot be rejected, without compromising the Catholic faith."

The attitude of Rome towards the traditionalists is obvious. "We have to wait and see what comes from the official declaration of the SSPX" said the archbishop. He rejected representations of the SSPX, according io which Pope Benedict XVI would very much like unity with them but the CDF was against it. It had "nothing to do with reality."

The faculties of theology and theologians are engaged in the opinion of Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, often with secondary issues. Their main task is, however, the great debate with atheist and with secular values, said the new Archbishop.

As an example, Mueller cited Medical Ethics. "In Germany there are professors who can say significant things and make a contribution to ethics committees." Such theologians Müller in his own words would like to support. The archbishop called on faculties in dialogue with other sciences to go more on the offensive. "Many university presidents are happy that they have theological faculties." Issues such as the diaconate of women on the other hand would not be resolved by the faculties, said the former Munich dogmatist. "These are doctrinal questions . "On the criticism of the Tübingen theologian Hans Kung about his appointment Müller said this:"Since Hans Küng is infallible, this would have to be true". "Kung had spoken of a" disastrous misappointment. "

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Hard Rock Masses with Father Jony


Feast of St Elijah


2 Kings 2 
[11] And as they went on, walking and talking together, behold a fiery chariot, and fiery horses parted them both asunder: and Elias went up by a whirlwind into heaven. 
 [12] And Eliseus saw him, and cried: My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the driver thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own garments, and rent them in two pieces. 
[13] And he took up the mantle of Elias, that fell from him: and going back, he stood upon the bank of the Jordan, 
[14] And he struck the waters with the mantle of Elias, that had fallen from him, and they were not divided. And he said: Where is now the God of Elias? And he struck the waters, and they were divided, hither and thither, and Eliseus passed over.
[15] And the sons of the prophets at Jericho, who were over against him, seeing it said: The spirit of Elias hath rested upon Eliseus. And coming to meet him, they worshipped him, falling to the ground.

[11] cumque pergerent et incedentes sermocinarentur ecce currus igneus et equi ignei diviserunt utrumque et ascendit Helias per turbinem in caelum 
[12] Heliseus autem videbat et clamabat pater mi pater mi currus Israhel et auriga eius et non vidit eum amplius adprehenditque vestimenta sua et scidit illa in duas partes 
[13] et levavit pallium Heliae quod ceciderat ei reversusque stetit super ripam Iordanis 
[14] et pallio Heliae quod ceciderat ei percussit aquas et dixit ubi est Deus Heliae etiam nunc percussitque aquas et divisae sunt huc atque illuc et transiit Heliseus 
[15] videntes autem filii prophetarum qui erant in Hiericho de contra dixerunt requievit spiritus Heliae super Heliseum et venientes in occursum eius adoraverunt eum proni in terram