Monday, June 11, 2012

SSPX fail in their attempt to sue politician for libel

Keine Verleumdung der Piusbruderschaft: Ermittlungen gegen Burger eingestellt / Bedauern statt Freude - Neue Rottweiler Zeitung Online. Nachrichten aus der Region Rottweil.

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"Their investigations have not given the Rottweil Prosecutor's Office apparently sufficient cause for legal action so the case against me for defamation of the German District Superior of the SSPX, Franz Schmidberger, has been set aside," Burger wrote on Sunday.

The Rottweil City and District Councillor Burger had to defend himself because of the contents of a letter to the press. As he was angry over what he sees as completely uncritical reports in the local daily newspaper about the dedication of the church of the ultra-conservative SSPX in Sulgen, Burger wrote a letter to the editor about the "Communion of Saints" as he called the Society. He incurred a criminal complaint from Schmidberger.

The Rottweil Prosecutor's Office interrogated Berger in the meantime, the investigation being set aside on 6th June. Those who think that Burger was pleased are simply wrong. Rather, the long time chairman of the Rottweil area Green Party says: "That it is not now coming to trial, I regret. As it would become a matter of public record what nasty right-wing sectarians work mischief in our locality."

Burger alludes to the newly consecrated church of the SSPX. And their leaders and members with this choice of words will probably be upset. What is good is also intention and calculation.

For the City and County Councillor, his criticism of the medieval-looking theological mindset of the SSPX is not so much in the foreground, as he further explained All German bishops distanced themselves clearly from the SSPX, says Burger. "Like other questionable sects, they are still legitimized by religious freedom." Burger condemned "that the secular political attacks of Schmidberger, his reactionary SSPX and its bishops – among them Holocaust denier Richard Williamson – in our polity to date go unpunished by the state. " 

Schmidberger has argued in various publications of the Society against adopting large parts of the constitutionally protected human rights, says Burger. In his essay, "Principles of a Christian social order", 2007 published in the journal, Civitas, Schmidberger formulates the objectives of a theocracy, "which is clearly contrary to the free standing, democratic fundamental order," said the Green politician. Further Burger says "Schmidberger is not the only person to represent this opinion in the SSPX".

Other SSPX members such as Rafael Hüntelmann (Cathcon- a philosopher and not a priest as far as I can see) and Marc Grensbittel (a priest) have repeatedly called for the repeal of key rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion or the equal treatment provisions of the Basic Law. " The Green Party member concludes: "Had representatives of non-Christian religions formulated such theories in our country, they would have been dubbed by the media long ago as preachers of hatred and be banned or, at least, monitored by the Constitutional Protection Office."
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