Friday, June 29, 2012

How to recognise if a Muslim is radicalised- a twenty-six point checklist

Hannover: Streit um Broschüre über Islamisten - Nachrichten Regionales - Hamburg - WELT ONLINE

A brochure published by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Islamists has become a major bone of contention. A list that it contains, which lists 26 "possible characteristics of the radicalization process", was called by the opposition on Thursday "absurd" and "outrageous".

The brochure is aimed at schools, youth services, judiciary, public affairs offices and businesses and seeks to raise awareness of the danger of radicalization, especially among young people.

Idea of recognising radicalisation using 26 point checklist absurd
"the idea of using a 26-point checklist to decide whether young people are drifting into the Islamist camp is in itself absurd," said Sigrid Leuschner SPD deputy in Hanover.

She accused Interior Minister Uwe Schünemann (CDU) of promoting and stirring up over the years "reservations, prejudices and distrust of Muslim citizens". Teachers and workers in the state youth agency would now be wondering whether they should inform the police if students were loosing weight combined with an incipient beard growth and a new style of dress ".

Among the points listed in the brochure are actually "visible external changes," such as "weight loss resulting from changing eating habits," and "undertaking survival training" or having "an increasingly stringent interpretation of religion."

Attempt "to persuade people to spy"
It is also pointed out indicators that should be “treated with caution". As of late afternoon,there was no statement from the Regional Interior Ministry. The judgement of the Greens on the brochure was also devastating.

It must be withdrawn and pulped, called the immigration spokeswoman Filiz Polat.  Schünemann put Muslims under suspicion and tried to "persuade the public to become spies," she said. The spokeswoman for home affairs, Pia Zimmermann, the booklet belongs "to the trashbin". It is "at the lowest level" and serves "merely to stir up fears."

The criticism was sparked primarily by the items listed there such as "weight loss by changing eating habits," or "longer travel to countries with majority Muslim population." Also, a "preoccupation with life after death", sudden wealth and sudden debt can also point to a radicalization.
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