Sunday, June 03, 2012

Church of Don Camillo wrecked in Italian earthquake

Kirche von Don Camillo in Brescello wurde durch Erdbeben zerstört | Rentner-News

Hundreds of churches have in part been very badly damaged in the catastrophic earthquake in northern Italy. Almost every third church in the Italian earthquake zone has been destroyed destroyed. The Vatican could only pay for part of the enormous cost of restoration which has been reported on Thursday. The church would not have sufficient funds for the reconstruction of so many churches.

From the province of Modena, more than 45 churches were reported destroyed. In the province of Mantua, more than 100 churches have been damaged. The cathedral in the town of Mirandola, the epicenter of the quake was particularly badly damaged thee. The 15th century building fell to the ground.

"After the earthquake on May 20, the roof had collapsed. We thought we would restore the cathedral over time, but after the new earthquake on Tuesday everything is in ruins. Even the bell, one of the largest in the area that is destroyed, "said Alex Sessayya Parish Priest.

Also the Church of San Francesco, one of the oldest Franciscan churches in Italy, has only damage left . The village church of Brescello, which as the setting of the "Don Camillo" films became world famous, has been badly damaged.

In the nearby town of Finale Emilia, near the epicenter collapsed, the upper part of the facade of the parish church collapsed completely. A similar picture is offered by many churches in the provinces of Modena, Ferrara and Bologna.

In the municipality of Mirabello, the roof was completely destroyed in the local church- in San Felice sul Panaro, a big part of the walls were victim of the quake. In the town of St. Augustine, a historic tower fell.

The earthquake even had consequences in Padua, about 100 kilometers from the epicenter. There already existing cracks in the domes of the Basilica of St. Anthony, one of the most famous and most visited churches in Italy, deepened

A parish church was killed by church wreckage, as he just wanted to save the Madonna of his damaged church. The 65-year-old priest from the small town of Rovereto sulla Secchia north of Modena was accompanied by two firefighters who rushed into the church building, when a timber broke down from the vault and fatally hit him.

In Italy, 60 percent of all monuments and culturally significant buildings are earthquake-prone, as is evident from a study by the Ministry of Culture. In high-risk areas, more than 150 000 historical buildings are located. "Italy is one vast museum," explained art experts. There are not only churches and palaces worth preserving , but whole towns and cities of particular architectural value.

Since Tuesday morning, a series of earthquakes, the northern Italian region has been shaken for the second time in nine days . So far there are 17 dead and 350 injured. About 14,000 people were forced to leave their homes.
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