Friday, June 22, 2012

Cardinal doubts the green economy

Brasilien/EU: Marx sieht Grüne Wirtschaft skeptisch:

"Munich's Cardinal Reinhard Marx is skeptical about the possible outcomes of the UN Earth Summit skeptical. The "green economy" discussed at the meeting Rio +20 must be defined more clearly, the President of the Catholic Bishops' Commission to the EU, COMECE said on Wednesday in Brussels. Sustainable development requires not only a shift in production towards more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving practices. Particularly urgent is also a change in consumer behaviour. The idea of "green economy" succeeds or fails according to Marx according to how much the poor people benefit from it. This includes promoting renewable energy without compromising food production. Furthermore, the President of the European Bishops' Commission, supported making the UN Environment Programme UNEP into a more effective international environmental organization. In addition, churches, businesses and especially local stakeholders should make concrete plans for environmental protection.

Cathcon- the Church in Europe is reaching a point where its numbers are unsustainable- and many have moved to the green movement as an ersatz religion.
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