Monday, June 25, 2012

Austrian Bishop supports call to disobedience

Bischof Kräutler unterstützt Pfarrer-Initiative -

Bishop Kräutler supports Parish Priest Initiative
The aims of the Parish Priest Initiative from lay preaching to the ordination of married men are concerns throughout the universal Church. That says a native of Austria, Bishop Erwin Kräutler, who in his Brasilian diocese in the Amazon region has 30 priests for 900 parishes.

The central concerns of the Austrian Parish Priest Initiative are not confined to Europe, but concern the entire global church, said Bishop Erwin Kräutler."I have been Bishop for 31 years of the largest area in Brazil. In all texts, small and large, it is written: The Eucharist is the centre and the deepest mystery of our faith. Of this, I am also sure. And then we deny some people the Eucharist. That's the point."

"We need to feel the pulse of the universal Church"
In order to arrive at solutions, Kräutler suggests a global survey of bishops. "But that should be made on condition that the respective local bishop consults diocesan committees. He can say: As bishop, I have this opinion, my priest are of that opinion and the religious take that direction. And the laity are fully intent on this happening. That would be feeling the pulse of the world church - from Japan to Alaska and down to Tierra del Fuego – wherever" says Kraeutler.

"Ecclesiastical life is under threat of ending"
One thing is for Bishop Erwin Kräutler with 30 priests for 900 municipalities also clear: either the baptized and confirmed organise their own church life, or this would end sooner or later.
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