Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pope gives money to Ordinariate

Pope Benedict XVI. has given the equivalent of € 190,000 to Anglicans who converted to Catholicism in England and Wales, the Ordinariate "Our Lady of Walsingham" announced on its website. This has a similar structure to a diocese and currently has some 1,300 lay members and about 60 priests. Pope Benedict XVI had created the diocesan organisation in 2011 to allow Anglican Christians to embrace the Catholic Church while retaining the Anglican tradition. Among other things, the decision of the Anglican Church to admit women to the episcopate, had led to protests among the faithful and to resignations. So far, there are two Ordinariates. After the Vatican erected Our Lady of Walsingham in January, there was another started in the United States. The British had already immediately after its foundation asked for financial support. The director and former Anglican Bishop Keith Newton estimated the annual cost of running at more than one million euros. From Radio Vatican
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