Monday, May 14, 2012

Germany expresses concerns over Vatican's “peace” with SSPX

Germany expresses concerns over Vatican's “peace” with Lefebvrians - Vatican Insider-full article

Reconciliation, if there is one, still has a week or so to come; But Europe’s chancelleries have already started looking for reassurance from the Holy See regarding the potential consequences of the Lefebvrian Society of St. Pius X’s return to full communion with the Catholic Church.

Particular concern is being caused by the issue of the future of Catholic dialogue with the Jews. The roots of this are found in the Second Vatican Council document Nostra Aetate, which was rejected by traditionalist Lefebvrians, as many other conciliar innovations were.

The Fraternity’s members have never hidden their scepticism towards Catholic theology’s recognition of the unique role of Jews over the past fifty years. On more than one occasion they have tried to also convert their “elder brothers” and some of their written texts (the latest being written by Mgr. Richard Williamson ) often contained accusations of deicide, which was used for centuries as a “justification” of anti-Semitism and the Christian persecution of Jews.
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