Sunday, May 13, 2012

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith considers summoning Cardinal

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Cardinal Schönborn has upset the Vatican.

Making delicate decisions without consultation with senior executives at times upsets the work environment. Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn now has this experience. The debate over a gay parish councillor in Weinviertler Mayrhofen – as the Standard reported – now has reached the Vatican . Specifically, the powerful Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith is now considering delicate processes in the smallest parish in the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The decision of Schönborn not to object to the parish council election despite a gay candidate being elected, is not so easy for the strict guardians of faith in Rome to accept. Der Standard has already been told from within well-informed Vatican circles that the Archbishop of Vienna has already been invited by letter from the CDF to explain himself accordingly. Should this not happen, the guardians of the faith have already decided to summon the Cardinal on his next visit to Rome.

References are made in Rome to applicable Canon Law: same-sex "tendencies" are no longer considered a sin but "homosexual acts" are.  And the gay parish councillor of Mayrhofen lives in a registered partnership. Schönborn obviously does not wish to change his decision - taken after a personal interview with the gay couple. The Congregation wishes at least an assurance that this was a unique event,

The Archbishop's Palace knows nothing about a Vatican rebuke. "About pressure from Rome, or a letter from the Congregation I know nothing. And the Cardinal has not confirmed the election just not objected to it. (Cathcon-  George Orwell would delight in this distinction)  It was an individual decision made on pastoral grounds," clarified Schoenborn's spokesman Michael Prüller at our request.

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