Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sex education- Jesuit style- with added feminism


In the Lassale House in Switzerland, which is run by the Jesuits, courses will now be also offered from May onwards giving "time and space for sensuality." Swiss media speak in this context of "sex courses", a term rejected by Christian Rutishauser, the Jesuit in charge.  In the Luzerner-Zeitung, Rutishauser can promote his courses, claiming that the Church has so far actually specified "particular obligations" and set "framework conditions for sex" (within marriage). "In the past, sex was a taboo and there was talk about faith. Today religious belief is often a taboo and we talk a lot about sex", said the Jesuit, and then claims that a "religious morality lacking freedom," burdens sexuality to this day, Evidence for this claim he does not, however provide. Rutishauser then uses stereotypes about the Catholic Church, which have little to do with reality, given the ever increasing uptake of natural birth control . "Mostly sex is only understood as a means of begetting children. We want to spell out in our new course, in addition to keynote talks, meditations, group and couple discussions and exercises which includes" time for love, "just the specific value of sexuality in the lives of couples ", said the Jesuit, who then finally throws in feminist theories and seriously argues that penetration represents an "enforcement of patriarchal possession ". In an emancipated society, this no longer applies according to Rutishauser.

The course offered under the heading of "gender" contains conditions giving no indication whether the pair of participants (Christian) must be married, or have at least made a binding decision to one another in some way, or whether they must be heterosexual. The target audience is only given as: "Couples who want to put into practice the new ideas of physical interaction and loving."

The Jesuit's view of the world-art- commerce- politics- science-Islam- (Christian)-Religion-Buddhism- and back again to art.  He recently addressed a conference on geothermal energy which he would well be advised to stick to, given his competences in other subjects.

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