Thursday, April 12, 2012

Radical Muslims threaten journalists over mass distribution of Korans

Koran-Verteilung: Radikale Muslime bedrohen Journalisten - B.Z. Berlin - Koran, Verteilung, Islam, Salafisten

Now German journalists critical of Islamicists are in the cross hairs: In a video on YouTube radical Mulsims showed private photos of an employee of the "Frankfurter Rundschau" - accompanied by threats against the "apes and pigs" who published "mendacious" reports.

Research by the newspaper "Die Welt" revealed that the film was created by a group associated with the Salafists, who presently are distributing 25 million Korans in German. The initiative began on Saturday in several towns. The day before the video was posted online. In Berlin, as far as we are aware, no Korans have yet been distributed.

The Frankfurt public prosecutor is investigating for libel, threatening behaviour, and possibly also for coercion, a spokeswoman told our newspaper. A second journalist was also threatened in the video, she also said. .In this case, a photograph of a man with the same name was used from Facebook. The distribution has also wakened the interest of politicians. Christian Democract faction leader Volker Kauder says that the Koran has been abused "for extremist machinations " SPD interior expert Michael Hartmann urged Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) to consider a ban on the Salafis.

The movement, according to the Constitutional Protection Authority, has in Germany around 2500 followers. They support, among other ideas, the full veiling of women and believe non-Salafist Muslims to be infidels. The Ulm printer, Ebner & Spiegel, which has shipped so far more than 300,000 Korans wants now to check the contract before proceeding.

Cathcon- Gideon Bibles is supporting the distribution of the Koran, as they fear that they will be banned by the secular state from their own distribution of Bibles. The Constitutional Protection Authority, who were involved in the Williamson case, are concerned about the Salafists.
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