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High ranking cleric condemned by ecclesiastical court

Nachrichten - Bamberg: Kirchengericht verurteilt früheren Personalchef | - Katholische Nachrichten

Bamberg: Ecclesiatical court sentenced former human resources manager
Ending with a guilty verdict after more than three years, a canonical trial against a former Bamberger canon accused sexual abuse. The 67-year-old was forced into retirement as punishment and cannot use the title of honorary canon, the Archdiocese of Bamberg announced on Monday. The condemned man is so far the highest-ranking German clergyman to be found guilty of sexual abuse. The trial had taken place in the court of the Archbishopric of Munich-Freising on behalf of the Roman Congregation for the Clergy.

The ecclesiastical court was told the priest committed, while working at the Archbishop's minor seminary Ottonianum in Bamberg between 1978 to 1984, sexual assault of minors in six "more of less serious cases." After the final judgment was passed the leadership of Bamberg Diocese said that the priests would have no further pastoral functions in which he made appearances in public."

Archbishop Ludwig Schick apologized again in a letter to the victims. The allegations were made public in the summer of 2008, after which the archdiocese suspended the former head of personnel from all pastoral duties. The public prosecutors office stopped its investigation in January 2009 due to statute of limitations. Thereafter the Archdiocese brought canonical proceedings. The case was controversial as among the subordinates of the hiring manager were former pupils of the Ottonianum who made accusations. The priest then claimed memory lapses.

The Latin Mass explained

Magnificent video for those new to tradition.

Bishop Rifan on his way to Wales

STABAT MATER: Bishop Rifan and the Holywell Pilgrimage

Anything New York can do, Wales can do.... at least as well.  Sad that the Pope has not yet celebrated the Latin Mass during his pontificate.  He would do it better than anyone.

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Danny Boy Mass


 Presided over by the Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne.

 Followed by Devil and Angel Mass

 They call it a traditional Mass

 In fact, only since the Council has carnival been allowed inside church. Likewise animal blessings were never, as far as I am aware, done in church. Things get really out of control among the Protestants.

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Feast of St Paul of the Cross


Would not be my choice for presenter.

My second favorite order after the Benedictines.  May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts.

Bishop speaks about critical situation in Kuwait.

CNS NEWS BRIEFS Apr-27-2012:

The bishop overseeing the church in southern Arabia predicted Catholic life will remain safe in most Gulf states despite threatened new restrictions in Kuwait. Bishop Paul Hinder, who heads the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, said that although the church lacks resources, its most important priority is to "keep what it has. Things are far from ideal in some countries, but we can live and avoid major problems if we don't put at risk the relatively good understandings we enjoy," Bishop Hinder said. The apostolic vicariate was established by the Vatican in 2011. The Swiss-born Capuchin Franciscan prelate spoke after legislators in Kuwait acted to curb Christian religious rights by voting to make blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed a capital offense. Bishop Hinder told Catholic News Service April 26 that religious rights long had been ambiguous in Kuwait, which was liberated from Iraqi occupation by the United States and its allies in the 1991 Gulf War. However, he added, the position of Christians was unlikely to "change essentially" in neighboring United Arab Emirates and Oman despite disruptions in church life in Yemen because of recent political turmoil. "We're in touch with government advisers, so there's no communication problem," the 70-year-old bishop said.

See the account of my experiences of being a Catholic in Kuwait in a guest blog for The Times' Articles of Faith (paywall)

Documentary on Islamic extremist who would conquer Rome


Will try and provide English commentary in the next few days. At three minutes, he completely looses it in a Vienna court and has to be restrained. He was one of the people behind the distribution of Korans in Germany, reported earlier on Cathcon. Incredibly, YouTube allows him a platform to promote his extremist views at great length.

Church criticises Cardinal's analogy for homosexuality

Iglesia critica ejemplo de cardenal sobre homosexuales | País | La Tercera Edición Impresa:

Bishops' Conference spokesman cites the statements of Cardinal Medina in Faces,  in which he referred to the Zamudio case.

Cardinal Jorge Medina, prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship who in 2005 was assigned to announce that Joseph Ratzinger was the new Pope Benedict XVI yesterday caused a stir following an interview given to magazine Caras . In this paper, he compares homosexuality to living with an amputated arm.

"You have to help a person to cope with that burden, which I would compare, for example, to a child born without an arm. It is an embarrassment and one must attend to that child so that his limitation does not prevent him from leading a life as normal as possible, "he said.

Medina's statements are produced in an interview with that magazine, which referred to the murder of Daniel Zamudio, who was attacked on March 3 by a gang who, according to the investigation of the prosecutors, attacked because the victim was gay.

Gay groups were outraged by the statements of Medina and they generated a response from the Spanish Episcopal Conference.

Conference spokesman, Jaime Coiro said that "unfortunately, sometimes, by the desire to make clear the mind of the Church on certain matters, the examples used ultimately end up damaging what in reality you want to protect: respect and dignity. "

He added that following the discussion on non-discrimination, the Church has promoted in their parish communities awareness of an approach based on the Gospel.

The statements of Medina were also answered by the spokesman of Homosexual Liberation Movement (MOVILH), Rolando Jiménez: "Medina's hate speech, protected by the Catholic hierarchy, is the breeding ground for violent actions such as those which affected Daniel Zamudio ".

Journalist Juan Carlos Cruz, one of the complainants about former priest Fernando Karadima, condemned by the Vatican for sexual abuse of minors, also addressed the issue.  He argued that the statements  "only demonstrate a reactionary and offensive mentality, which does not contribute to what we expect of our Catholic Church."

Medina had already caused controversy in April 2011, on the subject of the sentence for abuse given to Karadima when he said "the case of an eight or nine year old is very different to one involving  a 17 year old (...). I hardly think that it is an abuse of the same category. "

Cathcon- the last comments has echoes of the Bishop of Bruges who last year said that it was only a bit of fun, as it involved older boys.

The comments on homosexuality echo those of my friend, the late, great Cardinal Joos, who said
he wanted it written down – “in blood” – that the majority of gays and lesbians were “sexual perverts” and gave this advice: “Don’t become gay, you will end up sad.” In all cases, it would have been more constructive to refer to the official teaching documents.

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Talking Tom Cat preaches at Carnival Mass


Hat tip Rorate Caeli- a liturgical abuse Cathcon missed!  Click on carnival to see some other horrors- not least in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, Cardinal Carnival Lehmann appearing on stage with the devil.

Update- Germany expels Islamic preacher

Jih@d | News Of Terrorism, Jihadism & International Politics.:

The Austrian preacher Mohamed Mahmoud must leave Germany. The Interior Ministry of the State of Hessen announced this on Thursay. The 26 year old Islamist is now obliged to depart within a month, otherwise he faces deportation. No re-entry is possible, according to a press statement by the Interior Ministry in Wiesbaden.

Mohamed Mahmoud, Vienna-born son of Egyptian immigrants has in the past called for a militant jihad and made it clear that he was willing to fight for his beliefs and to die, according to Hessen's Interior Minister Boris Rhein (CDU).

"Anyone who has shown no willingness to accept the existing law here and order of society that rejects all applicable laws and even calls for the abolition of democracy must be excluded from Germany, possibly also with the use of physical force", said Rhein on Thursday.

The preacher Mohamed Mahmoud, who calls himself "Abu Usama al-Gharib", was released in September 2011 in Vienna after a four-year prison sentence for establishing and promoting a terrorist organization. He first moved to Berlin and a few weeks later to the Nordrhein-Westphalishen town of Solingen. Since February, Mahmoud has lived in Hessen Erbach im Odenwald, along with a German convert to Islam Miranda K..

Mahmoud is according to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution one of the most radical elements of the German Salafist scene. In several video messages from the fundamentalist, he had openly glorified the fight against "infidels" and disseminates an extremist ideology. He was also one of the major supporters of the controversial Koran distribution activities of fundamentalist Muslims.

Islamic preacher- We will conquer Rome

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

A 26-year-old regularly preaches in a mosque in Solingen - Cologne City Superintendent: His theses are an "impertinence", Representatives of Muslim organizations distance themselves

Anti-Christian expressions of a radical Islamic preacher concern the Protestant Church Association of Cologne City. The 26-year-old Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud was released in September 2011 after a four-year prison sentence in a Vienna prison on charges of forming and promoting a terrorist organization . After a short stay in Berlin, he moved at the end of 2011 to Solingen, near Düsseldorf. Currently he is living in Erbach in Hessen(Odenwald).

Several television stations reported on his challenge to Christianity: "We will conquer Rome! And then Peter's Square, or whatever it's called, yes, that is [...]to be the site of the conversion and the area to implement Allah's laws in order to implement Allah's punishment, so that enough people will be able to witness the events!" The City superintendent of the Protestant Church Association of Cologne and region, Rolf Domning, called the remarks of the preacher's hate "impudence."

The catchment area of Mahmoud, who preaches regularly at a mosque in Solingen, includes Cologne. This was in cooperation with reform-minded Muslims as Domning also said that representatives of Muslim organizations distanced themselves "very clearly" from the public statements of the Islamist preacher.

The Association is also in dialogue with representatives of an enlightened and reformist Islam, such as the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious (Cologne). Domning: "Together we make with our ecclesiastical communities locally and at the level of social welfare and educational institutions a good inter-religious neighborhood, which is characterized by mutual respect, recognition and a common commitment to a mutual awareness of cultures and religions, on the basis of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. "This work is also carried out by the Cologne Council of Religions. It was founded in 2006 by some 20 religious communities and is committed to the promotion of interreligious dialogue.

Cardinals to investigate Vatican leaks

Kardinalen onderzoeken lekken in Vaticaan - Buitenland - Algemeen - Nieuws - Stentor:

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI has set up a committee of three cardinals to investigate the leaking of sensitive documents to the media. This was announced on Wednesday.

These include letters from the current nuncio (ambassador) in the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, to Benedict, in which he exposes corruption in the procurement of projects.

Kicked upstairs
Before Vigano moved to Washington, he was deputy governor of Vatican City (2009-2011) and head of the department responsible for the maintenance of the gardens, buildings, roads and museums. The letters show that Vigano was kicked upstairs to the United States after he had complained about corruption.

He wrote that Vatican officials started a smear campaign against him started out of anger about the measures he had taken to regulate procurement. The second man in the Vatican, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, removed Vigano and sent him to the United States. Also leaked were confidential documents on the Vatican bank.

On the committee are the cardinals Jozef Tomko (Slovakia, 88), Julian Herranz (Spain, 82) and Salvatore Di Giorgi (Italy, 81).

Easter Bunny reads prayers at Mass


He asks God for his help to the leadership of the Church to deal with difficult problems.   Not including, one assumes gross liturgical abuses.

Disgraced bishop returns as Vicar of Martin Luther on earth

500-jähriges Reformationsjubiläum - Margot Käßmann kehrt zurück - als Luther-Botschafterin - Deutschland - Politik - Hamburger Abendblatt:

The “Bishop of Hearts” is to return and the church rolls out the red carpet for her: In a special service in Berlin's Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Margot Kaessmann this Friday was introduced to her new role as ambassador for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 . The President of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), President Nikolaus Schneider, has given the theologian (aged 53) this prominent role The whirlwind is not without reason: The church will benefit from the popularity of Käßmann, which continues unabated, more than two years after her resignation from senior positions after conviction for drunk driving.

There are great expectations of Käßmann in her new office: Effective public they should advertise for the anniversary and to illustrate the contribution to the development of the Reformation of Church, State and Culture, said the EKD. From the charismatic popular figure in the Protestant Church promises the necessary attention for her well-main event for years. In addition, Käßmann will win church sponsors and supporters from outside the church for the anniversary and its activities (Cathcon- not least among them the former Chancellor Schroeder) .

The pop star from the Church of Hanover returns
Already on her resignation, there were calls for the quick return of the nationally popular and ever present in the media, Bishop of Hanover and former head of the EKD.  Church staff called for a renewed bid for episcopal office and also her successor at the top of the EKD, Praeses Schneider emphasized that Käßmann should remain an important voice in German Protestantism. As for other offices- after Horst Koehler's resignation briefly as possible- she was discussed as President of Germany. Meanwhile, the theologian took time out at a US university and then took a one-year visiting professorship at the University of Bochum.

But what explains the phenomenon of Käßmann - that front woman of the church with a certain penchant for self-expression? "With integrity and missionary talents like the late Martin Luther filling churches and lecture halls, trying to ignite the torch of Protestant piety in the people," says the blurb of her latest book. She is not completely insane, Käßmann says, laughing at the comparison with the Reformer. But the fact is: many of her now more than 80 books land on the bestseller lists and her public appearances attract crowds.

"She always seem to discuss exactly what concerns people, and in a kind manner," an editor of another of her books recently said. "She does not talk over people, she talks to the people," said the publisher on her many years of preaching church in Hanover. Käßmann is for people an example of moral integrity who can express complex issues in a simple manner, according to the former EKD spokesman Christof Vetter.

The theses of the reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) against the selling of indulgences being nailed to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg on 31 October 1517 is considered the beginning of the Reformation . The plans for the anniversary have already been running for some time and the Federal Government has pledged a total of around 35 million euros in support including contributing to the restoration of the castle in Wittenberg. The new headquarters of Käßmann, meanwhile, is in the EKD representation in Berlin. Her office there is already decorated with a one-meter high plastic figure of Luther – in 2010 she was part of a controversial action of the church to place 800 one hundred mini-Luthers on the market place of Wittenberg.

Cathcon- it is bit difficult to come to terms with a church named after its founder, Martin Luther, who was, even for his day, a vicious anti-semite.   800 mini-Luthers but they reject the veneration of saints.

Don't cry for me, Martin Luther-  the bishop on the day of her resignation.   Someone in the advertising agency has a sense of humour- the advertising accompanying the video is for a powerful BMW.

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Facebook version of Cathcon now live!

Facebook page- Catholic Church Conservation:

Oaths of the Knights of the Order of St George and the Round Table

In legend, King Arthur instituted the Order of St George and the Round Table

These were the oaths, the oldest manuscript dating from the time of King Henry VII.

Never to put off their armor, except for the purpose of rest at night

To search for adventures wherein to attain bruyt and renown

To defend the poor and weak

To give help to any who should ask it in a just quarrel

Not to offend one another

To fight for the defense and welfare of England

To work for honor rather than profit

Never to break a promise for any reason whatever

To sacrifice themselves for the honor of their country

Sooner choose to die honestly than to fly shamefully

Destruction of St George's Lithuanian Church


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Feast of the Holy Sepulchre


 In the Latin Church the second Sunday is called from its Gospel the Sunday of the Good Shepherd and from the Introit "Misericordias Domini"; in many dioceses (Seville, Capuchins) it is called the feast of Our Lady Mother of the Good Shepherd (d. 2nd cl.); 

 THE Good Shepherd is risen 

 The introit for the Gospel- Ego Sum Pastor Bonus

The Gospel

John 10 [11] I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his life for his sheep. [John 10:11] [Latin] [12] But the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and flieth: and the wolf catcheth, and scattereth the sheep: [13] And the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling: and he hath no care for the sheep. [14] I am the good shepherd; and I know mine, and mine know me. [15] As the Father knoweth me, and I know the Father: and I lay down my life for my sheep. [16] And other sheep I have, that are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd [11] ego sum pastor bonus bonus pastor animam suam dat pro ovibus [John 10:11] [English] [12] mercennarius et qui non est pastor cuius non sunt oves propriae videt lupum venientem et dimittit oves et fugit et lupus rapit et dispergit oves [13] mercennarius autem fugit quia mercennarius est et non pertinet ad eum de ovibus [14] ego sum pastor bonus et cognosco meas et cognoscunt me meae [15] sicut novit me Pater et ego agnosco Patrem et animam meam pono pro ovibus [16] et alias oves habeo quae non sunt ex hoc ovili et illas oportet me adducere et vocem meam audient et fiet unum ovile unus pastor 

The whole of the Mass here.  See my earlier blogs today on the complete failure of pastoral care in the Dutch church since the Council.   They were so proud that they produced the Dutch Catechism but they have passed the faith onto few and abused many within the flock entrusted to them.

At Jerusalem and in the churches of the Franciscans (and Passionists who St Paul of the Cross modeled on the Franciscans) it is called the feast of the Holy Sepulchre of Christ;

This place was sanctified by the Blood of Christ
This was filmed on July 15, the anniversary of the dedication of the Holy Sepulchre
in the Greek Church it is called ion myrophoron (Sunday of the women who brought ointments to the sepulchre of Christ)

; the Armenians celebrate on this Sunday the dedication of the first Christian church on Mount Sion, the Church of the Most Holy Saviour and also the location of the house of Caiaphas, where Jesus was abused by the Roman soldiers.

Long film about Armenians in Jerusalem-  if I should forget you, O Jerusalem, let my tongue cleave to the roof of  my mouth.

And finally, in England, this Sunday was kept, prior to the liturgical reforms of Pope St Pius X as the Feast of the Blessed Martyrs of the College of Douai.

Destruction of the Sacred Heart Church in Arnhem

The last Mass will take place tomorrow. The Church is a fundamental part of the history of the town as it was one of the main assembly points for the civilian population to evacuate during the great battle during the Second World War. What war did not achieve, the post-conciliar church has. For indeed the Second Vatican Council was a reform too far. Brilliant but wrong in its conception, bravely implemented leading to nothing but destruction. St Eusebius Church, from where the first video's opening shots were filmed lost its tower during the battle, to be restored again after the war.

Sent from the confessional to be castrated

Kerk drong bij chirurgen aan op castratie homo’s ::

The Roman Catholic Church in the fifties and sixties urged surgeons to castrate homosexual boys and men. This is evident from statements made by scientists who were interviewed this morning by the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament.

Professor of medical history, Mart van Lieburg reported that he had spoken with two surgeons. They confirmed that they received direct orders from a bishop to perform castration. van Lieburg did not identify the bishop. After the hearing van Lieburg nuanced his statement: "I spoke with two surgeons. From one of them I heard that the bishop, who incidentally is still alive, called for the castration of a homosexual man." (Cathcon- seems he thought “order” was a bit strong- but, that said, in the

Historian Marnix Koolhaas also reported that priests who acted as confessors to homosexual boys referred them directly to surgeons. That numbers are involved, Koolhaas does not known. "But it could have been a practice that was not unusual," said Koolhaas.

Chamber considers investigation into the role of psychiatry in castration in the sixties
Parliament heard the scientists following reports in the NRC Handelsblad. This newspaperreported last month how a minor boarding school boy who had reported abuse by Catholic brothers of the Harreveld Home.Then he was transferred to a Catholic psychiatric hospital in Boekel. From there, he was castrated in a Catholic hospital because he was homosexual.

The House is considering an investigation into the role of psychiatry in the castration of boys and men in the sixties of the last century. The role of justice would be further investigated. The scientists warned MPs that researchers delving into the archives of should be given "political cover". Without that, it is not certain that all archives will be opened. "Many archives are indeed private property," said historian Theo van der Meer.
(Cathcon- one only has to see the legal and ecclesiastical somersaults being performed in Belgium to see how difficult it is for material to be used in investigations).

Surprised to find room on archival material on dozens of old sex offenses
Prior to the scientists, Han Moraal of the College of the Procurator-General was heard. He surprised, reports news agency Novum, the MPs with the announcement that the Public Prosecutor on Monday accidentally stumbled on archival material of dozens of sex offenses against clergy in the fifties and sixties This is an archive of correspondence of a former attorney general from Den Bosch. In it mention is made of 54 dossiers relating to sex offenses against clergy. In 22 cases, a conviction was obtained. In another eighteen cases a prosecution took place, but it is unclear what the outcome was. It will be further investigation.

Morale also announced that the National Police has conducted several investigations of abuse within the Harreveld home, in which nineteen clergy were be involved. This led to six convictions. Nothing was found about the forced castrations of young people who had stayed in Harreveld.  According to Moraal, the justices had in the fifties and sixties had worked well.  "Their investigations led to prosecutions." His statement is contrary to media reports, showing that especially in the southern provinces Catholic clergy often could count on special treatment from Catholic prosecutors.

Moraals does not expect to be able to obtain more information. The prosecutors have already done research on criminal abuse in the Catholic church, but that was limited to the years between 1980 and 2010. Further information had been found only due to pure chance, he said. The House was not entirely reassured. Member of Parliament van Toorenburg (Christian Democrat) was shocked by the fact that jusy with a little digging new information had still come to light . Also the member of Parliament, Arib (Socialists) asked why the prosecutors had not really investigated. "Here I am quite surprised."

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When the Pope last said the Latin Mass- 1990

Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger<br>Wigratzbad IV 1990<BR>(1/51):

Photos of the  Mass at the link above.

Expect a big fight over the Archbishopric of Salzburg

Kothgasser to retire - General News - Austrian Times Online News - English Newspaper:

"Alois Kothgasser, the archbishop of the Diocese of Salzburg, has decided to apply for retirement.

Kothgasser announced yesterday (Weds) that he informed Pope Benedict XVI. about his wish in a letter. Kothgasser, 75, added he hoped for a private conversation with the Pope to discuss who could succeed him. A decision is expected for autumn.

Kothgasser is regarded as one of the Austrian Church’s leaders who try to ensure a healthy balance of the influence of members with a modern approach and the clergy’s conservative circles. News that he wants to resign due to his age hits the Church in the midst of what some analysts think could lead to a cross-country rebellion."

Cathcon- there is no healthy balance possible with rampant modernism now breaking out into open disobedience to the Vicar of Christ.

US religious women in state of shock following Vatican announcement

LCWR 'stunned' by Vatican's latest move | National Catholic Reporter:

 "The largest leadership organization for U.S. women religious says it was "stunned" by the announcement Wednesday that the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had ordered it to reform its statutes and had appointed an archbishop to oversee its revision.

"The presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious was stunned by the conclusions of the doctrinal assessment of LCWR by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith," the group said in a news release Thursday morning.

"Because the leadership of LCWR has the custom of meeting annually with the staff of CDF in Rome and because the conference follows canonically-approved statutes, we were taken by surprise.""


Longer term, the Vatican will be wanting the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious to re-unify with the LCWR.  But first the LCWR has to be transformed and transformed radically into an organisation fit for the future not for the barricades of 1968, that generation without inheritance.  Ironic, that the baby boom generation has no inheritance- those who married failed to pass the faith onto their children and those who entered religion are now leading forms of dying religious life.  See Cathcon passim for closed convents across the Catholic world.

See also a fascinating piece, The Fractured Face of Carmel.

And for the depths to which American religious life has dived.   Nuns who never have left behind life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in favour of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Vatican crackdown on American women religious finally arrives

Vatican orders LCWR to revise, appoints archbishop to oversee group | National Catholic Reporter: The Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has ordered the largest leadership organization for U.S. women religious to reform its statutes, programs and affiliations to conform more closely to "the teachings and discipline of the Church."
The Vatican also said Wednesday it has appointed Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain to oversee the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which has been the subject of a "doctrinal assessment" by the Vatican congregation since 2009, and has given him power to review and revise the organization's policies.
The news came in a press release Wednesday morning from the U.S. bishops' conference, which was accompanied by an eight-page document of the doctrinal congregation and a one-page statement from Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the congregation.
According to the document from the congregation, Sartain is to be given authority over the group in five areas, including:
Revising LCWR statutes;
Reviewing LCWR plans and programs;
Creating new programs for the organization;
Reviewing and offering guidance on the application of liturgical texts; and
Reviewing LCWR's affiliations with other organizations, citing specifically NETWORK and the Resource Center for Religious Institutes.

Cathcon- pretty comprehensive- they will not like it a bit so expect the process to be accompanied by much wailing and gnashing of teech. Well they did vow- poverty, chastity and......obedience.

Muslims belong to Germany, not Islam

Kauder: Muslime gehören zu Deutschland, der Islam nicht - Schlagzeilenseite -

To the Christian Democratic Union parliamentary leader, Kauder, there is a difference: Muslims belong to Germany, not Islam, he says.

“Not a part of our tradition and identity”

Interior Minister Friedrich warns the German Islamic Conference that religion should not be misused for ideologically based bids for power.

Christian Democratic Union parliamentary group leader, Volker Kauder (CDU) believes Islam not to have a role in Germany as opposed to the former Federal President Christian Wulff.

The CDU politician stated just before the German Islamic Conference on Thursday. "Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and is therefore does not belong to Germany," he said to the "Passauer Neue Presse". "Muslims are very good for Germany. They of course enjoy full rights as citizens. "
Representatives of the state and the Muslim organizations come together in the morning at the Berlin conference on Islam. At the meeting, the controversial distribution of the Koran by radical Islamic Salafists is to be discussed. This was announced by Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) as an organizer of the discussion forum. "Religion must not be misused for ideologically based bids for power. This message must go out from the German Conference on Islam, "he said.

Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP), demanded that the issue be placed officially on the agenda. "A Declaration of the Islamic Conference, in the context of the distribution of the Salafist Koran which emphasizes the open and liberal spirit of our republic would be a good sign," she said to "Spiegel Online".

"Nationalization of the Islamic Conference"

The Turkish community in Germany is open to the concept, but does not see any need for concrete actions . The distribution of the Koran itself is not incompatible with the Basic Law, said the chairman Kenan Kolat to the news agency dpa. "But if it is the glorification of violence, if it goes against the fundanental free democratic order, then police action is necessary to combat the ideas." It was important that young people were not put in a dangerous position of being driven to accept this ideology. "We must do much more in this area," said Kolat. "The Salafist group tries to give simple answers to difficult problems, as do populists and racists."
Kauder also has no legal objection to the distribution of the Koran. That said the Salafists were observed by the intelligence services, and also came from terrorist backgrounds. But not all Salafists are terrorists. In the Islamic Conference, representatives from federal, state and local governments will discuss integration issues with Islamic organizations and individual Muslims. A theme of the 2006 conference also to be discussed this time is shotgun marriage. In addition, it explores how the influence of Islamist group among young people may be opposed.

Kolat criticised the fact that Frederick would present himself the results of the conference a press conference and not - as has often happened before - along with Muslim organizations. "We are witnessing the nationalization of the Islamic Conference, which is perceived by Muslim groups." he told dpa.

St Gertraud's Church in Passau- victim of modernist renovation


Passau Stadtpfarrkirche St. Gertraud in Bavaria

With the East- the ecumenism that matters

Pope Benedict XVI visits the Ecumenical Patriarchate. How long before there is a meeting with the Russian Patriarch?

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum.

Fratelli e sorelli carissimi. Queridísimos hermanos y hermanas. Bien chers frères et soeurs. Liebe Brüdern und Schwestern. Dear brothers and sisters. Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus papam. Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum Iosephum, Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem Ratzinger qui sibi nomen imposuit Benedicti decimisexti. 19th April 2005- today the anniversary Te Deum!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feast of Pope St Anicetus

SSPX response delivered to Ecclesia Dei Commission: Catholic World Report:

"While Anicetus was Pope, St. Polycarp, then in extreme old age, came to confer with him about the Paschal controversy.  Polycarp and others in the East used to celebrate the feast on the fourteenth of the month of Nisan, no matter on what day of the week it fell, whereas in Rome it was always observed on Sunday, and the day of the Lord’s death on Friday. The matter was discussed but nothing was decided. According to [the early fourth-century Church historian] Eusebius: ‘Polycarp could not persuade the Pope, nor the Pope, Polycarp. The controversy was not ended but the bonds of charity were not broken.’  The Pope permitted the aged saint to celebrate on the day he had been accustomed to in the Church of Smyrna."

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you life



Icon given to me on the occasion of the blessing of my house by an Orthodox priest. There is no hope of the ecumenism towards the East until the SSPX take their rightful place in the Church. If the Orthodox had done to their liturgy what the West has done for the last fifty years, there would have been ecclesiastical revolution. The Pope also has to take up the title of Western patriarch, a title which he recently abrogated- a strange decision as this title is not a matter of dispute for the East. See Archbishop Hilarion on this issue.

Recording of the house blessing
St Christopher, pray for us!

Lefebvrite schism may be nearing an end

Lefebvrite schism may be nearing an end | National Catholic Reporter:

 "The Vatican confirmed Wednesday that the Society of St. Pius X, the traditionalist movement founded by the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, has responded to a “doctrinal preamble” presented in September as a precondition for reunion with the Catholic church.

A terse statement released by the Vatican’s Ecclesia Dei Commission, responsible for relations with the traditionalists, said only that a response has been received and will be studied by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and eventually submitted to the pope.

Sources indicate, however, that the Lefebvrite superior, Swiss Bishop Bernard Fellay, has communicated a largely positive reaction to the preamble, proposing only small changes described as “non-substantive.”
That concession could clear the way for formal readmission of the Society of St. Pius X into full communion with Rome."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Catholic Church service on Facebook

Twittering the faith. Fortunately, not a Mass

Vatican Hoping to Make SSPX Announcement Early Next Week

Vatican Hoping to Make SSPX Announcement Early Next Week |Blogs |

John 17 21
ut omnes unum sint sicut tu Pater in me et ego in te ut et ipsi in nobis unum sint ut mundus credat quia tu me misisti

Happy Birthday Holy Father!


Blasphemous parody desecrates German pilgrimage

Wallfahrt in Trier: Protest mit Hitler, Papst und "Heiliger Unterhose" - Nachrichten Kultur - WELT ONLINE

As a parody of the Holy Robe pilgrimage to Trier, an artist has created the "Holy Underwear" of Karl Marx. “The Holy Underwear pilgrimage has begun", said the artist Helmut Schwickerath at the unveiling of the work on Saturday.

The work in imitation of a late medieval altar three-wing altarpiece has long orange-brown underpants in the centre which is seen as "a provocative counterpart" to the Holy Robe. The artwork is in a shop window near the Karl Marx House Museum in Trier. The philosopher Marx was born in Trier in 1818 and he died in London in 1883.

The Holy Robe of pilgrimage was opened on Friday in Trier. The focus is on the cloth relic of the "Holy Robe" - the robe that Jesus Christ is said to have worn during his crucifixion. It is the first time that it has been seen again after sixteen years.

The Catholic Church expects the pilgrimage to attract some 500,000 pilgrims. According to legend, Saint Helen gave the Robe to the Church of Trier as a gift. Pilgrimages have taken place in Trier for the last 500 years.

Sahra Wagenknecht as evangelist

"Everything can become a relic if you just invent a good legend," said Schwickerath. He has placed the Marxian trousers ("Long Johns") in the middle of a "triptych". To the left are displayed Marx's housekeeper Helen Demuth and to the rightm the left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht.

"She represents the evangelist of Karl Marx," said Schwickerath. With "his" relic and was granted relief. "Ten minutes pause and three prayers" Holy Karl, pray for us the "rich", he said, laughing.

Schwickerath artist has constructed a legend around the Marx underpants : housekeeper Demuth (also called Helen, part of the parody) took away the blessed article on her return from London to her home inSaarland, to store it. The underwear came into the hands of her brother, and remained long lost - until a researcher in the late 20th Century found the last effects of the family in the attic.

"Impressive, is not it?" He said with a grin. The underwear will be on display for four weeks. This is the first time since the last pilgrimage to the Holy Robe-1996 that the “relic” has been placed on an “altar”

"Pope meets Hitler" Event
Before the unveiling of the underpants, two artists dressed as the Pope and Adolf Hitler had protested against the connection between Church and State. During their tour of the city, they stopped in front of the cathedral, the Porta Nigra (Black Gate- a still standing gate of the city of Roman origin) and other sights to greet passers-by and pilgrims.

Briefly, the artists were detained at a police station in order to determine their identity. With the campaign "Pope meets Hitler," the artist Wolfram P Kastner and Linus Heilig demand a clear separation of church and state.

Fellay’s message to the Lefebvrians

Fellay’s message to the Lefebvrians - Vatican Insider:

"The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X writes to his priests: “We are waiting, an agreement will happen if concessions which touch upon the faith are not asked from us and if we are assured true freedom“

The Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X , Bishop Bernad Fellay, in the evening of the 14th of April took hold of paper and pen to send a message reserved to the other three bishops and to all priests belonging to the Lefebvrist group, confirming the state of relations with the Holy See."

The day that the Pope was born- memories from his brother

Ratzinger-Familie: 'Heute haben wir ein kleines Buberl bekommen!':
Today, we have got a little chap

 The brother of thePope, Monsignor Dr. Georg Ratzinger, remembers the day of the birth of the young Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, 85 years ago.

"And then the day came, about which so much has been already written, that of 16th April 1927, when my brother Joseph came into the world. It was Holy Saturday and it was cold and had a lot of snow, really terrible weather. But I only knew that I eventually woke up and realized then I was alone. I was not really used to sleeping alone, then, as my parents and sister normally slept next to me. But that night, or in the early morning hours, I was suddenly alone in bed. No one woke me up, as was usual, but instead I heard sounds of hectic activity. Doors were opening and closing, quick footsteps echoed in the hallway, there was speaking aloud. When I heard the voice of my father, I said, "Father, I want to get up," As the father but said: "No, you have to wait, now we have got a little chap" That was a bit puzzling for me at the time. "

Pope Benedict XVI was born at 4.15 in the morning, his baptism being already in the morning at 8:30. Because the godmother, Anna Ratzinger could not be quickly enough informed, a nun named Adelma Rohrhirsch stood in for her.

At that time the liturgy of the Easter Vigil was celebrated in the morning of Holy Saturday. Since the blessing of the baptismal water and the rite of baptism is an integral part of this liturgy, the parents hesitated no longer: "Now he is already here, the little chap, now he will be baptized." Somehow, this was a special dispensation, a good sign. Only the two children, Georg and Maria remained at home because it snowed so much that the parents were afraid they might catch cold. The mother also stayed at home, as she was too exhausted by the birth to go out into the snow.

Thus the newborn was baptized as the first person baptized with the water freshly blessed from Easter with the name of "Joseph Alois." "At the door at Easter, not yet occurred" was now a metaphor for his whole life was immersed right from the outset in the Paschal Mystery.

St Aloysius Gonzaga, Patron of Youth

The neo-Gothic baptismal font was made of bright Danube limestone adorned with six heads of angels where the little Joseph Alois was held, fortunately has been preserved. (see Cathcon's When liturgical barbarians arrived in the Pope's home parish) It was initially removed on the re-construction of the church in 1965 to the rectory garden before being placed in Marktl's local museum in 1992. Research indicated then that it is a work of the Munich court sculptor Anselm Sickinger (1807-1873) who was involved in the construction of Munich's Victory Gate. After the election of Joseph Ratzinger as pope, it was "allowed" to return to the church. Since then, it stands before the altar of St Oswald, a relic of the old church. On Easter Sunday 2006, which coincidentally fell on the birth and baptismal day of the Pope, it was for the first time again used for a child's baptism.

Cathcon- the Pope was actually named Joseph about Benedict-Joseph Labre whose Feast falls on this day. He later took the name Benedict in completion of his baptismal name.

The poor pilgrim to Rome

The Triumph of Benedict-Joseph

Benedict-Joseph Labre was a Francisan tertiary, which is appropriate given the Pope's long term interest in the Franciscan order- one of his two doctoral theses being on the sense of history in St Bonaventura.

The anthem of the Free State of Bavaria- in a separate interview Monsignor Ratzinger has said that his brother will never again step foot in his native land.

The Pontifical March

 The Birthday of Pope Pius XII

 God willing that the reign of Pope Benedict XVI will mark the restoration of the Church to her pre-conciliar glory. The coming week is crucial in determining how long this will take.  Either way, history is being made.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quasimodo Sunday

Or the Sunday of St Thomas the Doubter.

Quasimodo gives the Christian name to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, as he was found as a baby in a basket on this day. Note Victor Hugo was no friend of the Church, as can be heard from the opening scene of the film.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Radical Muslims threaten journalists over mass distribution of Korans

Koran-Verteilung: Radikale Muslime bedrohen Journalisten - B.Z. Berlin - Koran, Verteilung, Islam, Salafisten

Now German journalists critical of Islamicists are in the cross hairs: In a video on YouTube radical Mulsims showed private photos of an employee of the "Frankfurter Rundschau" - accompanied by threats against the "apes and pigs" who published "mendacious" reports.

Research by the newspaper "Die Welt" revealed that the film was created by a group associated with the Salafists, who presently are distributing 25 million Korans in German. The initiative began on Saturday in several towns. The day before the video was posted online. In Berlin, as far as we are aware, no Korans have yet been distributed.

The Frankfurt public prosecutor is investigating for libel, threatening behaviour, and possibly also for coercion, a spokeswoman told our newspaper. A second journalist was also threatened in the video, she also said. .In this case, a photograph of a man with the same name was used from Facebook. The distribution has also wakened the interest of politicians. Christian Democract faction leader Volker Kauder says that the Koran has been abused "for extremist machinations " SPD interior expert Michael Hartmann urged Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) to consider a ban on the Salafis.

The movement, according to the Constitutional Protection Authority, has in Germany around 2500 followers. They support, among other ideas, the full veiling of women and believe non-Salafist Muslims to be infidels. The Ulm printer, Ebner & Spiegel, which has shipped so far more than 300,000 Korans wants now to check the contract before proceeding.

Cathcon- Gideon Bibles is supporting the distribution of the Koran, as they fear that they will be banned by the secular state from their own distribution of Bibles. The Constitutional Protection Authority, who were involved in the Williamson case, are concerned about the Salafists.

Vatican sent no diktat on “rebel” parish priests says Schönborn ‘s spokesman

Vatican sent no diktat on “rebel” parish priests, Schönborn ‘s spokesman says - Vatican Insider:

Austrian bishops received no diktat from the Vatican ordering them to intervene against priests who form part of the Pfarrer Initiative. Confirmation of this was given to Vatican Insider by Michael Prüller, spokesman to the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

Reports about the “explosive” letter which asked for “something to be done” against Austrian parish priests who launched an “Appeal to Disobedience” which Pope Benedict XVI openly discussed in his Holy Thursday homily, appeared on Austrian Catholic website on Holy Saturday.

Cathcon- so what are you going to do, Herr Cardinal?  It is clearly a situation that cannot be allowed to continue.

Hindus and Christians celebrate Easter together as Christians persecuted

Cafouillage au Vatican: le professeur Ratzinger recale le Chemin Néocatéchuménal - Les matinales chrétiennes - La Vie

It is highly symbolic that in the State of Orissa, in the grounds of the Catholic school Vijaya di Raika, where the unprecedented wave of anti-Christian violence began in 2008, 10,000 Hindus and Christians gathered to pray on the occasion of Easter. Children, old men, servants, religious, all attended a prayer at noon to show that peaceful coexistence is possible. The anti-Christian violence in this Indian state had killed hundreds of Christians and forced thousands more to flee their homes, and even today it is estimated that 3,000 Christians have not been able to return home, and the authors of the massacre continue to enjoy widespread impunity.

'Cardinal Rambo' defends passion for guns

AFP: 'Cardinal Rambo' defends passion for guns:

A top Vatican cardinal with a passion for shooting defended his rich collection of rifles and handguns in comments on Thursday to Italian newspapers that have already dubbed him "Cardinal Rambo".

"This passion for weapons is long-standing. I used to go to shooting ranges. Unfortunately since I've been at the Vatican I had to stop," Domenico Calcagno, head of the Administration of Vatican Patrimony, told Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Alleged ex-mistress of priest at centre of Austrian storm goes public

Angebliche Ex-Geliebte des Pfarrers meldet sich - Religion & Politik - › Inland:

Archdiocese will neither confirm nor deny

Mistelbach - The debate over the Parish of Stützenhofen in the Weinviertel and its pastor leads to more and more to the mudslinging. At the parish council elections in mid-March, the 26-year-old homosexual Florian Stangl was elected with 80 percent of the vote but he was rejected by Rev. Gerhard Swierzek because of his lifestyle. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn gave the candidate before Easter his blessing, and confirmed the election, but the parish does not settle down and always fresh allegations become loud. In the daily newspaper "Kurier" (Thursday edition), a woman came forward to speak, who claims to be an ex-lover of the clergy.

Swierzek was from 2003 until 2005 parish priest of Pressbaum (Diocese of St. Pölten ). During this period, he had for three months a relationship with the now 55-year-old woman. A friend told her at that time out of the blue the news that the parish priest was resigning and he could not after that be reached. He had told Schönborn on the same night that he had "emotionally hurt" a woman and then had been given two weeks sick leave, according to the woman in the "Kurier".

The Archdiocese of Vienna reacted cautiously to the allegations. “He left the Parish of Pressbaum at his own request for personal reasons. Whether that was because of a relationship that had come to an end, I cannot confirm, but will not not deny," said Michael Prüller, spokesman for the Cardinal, in the report. On Wednesday, Father Swierzek was not available for comment to the APA.

Press reports that Cardinal Danneels to be questioned again

Federaal parket geeft geen commentaar over verloop onderzoek Operatie Kelk - Belga Algemeen - -

The federal prosecutor makes no comment nor reaction to the news in recent days in the press about Operation Chalice about the results of the judicial investigation or impending investigation activities. According to the spokeswoman, Lieve Pellens, the timing of the closure of the investigation suggested in the media is at least premature.

Belgian prosecutor's office does not comment on the progress of the Operation Chalice investigation
Het Laatste Nieuws reported that Cardinal Danneels had been informed of sexual abuse by clergy at least forty times in recent years, while De Morgen on Thursday announced that the Cardinal would again be questioned in the coming days. "We do not comment on the contents of the judicial inquiry, neither the results nor other acts of investigation or whether or not questioning is imminent." Different media also report that Operation Chalice, the judicial inquiry into the facts of negligence of sexual abuse of minors within the Catholic Church is in its final stages and that the trial judge would shortly charge some people. "The timing is at least premature," said Pellens. "Mrs. Calewaert took over the investigation in  early April from Mr. Troy. She needs time to work. Moreover, the Court of Indictment once again has to make a ruling on the documents seized in Cardinal Danneels and the archdiocese."

God so loved the world


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Results of opinion poll on excommunication

Catholic Church Conservation: Austrian woman intends to celebrate "Easter Mass" and faces excommunication:

  78 (88%)
  10 (11%)

Open letter to Cardinal from Disobedient Clergy in Austria

Der offene Brief im Wortlaut «

Peter Paul Kaspar, Academic Chaplain in Linz, author, musician, executive member of the Parish Priest Initiative helped to formulate the "Call to Disobedience" and now writes an open letter to Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Dear Cardinal!

We - the executive of the Parish Priest Initiative - have issued at Pentecost 2011 a "Call to Disobedience," because we wanted our urgent demands for reform to be made public. This has succeeded worldwide even being cited in the Holy Thursday homily of the Pope. The decades-long internal proposals and suggestions put forward were so far always put politely in the files. We have risked being provocative, which does indeed work well, but your understanding of ministry as hierarchy has been so much hurt that you have since been persistently demanding the revision of a single word- disobedience . To put it bluntly. This word was the door opener - it has allowed us global discourse. That you request the revision of the headline, instead of discussing the content, says a lot about your understanding of authority: you refer to the obedience that we owe to God, his teaching and to conscience rather to you personally and to your office.

You have also described in no previously known position that a Christian obedience is not merely response to an external command, but "to be paid attention to" - from which comes also the idea- to display one's own, educated and responsible conscience. In this formation of conscience for a Catholic priest, the instruction of the superior bishop plays some, but not the first role: "to obey God rather than men," is the biblical rule. Some of us have in discussions with the competent diocesan bishops - in spite of individual differences of opinion -. come to appreciate openness and trust. We assume that it is similarly possible in your Vienna diocese. Asking your colleagues to recant a single word appears to us an all too simple model to deal with disputes. And for the many priests of the Parish Priest Initiative from other dioceses, you are not responsible as a bishop.

You have asked a gay parish councillor elected by a large majority for an interview, because he lives in a registered partnership with his companion. And you have endorsed the decision of the parish. It is possible that you will be blamed by a Roman canonical court. And you have obviously taken this into account and now want to stand by your "disobedience". The fact that you have exposed to public ridicule the obedient parish priest , however, is a small blemish. However, we consider in your decision is a positive example, of when a bishop in his office obeys his conscience, even though the church or Roman law intends something else. We approve of your "disobedience" as gratifying responsibility- in the literal sense - of a "conscientious" public official.

With this hopefully pleasing insight into your certainly difficult office, may God's blessing be given!

Prof. Peter Paul Kaspar, Chaplain for Academia and Artists of the Diocese of Linz

Cathcon- lest we forget, from the town that brought the world Adolf Hitler, came the church, whose Rector is Father Kaspar, that brought the faithful, the Shrine to Judas.    Cathcon has just returned from anticipated Matins of Holy Thursday in the Orthodox Church which takes two hours to savage Judas in every possible way.   This is the normal attitude of Christians.

Truly is Judas to be numbered with the generation of vipers, who ate manna in the wilderness and then complained about the food. For while the food was in their mouths, they the ungrateful spoke against God.

Catholics also have a normal attitude to those in authority that has been completely upset in the post-conciliar era.

Father Kaspar is specifically referring above to his open dialogue with the Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Schwarz, whose tolerance he enjoys.

RORATE CÆLI: Is there a way of putting "The Way" back into the box?

RORATE CÆLI: Is there a way of putting "The Way" back into the box?:

Excellent article which can be read in conjunction with previous extensive Cathcon coverage of the sins of The Way.

Feast of Pope St Leo the Great

Extract from Sermon 71 (Leo the Great) on Easter

Let God's people then recognize that they are a new creation in Christ, and with all vigilance understand by Whom they have been adopted and Whom they have adopted. Let not the things, which have been made new, return to their ancient instability; and let not him who has put his hand to the plough Luke 9:62 forsake his work, but rather attend to that which he sows than look back to that which he has left behind. Let no one fall back into that from which he has risen, but, even though from bodily weakness he still languishes under certain maladies, let him urgently desire to be healed and raised up. For this is the path of health through imitation of the Resurrection begun in Christ, whereby, notwithstanding the many accidents and falls to which in this slippery life the traveller is liable, his feet may be guided from the quagmire on to solid ground, for, as it is written, the steps of a man are directed by the Lord, and He will delight in his way. When the just man falls he shall not be overthrown, because the Lord will stretch out His hand. These thoughts, dearly-beloved, must be kept in mind not only for the Easter festival, but also for the sanctification of the whole life, and to this our present exercise ought to be directed, that what has delighted the souls of the faithful by the experience of a short observance may pass into a habit and remain unalterably, and if any fault creep in, it may be destroyed by speedy repentance. And because the cure of old-standing diseases is slow and difficult, remedies should be applied early, when the wounds are fresh, so that rising ever anew from all downfalls, we may deserve to attain to the incorruptible Resurrection of our glorified flesh in Christ Jesus our Lord, Who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Ghost for ever and ever. Amen.

Cardinal's lawyer tries to stop incriminating leaks by going to court

Le cardinal Danneels "n'a rien à ajouter" -

Cardinal Godfried Danneels has nothing to add to the answers he gave to the Commission of Inquiry on sexual abuse was his reaction Wednesday, speaking through his lawyer, after the publishing of an article in Het Laatste Nieuws which indicates that he had been notified at least forty times of cases of sexual abuse within the Church committed in recent decades. The lawyer of the Cardinal will file a complaint to determine whether there has been a violation of the confidentiality of investigations, he says in a statement.

The Flemish newspaper article is a "poor dish, badly warmed, not by coincidence published a few days after the judgement of the Court of Cassation last week, in which the illegality of searches and seizures has been finally confirmed," said Fernand Keuleneer.

The lawyer said that he was once again appalled that Het Laatste Nieuws “refers to “sources close to the judiciary”, and that the newspaper provides information on the state of the investigation, and what conclusions or not the justices have already reached"

The cardinal and his council will again complain to the judge "to determine if, once again, there is a question of disinformation and manipulation of the investigation, and a violation of the secrecy of the investigation. "

In an article published Wednesday, the Flemish daily recounted that Cardinal Danneels had been informed at least forty times of cases of sexual abuse within the Church in recent decades, based on letters from the records of Operation Chalice.

Cardinal Danneels knew about 40 cases of sexual abuse

'Belgische kardinaal wist van kindermisbruik' - RTL

The Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels was definitely informed forty times of sexual abuse within the Belgian Catholic Church, according to the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, which relies on a correspondence between the cardinal and the victims or their families. These letters have emerged as part of the extensive investigation, named Operation Chalice.

The 78-year-old Danneels has always denied having been aware of child abuse by clergy. From the letters, it appears that the cardinal, in his previous role as archbishop, would pray for the victims. In some cases he gave spiritual advice, but he never went to the justices, the newspaper says.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Water Liturgy in Swiss Catholic Church

Which was fortunately not Eucharistic, but if anyone can provide a narrative for this liturgy, they are a better modern liturgist than I am.

Veneration of the Cross of Spoons

Another lesson from Austria in how not to celebrate during the Paschal Season.

Tambourine Stealth Priestess celebrates Easter

The twig is their Cross.
Captions welcome.
Also answers to the question
What liturgical role to the Woman in Blue play?
Further clues below

The priest was so moved by this 
display of liturgical excellence that he started dancing

How to celebrate Easter properly.