Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flashback 2011-Muslims in France demand the use of churches.

On the 11th March, the Banlieues Respect Collective (Suburbs Respect Collective- the titles of member organisations have been anglicized) issued the following press release, which is still on the internet. This is the link- in jpg form.

Just found the declaration in my paper files- Cathcon apologises for being late with this particular piece of news!

To provide empty churches in France for Friday prayers for Muslims.

At the initiative of the National Federation of the Paris Mosque , the Council of Muslim Democrats of France and the Suburbs Respect Collective, religious leaders, politicians of various political organizations in the suburbs, gathered together on Thursday March 10 2011 the at the Paris Mosque to determine the actions to be implemented to terminate the debate on secularism and Islam.

The Suburbs Respect Collective believes that whenever there is a debate of this nature, it leads to legislation to stigmatize Muslims.

During the debate as it is actually taking place, the Suburbs Respect Collective can only bring its recommendations and take action.

In a spirit of interfaith solidarity, spokesman of the Collective Suburbs Respect, Hassan BEN M'BAREK, asks the management structures within the Church in France to make available empty churches for Friday prayers to avoid Muslims having to pray in the street and be held hostage to politics. (Cathcon- This was a reaction to a move to ban public prayer in France).

The members of the association, Suburbs Respect Collective present at the meeting of Thursday, March 10, 2011 at the Paris Mosque:

M.Rachid NEKKAZ Association President "Allez France" Club

President M.Karim CHERID "Le Vivier" Association

BEN M.Hassan M'BAREK Association President "Citizenship and Democracy"

Association President Mohamed CHANAÏ "The Light"

Association President Mr. Omar DJELLOULI "Opening"

Association President Ahmed Mamash "NUMED"

M.Mustapha MANSOURI President "Hub" Association

Mr. President Abdula ELGATOU "Focus 2000" Association

M.Abderahim AÏT Association President-OMAR "Listen Dialogue Council"

M.Youcef Megdoud Association President "Business & Neighborhoods"

M.Mounir Arrai Association President "Land and Peace"

Association President Mr. Farid KHALDI "DIA 21"

M.Mustapha BENLAFKIH Vice President "Solidarity Assistance Dialogue"

M.Hamid MANSOURI Vice President 'Citizenship Integration in Argenteuil "

M.Said ZAMOUN Association President "Citizens Mediation"
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