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Another allegation in Admont

Missbrauch: Neue Vorwürfe in Causa Admont -

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Abuse: New allegations in the Admont Case

Two days after abuse allegations against two priests of the Admont community were made public, there are now very similar allegations from a second member of the public. A stir was caused in particular by the case of the first alleged victim being rejected by the Klasnic Commission and no compensation being given - even though there are clear statements from other ex-students.

After the testimony of the initial victim to the Klasnic Commission was classified as not credible enough, they are now confronted with virtually identical claims from a second alleged victim. A report by the Catholic Press Agency, according to which which other victims of the same alleged perpetrator were compensated, was corrected by the Agency. In these cases, it is said to have acted as with other alleged perpetrators.

No leave of absence
One of the two accused priests is still active in a parish. According to information from, those legally required to do so in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau currently are examining the case, particularly the question of why after learning of the allegations - both Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Bishop Egon Kapellari were personally informed in letters - the accused priest was not given leave of absence. learns that Bishop Egon Kapellari knew basically exactly happened, and was "playing it safe".

The second alleged victim as early as 2010 made both a statement of facts to the police (the case was dropped because of the statute of limitations, note) as well as to the Klasnic Commission. This case is still pending with the Commission.

Critics see "coverup"
The "Platform for the Victims of Ecclesiastical Abuse" in a press release release yesterday criticized again the "inaction of the church and the Klasnic commission" and spoke of a "coverup". At the same time the Platform stressed that it will aim at ensuring that a civil law case will be brought for Admont victims "against the perpetrators and accomplices."

Another ex-pupil contradicts the story
A former pupil of Admont - he contacted the Austrian Press Agency after the media reports a few days ago - said, however, and he and several other fellow ex-pupils could "not understand." The man explained that he shared a dormitory with one of the victims and "would have seen something of welts or burns."
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