Monday, November 21, 2011

Cardinal sees Europe "tired and without vision"

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The Munich Cardinal, Reinhard Marx has criticized a "spiritual exhaustion" (Cathcon could also be mental exhaustion) of Europe. The Europe of today is "tired, without vision and without a goal," Marx said in Freising. The politicians gave the impression that they were just pushed and pulled about without Europe being re-thought. The soul of Europe is not the financial markets, but Jesus Christ. He also raised a question, as to whether the church has been exhausted. Pope Benedict XVI called the church during his visit to Germany to renewal.

The Cardinal also said, "He wants to tell us. You can start on your path as Christians only, if you yourself remembers the gift that have been give to you. Take care not to confuse the goals with the means."

The European Parliament should add the number of glasses of wine served to this list.

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