Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cardinal Kasper thinks Catholics communicated better before the Second Vatican Council

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Cardinal Kasper laments lack of communication in the Church
"We need a ongoing dialogue process of the bishop with priests and faithful"

Cardinal Walter Kasper church believes a better culture of dialogue is necessary. "We have a basic lack of communication in the Church," Kasper said on Wednesday in the Bonn published newsletter of the German Ecumenical Sermon Prize.

As a means, he recommends a renewing of the instrument of synods, already laid down in the Acts of the Apostles. This has however in the new canon law been little implemented: "In the old canon law before the Second Vatican Council, a Diocesan synod had to be held no later than every ten years. We need a ongoing culture of dialogue of the bishop with priests and faithful.."

The dialogue process of the German Bishops' Conference was a good start. "But this cannot be everything," said Kasper.

Cardinal Kasper was 2001-2009 President of the Secretariat for Christian Unity since 1989 and previously Bishop of the Diocese of Rottenburg Stuttgart.