Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Implementation document for Summorum Pontificum due this Friday

with the name of Universae Ecclesiae. It will, unlike the original Motu Proprio, be published on the website in a variety of languages. Report from

They also claim that the document on the sexual abuse crisis will be published the following Monday.

Both are long overdue, by decades.

Let us see what happens!

Church becomes student multi-media project in Quebec


Extract from French description

Voyage to the Other Side of the Screen

Eight months work
A small figure with hollow eyes who is groping in a synthetic universe is projected on five different screens, guided by a child who wrote her diary, until the roles are reversed, this is the strange experience created by students from UQAT for their end of year multimedia project.

Entitled Reversio, this adventure is the result of the work of group of 42 graduates, including twenty Chinese, five French and other students from several other countries. As they did last year, students have benefited from a collaboration of Cirque du Soleil for financial, technical and artistic support.

"Usually, several projects are implemented by the end of the baccalaureate. This year, we opted for a collective. It allowed us to design something larger, " said Caroline Trudel, Communications and Marketing for the collective.

Brief but intense

Reversio was presented to an audience at the Agora Arts (formerly Church of the Immaculate Conception) on 5 and 6 May Even if it only lasts ten minutes, the journey is none the less intense.

On stage, a young boy, Victor, controls and transforms at will the imaginary world in which he changes into another boy, this one blind and anonymous. Gradually as the "play" progresses, Victor gradually loses control until the roles are reversed and he in turn is controlled by the artificially created boy.