Saturday, January 01, 2011

More Catholic parishes in Detroit to be shuttered

Reactions | The Detroit News:

Archdiocese may align closings with Bing's neighborhood plan

Detroit —Another round of parish closings is in the works, and the effort may overlap with Mayor Dave Bing's proposed plan to shrink the city. For the past few months, Archdiocese of Detroit officials have met with city officials and population experts on whether to align closings with neighborhoods affected by Bing's Detroit Works Project.

That plan, which is expected to emerge late next year, is expected to offer residents incentives to move to seven to nine neighborhoods from underpopulated ones.

Fourteen parishes in Detroit have closed since 2005, and archdiocese officials said they're concerned many of the 55 remaining ones are plagued by plunging memberships and revenues. The archdiocese will recommend parish closures to Archbishop Allen Vigneron by July."

New Catholicism is old heresies writ large